通过 GCR 恢复共和国|2021年4月13日星期二更新

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通过 GCR 恢复共和国|2021年4月13日星期二更新


Foreword by Dr.Colin A.Ross,M.D.RAW:Dr.Colin Ross–Robert David Steele


Jenny Describes a Satanic Child Sacrifice:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F626Lsrdwg4


Divide They Try,Fail They Will,for Where We Go One,We Go All to Support POTUS,Follow Q and Trust Plan

他们分而治之,他们会失败的,因为我们去哪,我们全力以赴支持恢复共和国的总统,跟随 Q 和信任计划


TRUMP QANON-伟大的觉醒。世界是时候让每个人都觉醒了!

Pedo-Empire,5 Books,49 chapters Free Online:https://pedoempire.org


Patriotic Music-The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square-Bing video


Judy Note:Tier 4B Notification at Any Time.

朱迪注:第4B 层通知书。

On Mon.12 April our military Intel Contact confirmed:


Tier 3-4A payouts and Tier 4B notifications were going out at any time from overnight Mon-Tues.12,13 April onward.

412日、13日星期一夜间开始,第3-4A 级支出和第4B 级通知随时发出。

Military and RV teams were pushing hard for Tier 4B to have notification to start exchanges before or by Wed.14 April.

军队和RV团队正在努力推动 Tier 4B 414日星期三之前或之前开始交易。

Military and RV teams in Hong Kong,Singapore and Zurich started release from key bonds to all tiers on Sun.11 April at 10:56 pm and 11:33 pm EDT.


On Mon.12 April there were pilot-test exchanges that went smoothly,including Tier 3-4 test groups in Stockton CA,Gary IN,and Detroit MI.“Three people exchanged and left the bank with accessible cash.”


The next steps included reviews and audits that would lead(if no more Cabal obstructionists interfered)to key bonds going live.


CIA and Mossad satellite communication and mainframes were down so the Deep State could no longer interfere with the Global Currency Reset.


Obstruction attempts by Deep State Cabal/Illuminati“insiders”on RV teams to siphon funds from the key bond liquidity processing-settlement-closing-posting procedures were completely EXPOSED AND STOPPED by Sat.10 April.

深州阴谋集团(Deep State Cabal)/光明会RV 团队的内部人士试图从关键债券流动性处理——结算——结算——过账程序中抽取资金的企图被完全暴露并终止。410日。

The military cleaned up and arrested these Illuminati half-wits who would soon have a nice prison vacation in an Alaskan military prison.


Ramadan has started and would not interfere with the RV liquidity release.

斋月已经开始,不会干预 RV 的流动性释放。

The military and Trump were not shutting anything in the RV release down for Prince Philip's funeral.


Please keep your prayers going up that no obstructionist Deep State interference slowed down the progress.


Restored Republic:


On Fri.9 April the new Starlink Communication System was activated and sometime very soon would take over all Mass Media to enforce a temporary Martial Law worldwide.


There would be Ten Days of Darkness where uncensored news about the takedown of the Cabal would be broadcast in three eight hour movie sessions per day(24 hours a day)on all Media networks worldwide.


Expect the Biden Administration to go out,Trump Administration to go in,along with a possible Stock Market crash,planes and trains grounded,Internet go down and occasional electricity outages as a switchover was made to the new Telsa Free Energy system.


A.$160 Billion Class Action Lawsuit AGAINST Dominion Voting Systems:Dominion Voting Systems has violated our civil rights!If you are a registered voter,you can join the$160 Billion Class Action Lawsuit against Dominion,Mark Zuckerberg,Facebook,Elected Officials,and others.This is the largest civil rights class action lawsuit in history and the first of its kind!

A.1600亿美元针对多米尼加投票系统的集体诉讼:多米尼加投票系统侵犯了我们的公民权利!如果你是一名注册选民,你可以加入针对 DominionMark ZuckerbergFacebookElected Officials 等公司的1600亿美元集体诉讼。这是历史上规模最大的民权集体诉讼案,也是同类案件中的第一起!

Join the Lawsuit:https://DominionClassAction.com/


Information Video:https://youtu.be/GP1ZQ54MDco




B.Mon.12 April Q and the Trump Channel Telegram:

B.412日星期一 q 和特朗普频道电报:

The first arrest is coming!Get ready for massive Durham report.The Great Awakening is coming.Watch the water!Watch the Evergreen ship news.Time to wake up EVERYONE!



加入:https://t.me/greatawakening world



The Great Awakening Full Movie Documentary.Watch Trump and QANON Best Secrets Here:



C.Mon.12 April US VP John F.Kennedy Jr.Telegram:


Hillary Clinton said to not be civil until Democrats regain power.This is the tactic of a toddler.Do we really want toddlers running our country?


Try as we might,we will never be able to stoop as low as they do,as it's not who we are,they are evil.That being said,we can be DECENT law abiding patriots,and start fighting with all that we have,and we will prevail.


Bill Clinton and his wife funneled hundreds of millions of American taxpayer dollars through their"Foundation"that was intended to build a hospital for impoverished children in Haiti.


We went from a Traitor President who defended Terrorists,to a Patriotic President who defends Americans!It took someone as destructive as Obama to give us some one as productive as Trump!


The Conspiracy Of Everything New Documentary:https://greatawakening.world/deepstate


Time to wake up the people out there.Join:https://t.me/greatawakeningworld Visit:https://greatawakening.world

是时候唤醒外面的人们了。加入:https://t.me/greatawakeningworld 访问:https://greatawakening.world

The Globalists Deep-State&Plandemic Secrets You Need To Know ASAP.All the best documentaries 100%FREE in one place!Visit And Share The World:https://greatawakening.world

The Globalists Deep-State&Plandemic Secrets You Need To Know ASAP


It's time for arrests and charges.Enough is enough.


Mainstream media entered the swamp.They have no idea how we think,how we live,or what we're made of.They Are irrelevant.


Before this is all over,Joe Biden is going to claim he too is from Kenya.

在这一切结束之前,乔拜登(Joe Biden)将宣称自己也来自肯尼亚。

BREAKING:Military Junta Seizes George Soros Foundation’s Bank Accounts https://thetruedefender.com/breaking-military-junta-seizes-george-soros-foundations-bank-accounts/


Investigation into EVERGREEN cargo incoming.Buckle up.It's gonna be BIBLICAL!Satanic Empire Chapter 49 Evergreen:https://pedoempire.org/chapter-49-5-10-evergreen-traffickers-busted-in-the-suez-canal-the-crime-cabals-pedo-empire-is-going-down/#more-1362Chapter 49(5-10)Evergreen Traffickers Busted in the Suez Canal:The Crime Cabal’s Pedo Empire Is Going Down!–Satanic Empire


WHO World Health Organization is a satanic corporation that worship Lucifer.You think they want us healthy or want us sick so they can sell us fake medecines?You think they want to cure us?Or they want us to stay sick so that we keep buying meds and pills?It's a big money business.If the meds would cure us for good we would stop buying and stop taking them.So all the meds NEVER made for curing ANYTHING.Time to wake up now!


The first arrest is coming!Get ready for massive Durham report.The Great Awakening is coming.Watch the water!Watch the Evergreen ship news.Time to wake up EVERYONE!Join:https://t.me/greatawakeningworld Visit:https://greatawakening.world

第一次逮捕就要来了!准备好听大量的达勒姆报告。伟大的觉醒即将来临。小心水!观看长青船的新闻。是时候叫醒大家了!The Plandemic Full Movie Documentary.Watch the real truth about this fake Scamdemic.Best secrets about COVID here:https://greatawakening.world/plandemic1

Plandemic 完整电影纪录片。观看这个虚假骗局的真相。关于 COVID 最好的秘密在这里:https://greatawakening.world/plandemic1

Time to wake up the people out there.



加入:https://t.me/greatawakening world



D.Mon.12 April US 2nd Lady Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy Telegram:


The truth is out.Pfizer Executive admits that they their vaccine is not designed to end the pandemic but to turn it into an endemic so that the demand of their vaccines will continue forever and give them the opportunity to make a lot of money selling their vaccine.Once the pandemic becomes an endemic,just like the flu,all those who have already been vaccinated will need to continue to receive a booster every year or so.


Many of today's top U.S.politicians are occult members who attend Satanic ceremonies like the annual Bohemian Grove in California.


TRUMP on FAUCI at Mar-A-Lago:"Have you ever seen anybody that is so full of crap?"

TRUMP Mar-A-Lago 关于 FAUCI 的评论:“你见过如此满口胡言的人吗?”

The U.S Communist Party Urge Their Dictator to Make COVID Vaccines Mandatory for Military after 40%of Healthy Marines Refuse the Vaccine.

40%的健康海军陆战队员拒绝接种 COVID 疫苗,美国共产党敦促独裁者强制军队接种。

Legally the United States does not have a president.The military are responsible for the transition.They have yet to begin the process.Biden and his handlers,the Luciferian Banksters in London&The Vatican are not in charge of anything.Congress is also not legitimate.


The transition includes activating the new financial system,now ready to go,new currency,new elections for President of the Republic and new elections for Members of Congress,applications for statehood(states that were not part of the United States before 1871).


After the transition The People are in charge again for the first time since 1871.The Founding Fathers named our country"The United States."The Banks in London and The Vatican made a deal with former President Grant and named their corporation THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


All of you have noticed strange things occurring since Biden,the Congress and media declared he is president.He is not Commander in Chief of the military.You are watching a movie until the military ends it.


The Banksters are no longer in charge of anything.Their corrupt financial system is crumbling.The Federal Reserve does not exist now.The IRS is next to go.Biden's administration,Members of Congress and the media are deceiving the populous.They are stealing,sending overseas.


Our new currency will no longer have freemason,occult symbols on it like now.And I seriously doubt The White House and Capitol will be where the people's government resides.Too much evil there.


We wait for our military to act.


Legally the United States does not have a president.The military are responsible for the transition.They have yet to begin the process.Biden and his handlers,the Luciferian Banksters in London&The Vatican are not in charge of anything.Congress is also not legitimate.


A constitutional Republic!!By the Grace of God and the intelligence of Trump!!!We are no longer a corporation!!!!


What could be more terrifying than being trafficked for sex?Being murdered in a ritual sacrifice.And even worse than that would be being murdered in a ritual sacrifice so wealthy elites can harvest your adrenal glands to get the compound they need to prolong their lives!


E.Satanic Empire Chapter 49 Evergreen:Chapter 49(5-10)Evergreen Traffickers Busted in the Suez Canal:The Crime Cabal’s Pedo Empire Is Going Down!–Satanic Empire


F.Mon.12 April The Great Reset,Glen Beck:https://youtu.be/I0-3_9wxZ4w‘I’ve NEVER Seen Something Like This’–CEO Meeting PROVES the Great Reset Is UPON US|Glenn Beck

412日星期一伟大的重启,格伦·贝克:https://youtu.be/I0-3_9wxz4w“我从来没有见过这样的事情”——CEO 会议证明大重启就在我们身上

G.Mon.12 April Fulford Preview:https://benjaminfulford.net/2021/04/12/riots-murders-nuclear-terror-and-chaos-as-western-political-system-implodes/


H.Mon.12 April Mel K&Charlie Ward:The Walking Eagle With Mel K&Charlie Ward

412日梅尔·k 和查理·沃德:与梅尔·k 和查理·沃德一起的行走的鹰

I.Sun.11 April Election Fraud Proof Puts Trump Back in Office:Greg Hunter&Mike Lindell:Election Fraud Proof Puts Trump Back in Office!+Must Video|Opinion-Conservative|Before It's News


J.Sun.11 April Mass Arrests Took Action Without Scotus Approval-More Arrests In Pelosi's Destroyed California|Prophecy|Before It's News


K.Sun.11 April Boom!The Truth About The Evergreen Secret Operation|Prophecy|Before It's News


L.Thurs.8 April 2021 Clinton GITMO Tribunal Begins:Day 1 of Clinton’s Military Tribunal at GITMO


M.Mon.12 April Clinton Military Tribunal,Day 2:Clinton Military Tribunal:Day 2|Blogging/Citizen Journalism|Before It's News


Hillary Clinton’s military tribunal resumed on Monday morning at Guantanamo Bay,following a 72-hour pause that began Thursday afternoon when a disheveled Clinton collapsed to the floor in what seemed like an epileptic seizure.But on Saturday GITMO’s medical staff gave Clinton a clean bill of health,saying she had likely feigned illness to stall the trial.

希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的军事法庭于周一上午在关塔那摩湾(Guantanamo Bay)恢复开庭。此前,法庭曾在周四下午暂停72小时,当时衣冠不整的希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)像癫痫发作一样瘫倒在地。但是在星期六,关塔那摩的医务人员给了克林顿一份健康证明,说她可能是假装生病来拖延审判。

At 10:00 a.m.Monday,Vice Adm.John G.Hannink’s opening comments derided Clinton’s behavior.“Hillary Rodham Clinton knows she is guilty.Otherwise,she wouldn’t pretend to be sick to delay these proceedings.This woman is thoroughly evil,corrosive,bereft of morality,”Vice Adm.Hannink said,addressing the three-officer tribunal that will ultimately decide Clinton’s fate.


Vice Adm.Hannink leveled accusations against Clinton that we at RRN had not heard before.He produced documentation connecting Clinton and the Clinton Foundation to the disappearance of 23 Haitian and 3 American children who were presumably orphaned in the aftermath of a massive earthquake that killed an estimated 220,000 people on the island nation in 2010.Since the incident involved American citizens,it was the tribunal’s duty to judge Clinton’s culpability in the matter,Vice Adm.Hannink said.

汉宁克对克林顿提出了我们 RRN 以前从未听说过的指控。他提供了一些文件,将克林顿和克林顿基金会与23名海地儿童和3名美国儿童的失踪联系起来。2010年,海地发生大地震,估计有22万人丧生。汉宁克说,由于事件涉及到美国公民,法庭有责任判定克林顿在此事件中的罪责。

The three American children—ages 4,7 and 12—belonged to a humanitarian couple doing missionary work on the island nation.A day after the quake,Haitian authorities found the children and the corpse of an older Haitian woman,apparently the babysitter,in the rubble of their collapsed home.The parents had been volunteering at a village west of Port-au-Prince,near the quake’s epicenter.Haitian authorities spent a week searching in vain for the missing parents,but concluded the couple must have perished in the quake.


Vice Adm.Hannink told the Tribunal that on Jan 24,2010 Hillary Clinton,then Secretary of State,contacted Haitian President René Préval and said she wished to aid parentless children whose lives the earthquake had shattered.Vice Adm.Hannink showed the tribunal a chain of email correspondence between Clinton and Préval.In one letter,Clinton stated explicitly that the overture to care for orphaned children was made on behalf of the Clinton Foundation,not the U.S.government,and that the Foundation would find foster homes for the children until such time they could be properly adopted.


N.Military Intel Contact:Exchange/Redemption Instructions:


Safe link websites were the only way to obtain personal 800 numbers so you could secure an appointment at a Redemption Center and ask for the higher exchange/redemption rates.


Take all of you currencies with you starting with the highest down to the lowest.


Have a three to four page summary of what project(s)you are doing that includes your background and interests and how many jobs you are creating.


If you have Zim they will be offering you a default package.You do not have to take the default package if you would rather go for a higher rate to cover what you need for your projects.

如果你有 Zim,他们会提供一个默认的包。如果你想要一个更高的费率来支付你的项目所需的费用,你不需要使用默认套餐。

If you have Zim you will not be eligible for the contract rates on the Dinar or Dong.

如果你有 Zim,你就没有资格获得以 Dinar Dong 计价的合同价格。

If you do not have any Zim then you will be eligible for the contract rates on the Dinar and Dong.


If you ask for the contract rates you might need a humanitarian project or investment in the international Humanitarian projects they will present to you.


You will be getting a debt card with two percent on it that will carry you for two weeks till you get to see your wealth managers.


If you have currency then you can take the full amount at your appointment.


On the Zim and large payouts they will want you to take the structured payout,monthly,every three months,six months,or yearly on a payout up to 100 years(depending on how many years you wish to have it paid out).

Zim 和大额支付上,他们希望你每月、每三个月、每六个月或每年支付一次,最长可达100(取决于你希望支付多少年)

Do not forget the following:


a)Two forms of picture ID


Drivers License


Birth Certificate




b)Proof of Residence


Utility Bill


Cable bill


Bank Statement


One of the documents you need to sign was an NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement)that could last six months to five years,depending on the amount of funds that you have received.


You will find out more after you get to the Redemption Center.


At all times be very polite,do not get angry,or arrogant because if you do you might not be able to exchange or redeem and you will not be able to go to another center to do it.


O.International Child Sex Trafficking Ring:


Out of the Shadows Documentary:Out Of Shadows(Documentary)https://drcharlieward.com/out-of-shadows/


Satan Full Documentary:Synagogue of Satan Full Documentary by A C Hitchcock-300 Truckloads of Bullion Were Simply Driven Away From Fort Knox!Must See Video!|Prophecy|Before It's News


Pedo-Empire Website,5 Books,49 chapters Free Online:https://pedoempire.org

Pedo-Empire Website5 Books49 chapter 免费在线:https://pedoempire.org

Satanic pedophilia:https://pedoempire.org/book-4-in-print-linked-table-of-contents/


P.CV-19 Hoax:





CCP Virus Variant Affects Vaccinated People More Than Unvaccinated People:Study

CCP 病毒变异对接种疫苗人群的影响大于未接种疫苗人群的研究

Fauci:No Concern About Number of People Testing Positive After COVID-19 Vaccination


4th US Site Pauses COVID-19 Vaccinations After Adverse Reactions


The lying media claims this can never happen,there is a biological mechanism through which mRNA vaccine fragments can be transformed into DNA and then inserted into your own human genome,altering you forever.This could cause cancer,infertility,birth defects or critical health problems leading to death.There are zero safety studies examining this possibility,and the vaccine industry is covering it all up,pretending no one could possibly be harmed or killed by mRNA vaccines.In today's feature podcast,we cover the truth about mRNA vaccines and the shocking risks they pose to human health and the future of the human race.Listen to the full podcast here.

撒谎的媒体声称这永远不会发生,有一个生物机制通过 mRNA 疫苗片段可以转化成 DNA 然后插入你自己的人类基因组,永远改变你。这可能会导致癌症、不孕、出生缺陷或严重的健康问题,最终导致死亡。没有任何安全性研究来检验这种可能性,疫苗工业掩盖了这一切,假装没有人可能被 mRNA 疫苗伤害或杀死。在今天的专题播客中,我们报道了有关 mRNA 疫苗的真相,以及它们对人类健康和人类未来构成的令人震惊的风险。点击这里收听完整播客。

Moderna Vaccine Adverse Side Effects:https://www.watchdognews.org/moderna-coronavirus-vaccine-likeliest-to-come-with-adverse-side-effects/


Q.Occult Calendar of Demonic Holidays:


April 21-26 to May 1 was the next Satanic Holiday called Grand Climax Da Meur and Corpus De Baahl according to an Occult Calendar of Demonic Holidays put together by professional therapists from childhood accounts of their Satanic Ritually Abused(SRA)clients.

421日至26日至51日是下一个撒旦节日,称为 Grand Climax Da Meur Corpus De Baahl,根据专业治疗师从他们撒旦仪式性虐待(SRA)客户的童年记录中整理出来的邪恶节日的神秘日历。

Preparation for Grand Climax Da Meur and Corpus De Baahl holidays were celebrated by blood and sexual orgies,culminated with a human sacrifice of a female,age 1-25–the more innocent the better,followed by eating their flesh and drinking the Adrenochromed blood.


Be aware of Satanic activities in your neighborhood and help save mind controlled children and teens being forced to participate in the rape,torture and murder of themselves and other children.


Months in advance Satan worshippers planned for their holidays by kidnapping children and teens,while commonly perpetrators impregnated children and teens to produce their own victims.The babies,children and teens were starved,tortured and used in sex orgies in preparation for human sacrifice rites.


Please report suspected Satanic activities to your local law enforcement.Since Satanists were known to infiltrate police departments,cover your tracks by also contacting U.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE):https://www.ice.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form and contact the Federal Human Trafficking Website:https://www.state.gov/humantrafficking/

请向当地执法部门报告可疑的撒旦活动。由于众所周知撒旦教徒会渗透到警察部门,你可以通过联系美国移民和海关执法局(ICE):https://www.ICE.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form 和联系联邦人口贩卖网站:https://www.state.gov/humantrafficking/

If you wished to join the effort in saving children from international sex trafficking,contact Tim Ballard at Operation Underground Railroad and the non-profit organization,Saving Innocence.https://ourrescue.org/https://savinginnocence.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT4tmI8YxCU&feature=emb_rel_end

如果你想加入拯救儿童免遭国际性贩卖的行动,请联系地下铁路行动和非营利组织拯救无辜的 Tim BallardHttps://ourrescue.org/https://savinginnocence.org https://www.youtube.com/watch

R.“Twenty Two Faces:inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities,”by Judy Byington,Foreword by Dr.Colin A.Ross,M.D.RAW:Dr.Colin Ross–Robert David Steele


Jenny Describes a Satanic Child Sacrifice:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F626Lsrdwg4


WARNING:Jenny gave a graphic description about how she at the tender age of five,was raped,tortured,forced to view a Child Sacrifice and save for Divine intervention,was almost killed herself–not unlike the sordid experiences of thousands of other child victims of Satanic Worshippers.Satan-follower perpetrators appeared to be organized from the US Inc’s CIA,Queen Elizabeth’s,Illuminati Banking families’and Vatican’s Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult on down to the Clintons,Hollywood,Pizzagate and local teenage covens.They were funded by this same Cabal that ran our global monetary system–the very organization that was in the process of being brought down by activation of the Global Currency Reset.It’s no wonder that President Trump has stated,“These people are sick.”

警告:珍妮给出了一个生动的描述,关于她如何在5岁的幼小年龄,被强奸,折磨,被迫观看一个儿童牺牲和为了神的干预(电影),几乎自杀-不像其他数以千计的儿童受害者的肮脏经历撒旦崇拜者。撒旦追随者的犯罪组织似乎来自美国公司的中央情报局,伊丽莎白女王,光明会银行家庭和梵蒂冈的第九圈儿童祭祀邪教,直到克林顿,好莱坞,Pizzagate 和当地的青少年聚会。他们是由同一个阴谋集团资助运行我们的全球货币系统正是这个组织被激活的全球货币重置搞垮了。难怪特朗普总统说这些人病了

S.The Global Currency Reset and NESARA/GESARA Was All About the Children

全球货币重置和 NESARA/GESARA 都是为了孩子们

It’s not about the money.It’s about the children–the thousands of malnourished and traumatized children who in honor of Satan,were being raped and murdered so their Elite Perpetrators could supposedly gain power and rule the world.The first official act President Trump made the morning before he was sworn into office,was to pay a visit to CIA Headquarters and declare a war on an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring run by these global elites.Let us fast and pray for these little ones who were now being rescued from Cabal underground tunnels across the globe,and tortured and killed by Satanic Covens right next door.Let us also pray for those Military Troops worldwide who were risking their own lives to save them.The ancient doctrine of Fasting and Prayer was explained here at the 10:30:32 mark:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mb9gU6DmKs


Judy Note:I do not now,nor have I ever,received monies for writing my Updates and articles.The compensation has been in having outlets to help Save the Children by exposing truths about the very secretive Satanic Ritual Abuse,Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice that was rampant in our international society.

Judy Note:我现在没有,以前也没有收到过写更新和文章的钱。补偿是通过揭露在我们的国际社会中猖獗的非常隐秘的撒旦仪式虐待、恋童癖和儿童献祭的真相来帮助拯救儿童。

The above was a summary of information from the Internet.It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid.


I will send the Safe Link Website out when I find out what it is,plus it will be posted on several Dinar Websites.It is my understanding that by linking into the Safe Link Website it will generate a Non Disclosure Agreement to sign in order to obtain redemption/exchange appointments.


After signing that Non Disclosure I will be unable to email,post or talk to anyone about the exchange process for 90 days,so I will be going silent and taking those 90 days to get my humanitarian project organized and going.


This is not a goodbye.I expect to be working with many of you in the near future.I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know you.You will remain in my heart forever.


A huge Thank You to those dedicated and brave Intel providers who wished to remain unknown;to humble Wildfire Lady who is adept at exposing the truth;to Martha who has unceasingly worked around the clock to discern what is real in the fake news;to Brad who does great research;to Bonni B who exposes the underlying causes of what is really happening and to Ken who uncovers almost unlimited Intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

非常感谢那些愿意保持默默无闻的英特尔供应商们;感谢谦卑的野火女士,她善于揭露真相;感谢玛莎,她不停地昼夜不停地工作,以辨别假新闻中的真假;感谢布拉德,她做了很好的研究;感谢 Bonni b,她揭露了真实情况的根本原因;感谢肯,他揭露了几乎无限的恋童癖情报,帮助我们拯救了孩子们。

Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be.I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together,we will make life better for all.

让我们感谢 q,重置终于来临了。我祝愿你们在人道主义工作中一切顺利,并期待着在另一个世界看到你们,在那里,我们将一起让所有人的生活变得更好。

Patience is a Virtue.Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being.Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.And,we will!!!...Judy





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