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At the time I did not understand the serious implications of the Benghazi attack in September 2012.I do now.


I took the time to listen to an extraordinary RedPill78 phone interview with two US military personnel who were working behind the scenes during the attack.After listening to the interview you will understand the connection between Benghazi and what is happening with the Deep State today.The phone interview link is below...


...But first have a quick read of the Wikipedia version of events regarding the Benghazi attack in Libya.US Ambassador Chris Stevens died along with three other US personnel.He was the first US Ambassador to be killed on duty since 1979.All four men could have easily been rescued.However instead of increasing the security alert to protect them,the US military operation DECREASED the security alert.The men were left to die.


Here is the RedPill78 interview with Sgt William Kotel and Nick Noe...



If you are short on time,listen to Sgt William Kotel from 29'30".Here are excerpts...


'The next step(to get justice for Benghazi)is to ask the President,respectfully,to do an Executive Order to request all the data from 9-13th September 2012.So that he himself can read the data.And once he does,he can see who gave what orders and he can see what assets were where...what intelligence and signal reports came in...and he can effectively haul a lot of those people onto the carpet.


'Some of those people were very senior in the military,some are still in,some are retired...We really have to get obstructionists out of Government...Some of them are still here and they are much more powerful than they were back then...'


Can you see the problem President Trump and the Alliance has regarding the Deep State?How deeply embedded the corruption was/is,at the highest level of the military and politics?It is conceivable that the top military involved in the Benghazi murders were being blackmailed by the Obama administration,or death threats were put on their families.


It is just as dangerous today-even more so now that the Deep State is totally cornered and lashing out desperately.


Will and Nick both tried very hard over the years to find someone in Government who would listen to the TRUTH about the Benghazi attack.They were stone-walled every time.These men are heroes.There are many heroes like them fighting for the truth to be revealed in this war of Good against Evil.


We can help by sharing the Truth,passing on links to interviews like theirs.We are light warriors-we must take action to support the Alliance in bringing peace and prosperity to humanity.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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