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DS/腐败的政客/ MSM都被困住了。他们过去所做的一切将来都会曝光。所有的拼图都拼在一起了。

The Pieces Of The Puzzle Are Finally Coming Together


JoLynn Live


X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)



The DS/Corrupt politicians/MSM have all been boxed in.Everything they have done in the past will be exposed in the future.All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

DS/腐败的政客/ MSM都被困住了。他们过去所做的一切将来都会曝光。所有的拼图都拼在一起了。

When they tell us the Clinton's weren't invovled in a scandal,or there was no Uranium One scandal;there was no secret deal with Iran.There was no treason,sedition or spying.


When they say there were whisleblowers saying Trump did somethng wrong…all these stories that have been told to the people,are going to fall apart.When the truth is revealed,the people will finally realize they have been lied to.The people will question what other lies have been told?


How far will they go with their lies?Will they lie by any means necessary?How does one finally realize they have been lied to?Where do we go for the truth?Critical thinking.



Biden's campaign is pushing an organization that is backing him.Scientific American,a magazine company,has never endorsed a president in it's history until now.They believe a vote for Biden will produce life to America.This magazine is owned by a German company.t


Trump's campaign decided to play the same game.They put forth all the names of 235 retired military leaders who are endorsing Trump for President.Trump knows this is not a big deal…in his camp or in Biden's.Why not?


In playing the same game,Trump was showing us the vote belongs to the people.Will an endorsement sway the voters?Maybe or maybe not.The people will vote for who they want regardless of who endorses their candidate.


Hunter Biden is quite the world traveler!Between 2009 and 2014,Hunter Biden made nearly 411 trips across 29 countries.Even though some of these trips were leisure trips and others were related to his volunteer work for World Food Program,many of his trips were possibly connected to deals that he or his associate either secured or sought with foreign governments and oligarchs.

亨特·拜登是个环球旅行家!从2009年到2014年,亨特·拜登在29个国家进行了近411次旅行。尽管这些旅行中有些是休闲旅行,有些则与他为世界粮食计划署(World Food Program)做的志愿者工作有关,但他的许多旅行可能与他或他的合伙人与外国政府和寡头政治家达成或寻求的交易有关。

For example,Hunter visited China five times between 2009 and 2014.He had been traveling quite a bit on Air Force 2,becoming very,very wealthy,making deals with other countries.Ukraine and Burisma must be included in this bit of information.

例如,亨特在2009年到2014年间五次访问中国。他经常乘坐空军2号出差,变得非常非常富有,与其他国家做生意。乌克兰和 Burisma 必须包括在这些信息中。


Cheer star and former Joe Biden Presidential campaign surrogate,Jerry Harris 拉拉队明星、前乔·拜登总统竞选代理人杰里·哈里斯

NETFLIX Cheer star and former Joe Biden Presidential campaign surrogate,Jerry Harris,is now under investigation by the FBI for allegedly soliciting sexually explicit images from minors.The FBI is currently investigating.


Biden is caught up in a problem right now because once this information comes out;about Hunter,about Burisma,about China,and about Quid Pro Quo,the people will not look favorably on this.


Joe Biden went to the polls in Delaware to vote.If Joe can vote in person,anyone can vote in person.If Nancy Pelosi can get her hair done in person without a mask,anyone can vote in person.


In the state of New Jersey,in Sussex County,16,000 uncounted ballots were discovered from the July primary.They were unlabled in a bin.The ballots were counted but didn't make a difference.However,all this raises questions;are there more uncounted ballots somewhere?Will they find more?


Adam Schiff is once again pushing the idea there is another whistleblower who has dirt on Trump.Before,nobody was allowed to speak the Whistleblower's name for fear of being censored by Twitter or Facebook or incriminated somehow.

亚当希夫(Adam Schiff)再次强调,还有一个告密者掌握着特朗普的丑闻。在此之前,任何人都不允许说告密者的名字,因为他们害怕被 Twitter Facebook 审查,或者受到牵连。

Now we know the whistleblower was all made up.They didn't want us to know the name because then we would have discovered he wasn't a first-hand witness…that it was all hearsay.Adam Schiff's new whistleblower has no information.It's the same game all over again.Schiff has nothing.

现在我们知道告密者都是编造出来的。他们不想让我们知道他的名字,因为那样我们就会发现他不是第一手证人......那都是道听途说。亚当希夫(Adam Schiff)的新告密者没有消息。又是同样的游戏。希夫什么都没有。

Trump wrote an EO saying the CDC must cancel the'Critical Race Theory'which they were teaching government workers.Howver,after the EO was signed,certain individuals within the CDC were not following the presidential order.They were continuing with the program.


Documentation confirmed the EO was not honored by certain federal employees of the CDC.There must be consequences for those who violate a presidential order.If there is no action from the CDC director,names of those involved will be publicly released.



Historic~The Middle East Peace Deal 历史性的~中东和平协议

President Trump has been signing peace deal after peace deal after peace deal!Who said we'd be in a war if Trump got into office?It certainly did not happen!Just the opposite!


Trump's strategy has been going on since the very beginning of his term.Power is removed from Iran,China,the Deep State and the Petro dollar,when all is said and done.


When Obama and Biden were in office,what did they do in the Middle East?There was no peace in Afghanistan,Syria,Iraq,Libya.Everything got worse.


Joe Biden's Iran strategy failed and Trump is turning it all around.Same with the Abraham Accords.Wouldn't it be amazing if Palestine was the next in line?Hold your breath,it may happen!

·拜登(Joe Biden)的伊朗战略失败了,特朗普正在扭转局面。亚伯拉罕协定也是如此。如果巴勒斯坦是下一个继承者,那该多好啊?屏住呼吸,它可能会发生!

Trump's peace deals are making these countries'leaders angry.Iran is saying,'assassination.'


Trump tweeted out the following:


"According to the press reports,Iran may be planning an assassination or other attack,against the United States in retaliation for the killing of terrorist leader Soleimani,which was carried out for his planning a future attack,murding U.S.Troops,and the death&suffering caused over so many years.Any attacky by Iran,in any form,against the United States will be met with an attack on Iran that will be 1,000 times greater in magnitude!"


What would happen if texts originating from a FBI agent to several internals,discussed the assassination possibility of the POTUS or members of his family?What if the texts suggest foreign allies were involved?[Cue]post 586 addresses this(1/22/18).


The virus narrative is completely falling apart!Their plan was to have COVID,vaccinate everyone with this program called,'COVAX,'where all the nations joined in but Trump opted out of the COVAX program.Operation Warpspeed is a good place for us to start with therapeutics,etc.

病毒的叙述完全崩溃了!他们的计划是给每个人接种 COVID 疫苗,这个项目叫做"COVAX",所有国家都加入了,但是特朗普选择退出了 COVAX 项目。Warpspeed 手术是一个很好的地方,我们可以从治疗学等开始。

COVAX was the globalists system to have the world vaccinated.But when Trump pushed his therapeutics and'said,'vaccines,now all of a sudden the vaxxers became'anti'-vaxxers.They don't like Trumps plan.He turned the narrative against them.

COVAX 是使世界接种疫苗的全球主义者系统。但是,当特朗普推出他的治疗方法并说"疫苗"时,现在疫苗突然变成了""疫苗。他们不喜欢特朗普的计划。他使叙述背离了他们。


Now,Bill Gates is flipping a narrative.He wonders whether or not the FDA can be trusted on a COVID vaccine.Why?They lost control of the FDA and now the FDA may be getting ready to approve HCQ!

现在,比尔·盖茨正在翻转一个叙述。他想知道 FDA 是否可以信任一种 COVID 疫苗。为什么?他们失去了对 FDA 的控制,现在 FDA 可能准备批准 HCQ

A doctor,Li-Meng Yan from Hong Kong,was talking about the coronavirus and how it came from the labs in Wuhan.Twitter discovered her tweets exposing this and suspended her entrire account.Censored!


What is a Patriot?A person who loves,supports,and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.A person who loves their country and,if necessary,will fight for it.A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.A person who regards himself or herself as a defender,especially of individual rights against all enemies foreign and domestic.Q


Fight for freedom and hold the line against domestic terrorism.Who is funding this domestic terrorism in our streets?Soros?Stimulus Checks?Is this why we are seeing fires so they get more federal funding?We are told they will win by any means necessary.


There are many investigations ongoing.Many on the Mueller Team are deleting their text messages.They can try to hide their crimes but nothing is ever erased.The NSA has it all!


With the riots,the term'Defund the Police'which we know has become,'Death to the Police,'is encouraging shooting police officers.An individual in Tulsa,OK,would not get out of his car at the request of the officers.He turned and shot them both,one fatally.


Now,Patriots are banding together to back the blue.Two kids from a high school football team,carried out a flag with a blue stripe and another with a red line.They were suspended at first but since then have been allowed back.



ENoCH wants to recognize'The Blue'who have been murdered,ambushed,etc.,by placing a blue square on his profile.He tweeted out in support of a new'back the blue,'movement.He is asking everyone to tweet out with a blue square X22视频2277解读|你能做什么来支持蓝色?#blueout or change one's profile picture and share this message with everyone!

伊诺克想要通过在他的个人资料中放置一个蓝色的方块来识别被谋杀、伏击等等的蓝色人种。他在推特上支持一项新的"重返蓝色"运动。他要求每个人都用蓝色方块发推#bluout 或者更改个人资料图片,并与每个人分享这条信息!

Our police officers are valued.They are appreciated and very much needed,but a small group of paid off protesters are trying to created the narrative that most Americans don't want a police force.We know from historical facts and archives,a country without police protection quickly escalates to the rule of communism.


Hold the line,justice is coming!Let's create a wave of support for our heroes in blue!


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点)


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