本杰明|20191230 2020年,人类可能摆脱撒旦西方统治阶级的统治

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在大力推动下,人类可能在2020年获得解放。根据五角大楼、共济会三等委员会和其他消息来源的说法,关键在于迫使 可萨 黑手党私有的中央银行系统债务奴役内爆。

本杰明|20191230  2020年,人类可能摆脱撒旦西方统治阶级的统治


With a big push,humanity could be liberated in 2020.The key will be to force an implosion of the Khazarian mafia's privately owned central bank system of debt slavery,according to Pentagon,P3 Freemason,and other sources.


The increasing disconnect between the real-world economy and the financial market bubble is being deliberately engineered to cause a humanity-liberating systemic failure during 2020,say Asian secret society and P3 Freemason sources.(And no,P3 is not a typo;see below for details.)

亚洲秘密社团和共济会 P3消息人士称,现实世界经济和金融市场泡沫之间日益严重的脱节正被蓄意设计,以造成2020年期间人类解放的系统性失败。(不,P3不是打印错误,详情见下文。)

This Ben Garrison cartoon illustrates the current situation:


本杰明|20191230  2020年,人类可能摆脱撒旦西方统治阶级的统治


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Needless to say,the real economy is continuing to plunge despite the record-high stock market and corporate media cheerleading.The latest sign is the Baltic Dry Index,which is plunging to lows not seen since the Lehman crisis.The BDI cannot be manipulated with fiat funny money like other indexes can,because it is the price of sending physically existing stuff in ships.



Durable goods orders,another reality-based indicator,are also plunging.



A hidden part of this financial/economic war that's now raging involves an East/West tug-of-war over historical bonds.


The U.S.Treasury Department has started buying Chinese historical bonds in hopes of using them to get gold to meet a January 31,2020 payments deadline,Japanese right-wing sources and P3 Freemason sources say.

日本右翼消息人士和共济会 P3消息人士称,美国财政部已经开始购买中国历史债券,希望利用这些债券获得黄金,以满足2020131日的付款期限。

Meanwhile,the Chinese have been buying old American Corporate bonds in a counterattack,they say.The"dark digital U.S.dollars"being created this way are being used to"make monetary inflation to f-ck the U.S.dollar,"they explain.


The bonds are either ending up with the U.S.Secret Service in Citibank or with the Chinese Secret Services in the Hong Kong Branch of HSBC Bank,they say."Historical bonds are a way of f—king the enemy,"they explain.


This secret war is also leading a huge surge in public gold-related activity and is part of the reason that talk of a financial reset has become a mainstream topic in the markets.



This gold activity is picking up,as the experiment of using negative interest rates to save the fiat financial system is failing.It is failing because more and more investors are moving their money into physical cash(which is immune to negative rates),gold,and other things that actually exist.The bottom line is that reality always wins in the end.



The fact that the Rothschild-owned United Nations is now openly calling for the use of cryptocurrency to finance its operations is a sign they are running out of physical assets like gold and are looking for a digital escape hatch.The gold-holding Asians,for their part,would rather create a new UN in Asia.

罗斯柴尔德(rothschild)旗下的联合国(United Nations)现在公开呼吁使用加密货币为其业务提供资金,这一事实表明,它们正在耗尽黄金等实物资产,并在寻找一个数字化的逃生出口。而拥有黄金的亚洲国家则宁愿在亚洲创建一个新的联合国。


The P2 Freemasons,Asian secret societies,the British Commonwealth,the Pentagon,and others have been trying to end this war by reaching a new agreement on how to run the planet.


Toward that end,the Italian P2 Freemason Lodge has now been superseded by the P3 Freemason Lodge,P3 sources say.There was even an announcement of this in the Italian press on December 30th.

为了达到这个目的,意大利的 P2共济会分会现在已经被 P3共济会分会所取代,P3的消息来源说。1230日,意大利媒体甚至宣布了这一消息。


A sign of a change in Italy is that Leo Zagami,who was involved in the Fukushima mass-murder attack on Japan,has had to flee to Palm Springs,California to avoid arrest in Italy on slander charges filed by the Calabrian Freemasons,P3 sources say.


The head of the P3 is a Mr.Gianmario Fioramonti,who says"the Lodge is not covered or secret.It is fully transparent and open to all my friends all over the world of any race,color,or belief."The P3 are releasing all sorts of information about Antarctica,aliens,Nazis,and other things that are so mind-boggling they will require strong proof.If you are interested,we suggest you contact them directly about this via the Catholic Church.

P3的负责人是 Gianmario Fioramonti 先生,他说:"这个小屋既不隐蔽也不保密。它是完全透明的,对世界上任何种族、肤色或信仰的所有朋友开放。"P3发布了各种关于南极洲、外星人、纳粹以及其他令人难以置信的信息,需要强有力的证据。如果你感兴趣,我们建议你直接通过天主教会与他们联系。

In any case,the financial and information war is also taking a powerful turn against the Jews,who will have to purge their ranks of satanists and radical Zionists,or else face inevitable collective punishment.Pentagon sources outline the moves against them as follows:


"Trump may have begun anti-Semitic attacks in New York and elsewhere on Hanukkah when he recently told the Israeli American Council,'You're brutal killers.You're not nice people at all,but you have to vote for me.'

"特朗普最近对以色列美国理事会(Israeli American Council)说,'你们是残忍的杀手,这可能是他在纽约和光明节其他地方开始反犹太主义攻击的原因。你们根本不是什么好人,但你们必须为我投票




"The International Criminal Court case against Israel appears to have unprecedented global support as,despite heavy lobbying by Bibi[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu],not one single world leader dares to speak up in defense of isolated Israel or condemn the ICC,not even Trump,Putin,Xi,Bolsonaro,Modi,Sisi,King Abdullah,MBS,Macron,Merkel,Trudeau,or Bojo.

"国际刑事法庭起诉以色列的案件似乎得到了前所未有的全球支持,因为尽管 Bibi[以色列总理本雅明·内塔尼亚胡]进行了大量游说,但没有一个世界领导人敢于为被孤立的以色列辩护或谴责国际刑事法庭,甚至连特朗普、普京、习、博尔索纳罗、莫迪、塞西、阿卜杜拉国王、MBSMacron、默克尔、特鲁多或 Bojo 都不敢。

"The Judenpress appears to be silent on the ICC,as the Court may even reverse its decision to not prosecute torture war crimes of the U.S.military and CIA in Afghanistan,but may even expand to include drone strikes.


"The ICC may have been given a spine transplant and raison d'être to help take down Zionists,the deep state,and pedo's in concert with military tribunals."The ICC investigation appears to target both Bibi and Benny Gantz as war criminals,as it touched a raw nerve,exposed racist,supremacist Talmudic anti-goy culture,and already stopped Israeli plans to annex the Jordan Valley.


"As indictments are unsealed,some deals may have been made as Democratic Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis got Stage 4 cancer."


With all of this activity as a background,the recent broadcast of"Home Alone 2"in Canada with an appearance by Donald Trump edited out may have been some sort of insider message.That's because Macauley Culkin,the child star of that movie,is among many who have said movie business executives are"satanic pedophiles"who"ritually abuse children in the industry."Culkin says that during the filming of this movie he was called into a room where he was molested by an industry executive.

在所有这些活动的背景下,最近在加拿大播放的《小鬼当家2(Home Alone 2)——唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)在片中露面——可能是某种内部消息。这是因为,那部电影的童星麦考利·卡尔金(Macauley Culkin)和许多人一样,说电影业的高管是"邪恶的恋童癖",他们"在电影行业仪式上虐待儿童"卡尔金说,在拍摄这部电影的过程中,他被叫到一个房间,在那里他受到了一个行业高管的骚扰。

In an interview with French radio,Culkin said:


He told me to look at his shoes.


He said they were made from the skin of children he and his friends murdered.


He asked me if I knew Heather ORourke.


As a result,the shoes were made from her skin.




This is what AP News had to say about her death in 1988:


The death of 12-year-old poltergeist actress Heather ORourke was highly unusual.



There has been a thorough attempt to remove the Culkin story from the Internet and the original article in French is missing,but in another interview Culkin says his father was a bad man who was both mentally and physically abusive.


Here's what a CIA source had to say about the place:


The Treasury Department has numerous unofficial CIA and MI6 personnel working there as consultants.


They help with the actual transfer of very large financial transactions throughout the region,which amount to billions every month.


It is said that Brunei is the main financial centre for most of the off-exchange money transfers used for black ops and other nefarious financing.


This has been happening since the Iran-Contra scandal in the mid-1980s.


Brunei was involved at the time with a missing$10 million that went into the wrong Swiss bank account.


The money was actually intended for Oliver North.Before this incident,which affected all major news agencies worldwide,most people in the West had never heard of Brunei.


The Satanists in Japan are also increasingly under attack by the White Dragon Society and its allies.


The Japanese military is finally realizing that the population is shrinking by more than 500,000 people a year due to incompetent Satanic puppet rulers.


A purge is in the works,the Japanese right-wingers promise.


This war will also be personal for your correspondent.When I tried to send money to the editor of this blog via the Japan Postal Bank on December 5,nothing happened.


After I had complained loudly,the bank sent us a letter on December 23 with the following statement:"Your application for international payment described above has been cancelled due to our comprehensive judgement.


Furthermore,a Christmas card sent to us was only released by the post office after an intervention by MI6.


It arrived torn up(and therefore probably opened),as can be seen below:


In a similar move,the three top executives of Japan Post Holdings had to resign on December 27th.


Japan Post Holdings was taken over by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers after Fukushima.


The Japanese now want to take it back.



We are also prohibited from using Western Union,PayPal or any other electronic means to send money to our employees.


This,along with many other crimes,is the reason why bounties have been imposed on the owners of these facilities.


They are hunted down and removed.This is war and we are winning,people.


Finally,I would like to conclude the last report of 2019 with the good news that anti-gravity technology is now being made available to the public.


Existing anti-gravity aircraft are now being deliberately flown over densely populated areas,according to Pentagon sources.The latest was spotted over New York in daylight and can be seen at the following link.



The video at the following link also shows you how to build a device against gravity in your own garage.


2020 will be a year of biblical events.




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