通过 GCR恢复的共和国特别报告(摘要)|2020年9月16日星期三

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通过 GCR恢复的共和国特别报告(摘要)|2020年9月16日星期三


Source:Dinar Chronicles

Judy Note:Tues.15 Sept.overnight into Wed.16 Sept.payouts continued of adjudicated accounts,SKR holders,etc,after which the Admiral would initiate the Tier 3-4a Core Groups pay out.A Shotgun Release including Tier 4B(us,the Internet Group)notification and full liquidity to all tiers was still expected at any time from now until Fri.18 Sept,though many sources felt it would happen sooner than later this week.

朱迪注:915日星期二夜间到星期三。916日继续支付审定帐户,SKR 持有人等,之后,海军上将将启动3-4a 级核心集团支付。从现在到918日,包括 Tier 4B(我们,互联网集团)通知和所有级别的充分流动性在内的"猎枪式"发布仍有望在任何时候发布,尽管许多消息来源认为这将比本周晚些时候更早发生。

The Shotgun Release included sending out notification emails to currency and Zim holders that contained a 800#Safe Link Website–that would also be given to Bruce,MarkZ,Fleming,Dinar Recaps,TNT,Dinar Chronicles and a few other Intel providers for publication on their websites.

散弹枪发布包括向货币和包含800#安全链接网站的 Zim 持有者发送通知电子邮件,这些邮件也将发送给 BruceMarkZFlemingDinar RecapsTNTDinar Chronicles 和其他一些英特尔供应商,以便在他们的网站上发布。

We would have until Wed.30 Sept.to exchange currencies or redeem bonds at the Contract Rates.By the next day Thurs.1 Oct,the general public would begin exchanging at International Rates and Zim could no longer be redeemed.

我们可以在930日星期三之前按合同利率兑换货币或赎回债券。到第二天,101日,公众将开始按照国际利率兑换,而 Zim 将不再被兑换。

On the Restored Republic front Q had indicated that the Israel-Middle East Peace Agreements would be last–which happened yesterday Tues.15 Sept.at the White House.Mon.14 Sept.through Fri.25 Sept.was a two-week window in which to watch for events related to Spygate or Obamagate according to Q.These disclosure soft-leak-events would be coordinated with the RV release of exchanges/redemptions over the next 2½weeks.


A.Wed.16 Sept.6:44 am EDT Fleming's Military Intel Contact:Payouts were continuing Tues.15 Sept.overnight into Wed.16 Sept.of adjudicated accounts,SKR holders,etc,after which the Admiral would initiate the Tier 3-4a Core Groups pay out.Next would be we in Tier 4B who would receive notification,still planned for this week.

美国东部时间916日星期三上午6:44弗莱明的军事情报联系:付继续进行。915日星期二夜间到星期三。916日星期三的判决帐户,SKR 持有人等,之后,海军上将将启动3-4a 级核心集团的支付。下一个是我们4B 层的人,他们会收到通知,仍然计划在本周。


Last Thurs.10 Sept.President Trump mandated that the Global Currency Reset begin,which it did as scheduled on 9/11 with initiation of RV liquidity just after 12 midnight Reno time Fri.11 Sept.Overnight payouts followed,including those to certain Tier 3-4A SKRs.

上周四910日。特朗普总统授权全球货币重置开始,按计划于911日开始,在里诺时间911日午夜12点后启动 RV 流动性。隔夜支付紧随其后,包括那些给特定的3-4A SKRs

Mon.14 Sept.through Fri.25 Sept.was a two-week window in which to watch for events related to Spygate or Obamagate according to Q.These disclosure soft-leak-events would be coordinated with the RV release of exchanges/redemptions over the next 2½weeks.


Sun.20 Sept.2020 would be another major Satanic Holiday entitled"Midnight Host Blood Celebration"where local Satanic covens would be torturing,raping and killing children.Beware of possible Satanic activities in your neighborhood and help save the children by reporting suspicious activities to police.


Wed.30 Sept.was the deadline to exchange foreign currencies and redeem Zim Bonds at the Contract Rates.


On Thurs.1 Oct:


The Quantum Financial System and asset-backed USN would be fully online for the start of the Restored Republic federal govt fiscal year and the Restored Republic Federal fiscal year would begin.

在恢复共和国的联邦政府财政年度开始时,量子金融系统和资产支持的 USN 将完全在线,恢复共和国的联邦财政年度也将开始。

The General Public would start exchanging at banks at the International Rates.


"Ten Days of Disclosure"would start with brief public service announcements where Trump would reference a need to move away from the fiat dollar to asset-backed,gold-backed currency,go over NESARA/GESARA measures,plus explain debt relief and political aspects of a transition to the Restored Republic.

"十天披露"将从简短的公共服务公告开始,特朗普将提到有必要从法定美元转向资产支持、黄金支持的货币,研究 NESARA/GESARA 措施,并解释债务减免和向恢复共和国过渡的政治方面。

Later details of those Ten Days of Disclosure would be filled in through educational sessions,or media broadcasts that Trump and the White Hats would regulate.Google,YouTube,Twitter and Facebook were being brought under control of AG Barr and the Department of Justice so they could no longer censor the will of the people.

这些"十天披露"的后续细节将通过教育会议或特朗普和白帽将监管的媒体广播来填充。谷歌、YouTubeTwitter Facebook 已经被 AG Barr 和司法部控制,因此他们不能再审查人民的意愿。

Wed.Oct.28 2020 would be the anniversary of Q's first two posts,plus the appointment of John Durham to lead a criminal investigation into the origins of the Obama administration's phony Russia investigation referred to as"Obamagate."

星期一,20201028日将Q的前两个职位的周年纪念日,另外还将任命约翰达勒姆(John Durham)领导一项刑事调查,调查奥巴马政府所谓的"奥巴马门"(Obama gate)对俄罗斯的虚假调查的起源

The Thurs.Oct.29 to Sun.Nov.1"All Hallows Eve Blood Sacrifice,Sexual Climax Assoc.with Demons,Any Age,Human Male or Female"was the most important Satanic Human Sacrifice Holiday of the year.Children were not only kidnapped and forced to participate,but were tortured,raped and killed over the three day celebration.Be aware of Satanic activities in your community and help save the children by reporting suspicious activities to police.


NESARA/GESARA Charlie Ward:https://youtu.be/aK8bptbHasQ Takes control of the monetary system away from the Central Banks and gives it back to the people.It would take up to six months to roll out.The Federal Reserve was now under control of the US Treasury.NESARA excuses debt,creates a new tax code with 14%to 17%tax on new items only,no tax on food or medicine and returns the nation to Constitutional fair Law.Judges and lawyers have already started training on the NESARA Law.The Bar was no more and Royals were no more.Trump would step down,while new elections that would be fair and transparent would be held within 120 days.NESARA prevented illegal election activities and created a new asset-gold backed currency.

NESARA/GESARA 查理沃德:https://youtu.be/aK8bptbHasQ 从中央银行手中夺走了对货币体系的控制权,并将其还给人民。这将需要长达六个月的时间来推行。美联储现在处于美国财政部的控制之下。NESARA 免除了债务,创建了一个新的税法,只对新产品征收14%17%的税,不对食品和药品征税,并使国家回归到宪法公平法。法官和律师已经开始对 NESARA 法律进行培训。律师协会和皇家律师协会都不存在了。特朗普将下台,而公平透明的新选举将在120天内举行。NESARA 阻止了非法的选举活动,并创造了一种新的资产-黄金支持的货币。





The demon rats are trying to scurry away to AU or NZ and then to Antarctica.

这些恶魔老鼠试图逃到 AU 或者 NZ,然后再逃到南极洲。

TRUST THE PLAN.It's a Goodly-Godly brilliant plan.


It's all about the children and keeping us all safe while they are being rescued.


Charlie Ward knows for a fact that the Global Financial Reset,the Revaluation of Currencies and the Quantum Financial System are all happening right now.


More than a million people have had their debts forgiven:Mortgages,cars,student loans,etc.Testimony messages keep flowing to both Charlies.


NESARA is coming after the election.Trump will win but you have to VOTE.

NESARA 是在大选之后来的,特朗普会赢,但是你必须投票。

Israel is in total lockdown again.The final piece of the puzzle was Israel.The Mossad/deep state who have been running it with the agenda of perpetual war,are being pulled out so the people can finally have Peace.Q:We are saving Israel for last.



E.他们有所有被删除的穆勒团队的短信和希拉里·克林顿的电子邮件:THEY HAVE IT ALL:Ex-NSA Analyst Bill Binney Says Stellarwind Database Has Every Erased Mueller Team Text Message,Hillary Clinton Email丹·邦吉诺(Dan Bongino)写了一本名为《间谍门》(Spy Gate)的书,披露了一份完整的书面线索,内容涉及一直追溯到2016年特朗普当选并就任美国总统后继续对候选人唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)进行间谍活动。这种持续的间谍活动现在被称为奥巴马门,涉及奥巴马、拜登、希拉里、科米、布伦南和克拉珀。乌克兰的披露点名了具体的腐败政客,包括拜登、希夫、佩洛西、克里、罗姆尼,并明确表示还有更多人参与其中。被主流媒体忽视的一个事实是,约翰·达勒姆是在20171028日被特朗普总统任命的。这与第一个"Q"板是同一天。

F.Covid-19 恶作剧:



2019915日星期二,一名中国科学家在塔克·卡尔森的节目中投下了一颗巨大的关于2019冠状病毒疾病的"真相"炸弹。她证实,XXX制造了2019冠状病毒疾病。(没有提到的是 SorosBill Gates Fauci 博士资助了武汉实验室创造 CV-19的事实)





Divide They Try,Fail They Will,WWG1WGA to Support POTUS,Follow Q&Trust Plan


Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be.I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together,we will make life better for all.


Patience is a Virtue.Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being.Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.Judy



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