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July 01, 2022


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Lisa: So can we say the same thing about the financial collapse, that this is a genuine financial collapse that's out of the control of the cabal and not one of their orchestrated collapses in order to bring in a one world currency.

丽莎: 那么我们可以对金融崩溃说同样的话吗? 这是一场真正的金融崩溃,不受阴谋集团的控制,而不是他们为了引进一种世界货币而精心策划的崩溃。

Cobra: There are actually 2 sides of this story, this collapse, actually I would say this way, the cabal was planning another collapse a long time ago and they initiated this collapse with the same plan they had many times before to grab people's gold and grab more money and get more control but, the whole collapse was, there are higher forces that are leading this collapse in a way that actually will take power away from the cabal, so by triggering that they are actually digging their own grave because light forces in the last few months have taken a lot of control, they have much more power over the financial system which doesn't mean that the financial system is still not in the hands, the financial system is still in the hands of the Rothchilds but there is a certain computer program which actually drives the whole financial system and this computer program has received a virus on the 21st May this year, so the light forces can actually shut down the whole system just like that, just flick the switch and it's gone and this might happen in the case of the mass arrest scenario, if this scenario is going to be executed in the way it was planned the light forces can just switch off the financial system and we have a banking holiday around the world everywhere and this is for the purpose of cutting the cabal away from their money because they still have access to that money they have much less than they did in the past but they still have enough to survive and run their show as you can probably experience daily because the cabal needs I would say a few Billion dollars every day to control everybody to control the media to control the military to keep the show running and if they get less than let's say 1 or 2 billion daily they're in deep trouble.



Alexandra: That's Interesting. What about the gold? Everybody's following the Gold. There are a lot of stories coming out that Russia and China, they say China is the number one holder of gold and they've said that Russia has just stepped up as the second largest holder of gold on the planet. What is your feeling about that and what are the connotations of that regarding the United States economy?

Alexandra: 有意思。那金子呢?每个人都在追踪黄金。有很多关于俄罗斯和中国的报道,他们说中国是世界上最大的黄金持有国,他们说俄罗斯已经成为世界上第二大黄金持有国。你对此有什么感觉? 这对美国经济有什么影响?

Cobra: There are many layers to this, again. There are the official stories in the mass media, and there are fabrications in the alternative media, there are disinformation stories there. But you see, no one knows where the gold is because the gold is not any longer on the surface of the planet. You have Gold plated Tungsten bars at the central banks, and this is basically all that you have. Where is the money, where is the gold? These are the questions I would like to ask to people, think about it. Everybody's speaking about the collateral accounts, everybody is speaking about St Germain Trust, the question is, where is the money? Everyone is speaking about Trillions of dollars but no one has ever seen them. I know that there are pictures circulating the internet and if I just add up all that gold, you would get maybe three thousand pounds.


Alexandra: So is the gold being held on a dimensional level? Explain that to me.

Alexandra: 那么这些黄金是在一个维度层面上保存的吗? 给我解释一下。

Cobra: The gold was taken by the Resistance about a year ago, and is waiting in a certain location for the right time to be given to humanity. And of course the condition that the Resistance gave them is that you have to make an agreement of what you are going to do with it, and how you are going to do it. And the Eastern Alliance had a great opportunity in February of last year, but they were not able to make a consensus so… sorry about that one.

Cobra:黄金大约一年前被抵抗组织拿走了,现在正在某个地方等待合适的时机给予人类。当然,抵抗组织给他们的条件就是你们必须就你们要怎么做,怎么做达成一致。去年二月,东方联盟有一个很好的机会,但是他们没能达成共识,所以... 很抱歉。

Alexandra: Yea, bummer. And you feel that the money is not going to be available until after the Event Horizon?


Cobra: The money will not be available until after The Event because the Cabal will have control over the money until the very last possible moment. This is their last resort of power. They will release everything else before the money, because if you have the money you can change things. People are not broke and penniless without a reason and the reason [the Cabal keeps them penniless] is that they will not be able to do anything, they cannot develop free energy devices, they cannot launch rockets, they cannot create private spaceships, they cannot do whatever they want to do.

Cobra: 这笔钱要等到事件结束后才能拿到,因为阴谋集团要等到最后一刻才能控制这笔钱。这是他们最后的手段。他们会在拿到钱之前释放一切,因为如果你有钱,你就可以改变一切。人们不会毫无理由地破产和身无分文,[阴谋集团让他们身无分文]的原因是他们将无法做任何事情,他们不能开发免费的能源设备,他们不能发射火箭,他们不能创造私人飞船,他们不能做任何他们想做的事情。

Cobra – Actually, the Cypress event was a test. Cabal choose a small island that doesn't have a big/official banking structure to see if they can get away with stealing money from the people. (Wow) The past run wasn't successful for them because the people said "no". Now they tried upper middle class because there wasn't so many people in that upper middle class. These are the ones that got hit. The major investors in Cypress were the Russian mafia. They made a deal with the Russian Mafia and they were able to get their money out. The cabal has realized the mass population would not happily agree with that kind of scenario. I would suggest people get their money out of the banks right now, immediately. Put some of it in Gold and Silver simply because if you have money in the cabal banks they can use it for their purposes. It is not legally yours. It's not your property any more. You are lending your money to them. Energetically speaking you are giving your power away to them if you have your money in their bank.

Cobra ——实际上,Cypress 事件是一个测试。Cabal 选择了一个没有大型/官方银行结构的小岛,看看他们是否能从人民那里偷钱。(Wow)过去的挤兑对他们来说并不成功,因为人们说""。现在他们尝试上层中产阶级,因为上层中产阶级没有那么多人。这些人就是受到打击的人。赛普里斯的主要投资者是俄罗斯黑手党。他们和俄罗斯黑手党达成了协议他们能够把钱转移出去。阴谋集团已经意识到大众不会乐意接受这种情况。我建议大家立刻把钱从银行取出来。把一部分钱存入黄金和白银只是因为如果你在阴谋集团的银行里有钱他们可以把钱用在他们的目的上。它在法律上不属于你。它不再是你的财产了。你把钱借给他们。从积极的角度来说,如果你把钱存在他们的银行里,你就是在把你的权力拱手让给他们。

Cobra – The Rothschild based cabal is manipulating the gold prices. They dumped their paper gold certificates to artificially drop the price, then when the price dropped they bought physical gold as much as they could cache. Everyone is asking where that gold is going. The gold is going to the Cabal banks, especially in Hong Kong.


A) – There was a comment that Rothschilds have withdrawn from all commodity trading. Is this part of the whole scheme in trying to manipulate and trigger certain events in the market to cash in or?


Cobra – It's a smokescreen. Rothschild's have officially stopped with the gold trades years ago they "so to speak" officially stop with commodity trading. But in reality they are still doing so but not directly in their own name. They have intermediaries that do trades in their name for them. They want no public exposure in their financial sectors.


A) – What is your opinion of Fed reserve bank. Are they bust? bankrupt? busted? Is this all a smoke screen as well?


Cobra – There are a few things with Fed Reserve. They really don't have any gold there. They still have some imaginary money, monopoly money, quiet money, paper money. They can always print more.


A) – You have told us in one of your posts that the resistance movement has been removing the physical gold out of the hands of the cabal in 2012l. You said they were hiding a few trillions in Liechtenstein. Is there any way to shut that down? Cobra – Yes, but that's not gold. It's paper assets. This is not gold.


A) – Is the strategy more to watch them bury themselves? Cobra – The strategy is to expose them. To expose their off shore accounts. To expose where their money is. It will just unravel. One will lead to another and the whole structure will just one day unravel. We are close to that


Alexandra: Several people are asking about his concern about the plan to go to the gold standard, asset backed. He feels this is dangerous. This puts the assets into the few hands instead of the many. And there could be a gross misuse of precious metals because of being a finite amount because of gold and silver? What is your opinion?

Alexandra: 好几个人都在问他关于金本位计划的担忧,资产支持计划。他觉得这很危险。这会让资产落入少数人手中,而不是多数人手中。因为黄金和白银的数量有限,贵金属可能被严重滥用?你的观点是什么?

COBRA: Most likely that individual is speaking from his past experience. This transitional financial system will be nothing that has ever happened on this planet before and will be supervised by higher positive beings of light, otherwise it could turn that way. But because of the supervision of the light forces it will not be allowed to turn that way. Because it will be monitored and completely transparent.


Alexandra: Excellent. This council or supervising group – on or off planet? COBRA: The resistance movement will be on the surface of the planet. After the first contact, the Pleiadians and other beings of light. As advanced technologies are introduced the need for money will be obsolete, gradually.


Alexandra: The ultimate goal is to be money-less.

Alexandra: 最终的目标是没有钱。

COBRA: Exactly. The general population will not be able to transition immediately to the current abusive financial system to a completely cash-less society.



There is a certain plan of the Jesuits to take over the financial system. And they are suggesting this move to appoint the new pope as M1. Of course after the Event happens there will be no more M1 because the whole system will be restructured. (Good point). Those various factions which are fighting over the collateral accounts are fighting over something that doesn't exist in the way they understand it.

耶稣会有一个接管金融系统的计划。他们建议任命新教皇为 M1。当然,事件发生后,不会有更多的 M1,因为整个系统将被重组。(好观点)。那些为抵押账户而争斗的各个派系正在为一些他们所理解的并不存在的东西而争斗。

And basically because they've already taken the real deal of the world (exactly.) So they're fighting over something that doesn't exist.


Yeah because you see there was always talk about collateral accounts about this enormous wealth without any real proof. Of course we have seen some pictures of gold in holds in Thailand, all over the world, years ago. It was there. But it's no longer there.


I'm sure you've read about the Polish activist and they really took him to heart and are complaining about this mining of gold and they wanted to go in and take over jurisdiction where all these people lived. Did you read about this (Yes.) So a lot of them have banded together and they are really petitioning this do you see that as something that the resistance is behind?


I would say that Poland already had a crucial role once in 1989 at the fall of the cold communist regimes. I would say there are certain groups working underground that can trigger certain things in the future. Cool. And okay Cobra do you feel that some of our biggest banks, the big fives, are they really getting to a place where they're in really serious serious trouble.


They have been in really serious serious trouble for years now.


I mean is there anything that is going make it different this month vs all the other months. I just read that Citi Group just got slammed for a 395 million dollar lawsuit for mortgage fraud.


It is possible but not true. Because the real changes will happen only at the reset. Or very shortly before the reset. Because the cabal wants to keep the original financial system functioning.



Alexandra: OK. He mentioned the new currency being metal backed. Is that one and the same with gold back.


Cobra : It is not just gold it's precious metals – includes others, silver, platinum, palladium together with gold.


Cobra : Chinese are buying gold as much as possible because they know what is coming.

Cobra: 中国人尽可能多地购买黄金,因为他们知道接下来会发生什么。

Cobra : It is not in the interest of the light forces to devalue the dollar. At the time of the event there might be a small devaluation of the dollar, but nothing drastic. (OK) There is a plan of the Illuminati to devalue the dollar but they will not be successful in that.

Cobra: 让美元贬值不符合光明力量的利益。在事件发生的时候,美元可能会有小幅贬值,但不会有剧烈的贬值。(OK)光照派有一个让美元贬值的计划,但他们不会成功。

Alexandra – Yea. I've noticed really bizarre things with the computers and the internet. Weird stuff like my mouse disappears off the screen. It's just constant. Cobra, can you tell us a bit more about US/China relationship regarding the SDR's. For those out there listening those are the "special drawing rights" created by the IMF for internet accounting purposes. We've arrived to the point that not just the banks but the countries themselves that were getting in serious financial trouble. Where do you see us now in the month of Feb. because in Jan the resistance had great hopes that we would be knocking the banks down a huge peg financially. Has this occurred. If so, is it because of the faction, or the schism between US & China.

Alexandra。我注意到电脑和互联网上有些奇怪的东西。像我的鼠标这样奇怪的东西从屏幕上消失了。它是恒定不变的。Cobra,你能告诉我们更多关于中美关系的信息吗。对于那些正在听的人来说,这些是国际货币基金组织为互联网会计目的创造的"特别提款权"。我们已经到了这样的地步: 不仅是银行,而且是陷入严重金融困境的国家本身。你现在在2月份看到我们在哪里? 因为在1月,抵抗者曾寄予厚望,希望我们能在财政上打破银行的巨大挂钩。这发生了吗。如果是这样,是因为派系,还是因为美国和中国之间的分歧。

Cobra – Not just China and US but it's a global process. You have Positive and negative factions in every country. Positive faction is going to use this instrument of special drawing rights to support the re-set. The cabal has their own version of the re-set and it's not going to be successful. The cabal wants to create a global centralized banking system that will be partially backed by gold but still hidden and not transparent. The light forces have a plan to create an open source transparent banking system that would be completely open and completely gold backed. Both system can use the SDR's as their core currency which would be of course expanded to include other currencies in the basket: US dollar, British pound, Euro & japanese yen. There will be some other currency that will be needed to be included in that. Alexandra – I was just going to ask about that. From a perspective of the ground crew, the key things that we should be looking for so we are not being mis-lead by that which we read is: it should be completely transparent and 100% backed by gold. Cobra – Yes, it will be completely transparent. Everyone will be able to understand and follow the workings of the new financial system. Alexandra – OK. I was going to ask you about the currency basket. You have the 4 majors, then the yuan and franc were going to be added. Do you foresee a time when every single currency out there will be added in the basket.

Cobra ——不仅仅是中国和美国,而是一个全球性的过程。每个国家都有正面和负面的派系。正面派系会用这个特别提款权的工具来支持重新设定。阴谋集团有他们自己的重置版本,不会成功的。阴谋集团想要建立一个全球性的中央银行系统,部分由黄金支持,但仍然是隐藏的,不透明的。光明势力计划建立一个开源透明的银行系统,这个系统将完全开放,并且完全由黄金支持。这两个系统都可以使用特别提款权作为其核心货币,当然,这将扩大到包括其他货币篮子: 美元,英镑,欧元和日元。将会有一些其他的货币需要被纳入其中。Alexandra-我正想问这个问题。从地面工作人员的角度来看,我们应该寻找关键的东西,这样我们就不会被我们读到的东西误导: 它应该是完全透明的,100% 由黄金支持。Cobra-是的,它将是完全透明的。每个人都能够理解和跟踪新金融体系的运作。Alexandra-OK。我想问你关于货币篮子的事。你有4个主要货币,然后人民币和法郎将被加入。你能预见到有一天所有的单一货币都会被加入篮子里吗。

Cobra – Not necessary. We just need to include the major currencies. There will be new exchange rates determined by the productivity of the nations. This evaluation does not include or predict a drastic increase in value of the Dinar. The productivity of that country is not high enough toward a global operation that will finance the certain wealth of contact individuals as some people have predicted. So this is not going to happen.


Alexandra – For all of those who bought Dinar's, like myself, is that going to just be a lost cause?


Cobra – No, maybe you'll earn a a little bit but not something to be over drastic about.


Alexandra – OK. You also mentioned Bunas Bank – have been much more permeated by the light forces and it's going to be one of the triggers to reveal the Fed Reserve doesn't have any gold left. Is this happening across the board with other banks. Are there other banks that the light forces have infiltrated successfully? Cobra – The banks – national banks of the country are usually more open to the light forces than privately owned banks. That's no general rule but it's something that occurs more often. There are other banks that are being permeated by the light forces. In every major bank you have agents of the light working under cover. They will be activated when the time is right. Alexandra – Wow. That's outstanding. You can almost see the bank network in your mind's eye. This is a really biggy that we are wondering about. There was a lot of discussion and speculation about the 2500 people who met for the financial re-set meeting, the cabal in the swiss mountains – They called it the "reshaping of the world, consequences for society, politics and business".C can you give us all an up-shot of what occurred at that meeting from your intel. Cobra – They met with the purpose of designing the cabal's version of the financial re-set. They accepted a strategic plan of how this will be implemented. This cabal meeting was a consequence of very intense lobbying by the jesuits these last few months to convince the cabal of their version of the re-set. This is exactly what they are trying to do. The basic idea is to have the jesuits at the top of the new banking system. This is what they want to create. They are now at the top of the current financial system. Of course this is not going to happen.


pope francis and Barak Obama signed a master agreement related to gold in ____to underright a massive campaign to end poverty and – stop environmental destruction. Is this a sign of the changes in vatican or more propaganda.

教皇方济各和巴拉克 · 奥巴马在2012年签署了一项与黄金有关的总协议,以支持一项旨在结束贫困和阻止环境破坏的大规模运动。这是否标志着梵蒂冈的变化或者更多的宣传。

Cobra – There is no gold that Fulford is talking about. This so-called agreement is just a smoke screen What is your feeling of 3 articles that came out recently about the death of bankers. One Hung himself, one jumped out of building. One had a sudden death. Is this part of a cabal war. Cobra – basically those people – mainly wanted to reveal the truth about gold price manipulation. They were simply silenced by the Cabal..

Cobra——富尔福德所说的黄金并不存在。这个所谓的协议只是一个烟幕你对最近发表的3篇关于银行家之死的文章有什么看法。一个上吊自杀,一个跳楼自杀。其中一个突然死亡。这是阴谋集团战争的一部分吗。Cobra ——基本上就是那些人——主要是想揭露金价操纵的真相。他们只是被阴谋集团压制住了。.

Cobra: And actually, what the Cabal needs to keep their financial system running is not just fiat money, they need solid gold, because, at the deepest level of the financial system, it can only operate if there is gold present. This is a well-kept secret, but if the Cabal has zero gold, absolutely zero gold, the whole structure collapses immediately. Very, very quickly. So they have to grab a little bit of gold here and there, to keep the machine running.


AM: You and I have talked so many times before about how the gold is actually being kept off-world, so to speak. And I interviewed Karen Hudes last week regarding the locations of the gold. She rattled off quite a few different areas. Is that the difference between registered gold and unregistered gold?

AM: 你和我之前已经讨论过很多次关于黄金是如何被保存在外太空的,可以这么说。上周我采访了 Karen Hudes 关于黄金的位置。她一口气说出了好几个不同的地方。这就是注册黄金和未注册黄金的区别吗?

Cobra: Okay. Most of what people say, when they say there is gold, they have some documentation which proves there was gold at that location in a certain point in history. There was gold in the Bank of Hawaii, years ago. There was gold in […], years ago, but now it's gone.


AM: Ahh.

AM: 啊。

Cobra: And the Cabal, I would say the most effective way for the Cabal to get gold is through the – you see in every little town there are faults which are mined with gold, gold scraped from citizens.

Cobra:还有阴谋集团,我想说阴谋集团获得金子最有效的方法就是通过... 你看,在每个小镇都有断层是用从市民身上刮下来的金子开采出来的。

AM: Yes.

AM: 是的。

Cobra: And this is how they get their gold right now. And then they remelt it, and then they put it back into the banking system.


AM: Mm, interesting. Now apparently, Niel Keenan as you know has been very active with the Collateral Accounts. And he thinks the Cabal will crash the system just to scare the hell out of people, was I think one of his comments. Is he not referring to the actual Event and putting some fear around that? I mean is the Event, the Re-val, the Financial Reset, the Shift, all these things, are they not all basically the same thing?

AM: 嗯,有意思。显然,Niel Keenan 在抵押账户方面非常活跃。他认为阴谋集团会破坏系统只是为了吓唬人,我想他的一个评论。他是不是指的是真正的事件并且对此感到恐惧?我的意思是,事件,复兴,金融重置,转变,所有这些事情,它们基本上不是一回事吗?

Cobra: Okay. The Jesuits and the Cabal, they have a plan for their own version of the Reset. And he is probably speaking about that plan. And that plan will not be successful. The actual Event, Reset and Revaluation, will actually be the Victory of the Light Forces, and complete defeat of the Cabal. So there is nothing to be afraid in that matter.


AM: Good, that's good to hear. That kind of pops a question up in my head, as far as when I was interviewing Karen, one of the comments that I asked her about was, how many countries were within the World Bank membership, and one of the ones that was missing was North Korea. She was not sure who the others were, can you elucidate me on that, and allow me to figure out who is not part of the World Bank.

AM: 很好,很高兴听到这个消息。当我采访凯伦的时候,这个问题一直在我脑海中浮现,我问她的一个问题是,有多少国家是世界银行的成员国,其中一个国家是朝鲜。她不确定其他人是谁,你能解释给我听吗,让我弄清楚谁不是世界银行的成员。

Cobra: Well I don't have that information right at the moment, the only thing I can say is that North Korea was a special experiment, created by the Cabal in the 50s to completely close a country, isolate a country, to create the maximum entropy as possible, and also to isolate that country from the banking system, worldwide banking system as much as possible.

Cobra: 目前我还没有这方面的信息,我唯一能说的是,朝鲜是一个特殊的实验,由阴谋集团在50年代创建,完全封闭一个国家,孤立一个国家,尽可能创造最大的熵,也孤立该国从银行系统,全球银行系统尽可能多。

AM: Mm.

AM: Mm.

Cobra: And the only way that Korea has managed to survive somehow, is because they have a little bit of their own gold reserves which they sold through the open market and through the black market, to somehow survive those years.


What is the ultimate reason for all of the so-called banker suicides which apparently have been murders, I mean somebody that decides to shoot himself with a nail gun, doesn't seem to me to be the ultimate way to off yourself, I might add. And there's a lot of speculation about the bigger banks taking out huge tax benefits by taking out life insurance policies on these workers, you've got that, you've got a couple other suggestions where they were getting killed because they were possibly going to blow the whistle. What is your perspective?


Cobra: They were killed because they were going to blow the whistle about those price manipulation, this was number one, and of course the foreign exchange manipulation also. Forex exchange as well. But the main factor was the gold price manipulation, because when this becomes common knowledge, this creates – this could be a potential fail node of the financial system. And the removal of those bankers was ordered by the banking Cabal, such as JP Morgan and other, and was executed by some other people, I would say. That are also tied to the Cabal.


AM: Okay. And are you familiar with Wilking Struk [?] as being the designated signatory for the gold?

AM: 好的。你知道 Wilking Struk [ ? ]是黄金的指定签字人吗?

Cobra: Okay, I would say there are many people who claim to be the signatories for the gold, and the Resistance Movement has communicated there is no signatory for the gold, because the gold belongs to whole of humanity. It's that simple. It doesn't belong to the Dragons, it doesn't belong to China, it doesn't belong to the Vatican, it doesn't belong to the Cabal, it doesn't belong to United States, it belongs to every human being on this planet. Equally.


AM: That feels really right to me, and one of the question I had asked her was, that's an awfully large responsibility on the shoulders of one individual. Why wouldn't he have already been taken out, if he had the signatory rights to all the gold on the planet?

AM: 我觉得这样做是对的,我问过她的一个问题是,一个人肩负着巨大的责任。如果他拥有地球上所有黄金的签字权,为什么他还没有被除掉呢?

Cobra: You see, there are many people who have documents, who supposedly prove, have proven that he or somebody else is that signatory, but you see all those documents are recognised by some entities and not by the others, and therefore there is no real signatory of the gold. As I said before, the gold belongs to humanity.


AM: Interesting.

AM: 有意思。

Cobra: And there is no individual that has the responsibility to be the signatory. And the whole story about the Collateral Account actually has some, there are some facts which have been hidden and some facts which are not exactly of the Light presented [?].

Cobra:没有个人有责任成为签字人。而整个关于抵押账户的故事实际上有一些,有一些事实被隐藏了,有一些事实并不完全是光所呈现的[ ? ].

AM: Mm, and can you share of that, with us?

AM: 嗯,你能和我们分享一下吗?

Cobra: A little bit, yes. Actually most of the gold which ended there, actually was extracted from the Earth, during the centuries, but it's all in labor of single peasants, people who are working day after day, who were selected by landlords, stored there, and then collected by the rogue dynasties of the West and East. And they claimed the ownership of that gold. But in fact, this gold belongs to everybody. So the Resistance Movement does not recognize the claim of any individual group to that gold. And this was the reason that there were some, I would say, not recovery [?], it was a negotiation between the Dragons and the Resistance Movement about two years ago, and this was one of the reasons they are […] to want to let go of that gold, this was one of the reasons why this process was taking longer than expected. And the Resistance Movement has simply removed all the gold from the surface, stored it underground, and will return it to humanity after the Event. AM: Interesting. Can you go over a little bit on how it will be returned to humanity?

Cobra:有一点,是的。事实上,大部分黄金都是从地球上提取出来的,几个世纪以来,但这些都是单身农民的劳动,他们日复一日地工作,他们被地主挑选,储存在那里,然后被东西方的流氓王朝收集。他们声称拥有黄金的所有权。但事实上,这些黄金属于每个人。所以抵抗运动并不承认,任何个人团体对这些黄金的所有权。这就是为什么有一些,我想说,不是恢复[ ? ]大约两年前,龙帮和抵抗运动之间进行了一次谈判,这也是他们想要放弃那些金子的原因之一,这也是为什么这个过程比预期耗时更长的原因之一。而抵抗运动干脆将地表的黄金全部取出,储存在地下,等到事件发生之后,就会返还给人类。AM: 有意思。你能稍微回顾一下它将如何回归人类吗?

Cobra: It will be brought back to the surface, it will be stored in, right now undisclosed locations on the surface, and it will form the backbone of the new financial system.


AM: Mm, interesting. So Cobra, do you think that the world leaders are scrambling to make transitions into this new financial system?

AM: 嗯,有意思。那么 Cobra,你认为世界各国领导人都在争先恐后地向这个新的金融体系过渡吗?

Cobra: Actually it's not so much concerning the world leaders, it's more of a domain of the bankers and the economists to do the transition, the transition itself will actually be very easy and not stressful. There were many countries that made the transition from one kind of financial system to the other, and usually this is not a complicated thing. For example, most of European countries went from their own national currencies to Euro, and it was an effortless transition because it was prepared for quite a long time. So the transition to the financial system will be quite smooth. And it will not cause stress in human beings. Possibly more drastic will be the realization that people will receive to the mass media, about the real nature of what is happening on this planet.


AM: Excellent.


Cobra: And introduction of the extraterrestrial presence, and the removal of the Cabal. This will be the more drastic aspect of the whole transition.


AM: Now, you mentioned that the gold is ours, the people of the world. But how are we going to be able to keep this transparent, and not just have another new faction of power grabbing and ego involved, people taking control again?

AM: 现在,你提到黄金是我们的,世界人民。但是,我们如何才能保持这种透明,而不仅仅是让另一个新派别的权力攫取和自我介入,人们再次控制?

Cobra: First, this gold will be, the whole transition and the gold will be monitored by the Resistance Movement and the Forces of Light. Second, the gold will be openly seen, so people will be able to go there and see it, it will be stored, it will not be traded on open market, most of that gold will actually be there to anchor the new financial system. And a little bit of the gold will be on the open market for the needs of individuals, for jewellery, for gold coins, for industry, for reasons of that nature. But the vast majority of the gold will not be in the open market, it will be stored in a location that will be public. It will be accessible to every human being.


AM: Totally different concept, huh. Okay Cobra, tell me a little bit about the rumors that have been flying around, this has been going on since 2001. I would like to hear, is it true that the corporations of each of the states, and Washington DC, have been dissolved?


Cobra: Again you need to discern between theory and practice. So there are rumors flying around, rumors that the Republic has been restored every few days if you read something abides on the internet, but actually Republic will be restored when the Cabal is removed from power.

Cobra: 同样,你需要区分理论和实践。因此,谣言四起,谣言说,共和国已经恢复了每隔几天,如果你看到的东西留在互联网上,但实际上共和国将恢复,当阴谋集团下台。

AM: So basically the actual legal aspects of disentangling the state from the United States of America Corporation has not gone down.

AM: 所以基本上从法律层面上来说,把政府从美国公司中分离出来并没有减少。

Cobra: You see, any legal decision is only valid when it's enforced. Until then it's just a theory, just a piece of paper.

Cobra: 你看,任何法律决定只有在强制执行的情况下才有效。在那之前,它只是一个理论,只是一张纸。

AM: Okay, that's what you mean. Okay, got it. Now a comment that Karen made was, if you buy a World Bank bond, you are empowered to fight for International Law as an individual. Can you comment on that?

AM: 好吧,这就是你的意思。好的,明白了。凯伦的一个评论是,如果你购买了世界银行的债券,你就有权以个人的身份为国际法而战。你能对此发表评论吗?

Cobra: Yes I would agree with that, and some people – it's an avenue for some people, for example for her, and from her perspective, it's a […] for more sovereignty and self-empowerment, and to gain advantage for the Light Forces against the Cabal and the banking, the central bankers.

Cobra: 是的,我同意这一点,有些人-这是一些人的一个途径,例如她,从她的角度来看,这是一个[ ... ]更多的主权和自我授权,并获得优势的光之力量对抗阴谋集团和银行,中央银行家。

Alexandra – OK. Cobra what would be your response if someone came up to you and said "hey, listen, this is great they've got this new humanitarian funding projects through the BRICS nations and there's going to be a new financial system, that's great, but we're all still treated and working within the controllers of the money. What would be your response be to that?

Alexandra-好的。Cobra 如果有人走过来对你说: "嘿,听着,这很好,他们通过金砖国家得到了这个新的人道主义资助项目,并且将会有一个新的金融体系,这很好,但是我们仍然在资金控制者的范围内得到对待和工作。你对此会有什么反应?

Cobra – Actually you are hearing about something that is being prepared and is becoming in process of manifestation. It is not manifested yet. I would say for people not to make their lives dependent on this process. Live as if you are living at this moment use your talents. Follow your own guidance. Use your own talents. Stay in your balance. Do not Make yourself dependent on the new financial system. No one knows exactly when or how. How it exactly you will come together and exactly how you are going to get it. The general process is known but the exact details are not known. It depends on the situation at the moment.

Cobra ——事实上,你听到的是一些正在准备并且正在显化的事情。它还没有显现出来。我想说的是,人们不要让他们的生活依赖于这个过程。好好活着,就像你活在当下一样,发挥你的才能。遵循自己的指导。运用你自己的才能。保持平衡。不要让自己依赖于新的金融体系。没有人知道确切的时间和方式。你们将如何走到一起,以及你们将如何得到它。一般的过程是已知的,但具体的细节还不清楚。这取决于当时的情况。

Alexandra – That's a good point. so, OK so you're saying NO to the new gold backed currency.


Cobra – There will be a new gold backed currency as I've described many times. It will be part of the basket of current currencies for a traditional period. Alexandra – OK hmmm. Now what about the Sino signature of the Bonds, did you see that? That went down, I believe in Indonesia.


Cobra – OK, I would say that all those news about , actually all those types of events are not reflecting the true nature of the collateral accounts. Negotiations about the collateral accounts are taking place right now and are not completed.


Alexandra – OK.


Cobra – So people have created stories of how it's supposed to be and when and who. The signatories of the account and this is all nonsense. The exact process is being negotiated right now. The exact procedures and protocol how this money will be distributed among humanity. This is intended for humanity and not any specific group. and the Resistance Movement is overseeing deposits and will not tolerate any selfish delineation from the plan, I'll put it this way.


Alexandra – I can imagine with the amount of preparation that has gone into it. Does this also mean the IRS is not defunct and is still operating and is still a viable agency at this time?


Cobra – Of course. It's operating and collecting money and money is being transferred to the cabal, to the Rothschilds, and to the Vatican, the Jesuits. Alexandra – The next question is it true that the Fed reserve Bank is still running?


Cobra – Yes, of course.

Cobra: 是的,当然。

Alexandra – These are all the types of things that are floating around out there from people , the internet viewers that are considered to be fairly reliable sources.


Cobra- People need to use their common sense. Make a phone call to the bank and confirm.


Alexandra – It's not as easy as that Cobra. This is going on behind the scenes before the roll-out or before the shift over to the new system.


Cobra – I would not agree as I've said before, the actual re-set will not happen this way. All the institutions of the cabal will be working until the moment of the reset. The reset will happen when the International banking system will be activated. At that moment these institutions will be shut down. They will not be able to transfer money.


Alexandra – That instantaneously , that seamless?

Alexandra –那么瞬间,那么天衣无缝?

Cobra – Yes – from the moment it happens it will be a chain reaction that will take a maximum of a few minutes and all the banks will be shut down and the central banks will not be able to execute transactions of course. The same with the big financial institutions on the planet. This is as far as it's going to happen. Of course all the major cabal institutions will continue to operate until that moment, even behind the scenes.


Alexandra – Don't you feel that some of the changes, the drastic changes with Russia not participating with the same financial system for example, or the fact that the petrol dollar has a lot less significance in the exchange of oil. Aren't these pieces of the puzzle to demonstrate that our system is coming to an end?

Alexandra –你难道不觉得有些变化,比如俄罗斯不再参与同样的金融体系,或者汽油美元在石油交易中的重要性大大降低。这些难道不是证明我们的体系即将走向终结的谜题吗?

Cobra – These are actually very important part of the same process of the re-set financial system because before the actual re-set happens, an alternative structures needs to be created. The structure includes the Eastern Alliance and the major countries and the major financial infrastructures like development banks and transaction system that is different from SWIFT , A different kind of infrastructure that will not involve petrol dollar and there are many things connecting to the end the petrol dollar. I will release Certain intel about this very soon and people will understand more of what is happening behind the scenes. The end of petrol dollar is a process which is happening which is accelerating now and will culminate in the reset of the financial system.




COBRA – If you have money in the bank, take it out. You can convert it into gold or silver or land or invest it into some project that will help the liberation of the planet. I would not suggest to put it in a stock market. I would not suggest keeping it in the bank because it to be confiscated at certain phase.

COBRA ——如果你在银行里有钱,把它取出来。你可以把它们转换成黄金或者白银或者土地,或者投资到一些有助于地球解放的项目上。我不建议把它投入股票市场。我不会建议把它存在银行里,因为它会在某个阶段被没收。


silver is a symbol of the Goddess, and gold is a symbol of the God Here's some question from some people in the Philippines. They have some small islands West of the Philippines called the Spratly Islands. China is making claims that it's theirs and they want to build some fortifications over it, much like the tussle between China over their islands there. What's so important about these islands when it's nothing but insignificant land. Is there any real story behind that.

银是女神的象征,黄金是上帝的象征这里有一些菲律宾人的问题。他们在菲律宾西部有一些小岛叫做 Spratly 群岛。中国声称这是他们的岛屿,他们想在这上面建造一些防御工事,就像中国之间围绕他们的岛屿的争斗一样。当这些岛屿只是一块无足轻重的土地时,它们又有什么重要的呢。这背后有什么真实的故事吗。

COBRA – It's not just insignificant land. There's many tunnels that hid gold. Of course the gold is not there any more. Many Chinese think there is still gold there and they want that gold.

COBRA –这不仅仅是一块微不足道的土地。还有很多地道藏着金子。当然,黄金已经不在那里了。许多中国人认为那里还有黄金,他们想要那些黄金。

Rob – OK. They think it's still there (yes). but it's not is it. (It's not). Has any of the gold taken by the RM been returned to the surface. I guess that would be classified. Has it been returned to the surface. (No, no, not yet)

- Rob-好的。他们认为它仍然存在(是的)。但不是这样的。(不是)。被 RM 带走的金子有没有被送回地面。我想那应该是机密。已经返回地面了吗。(没有,还没有)

U : What did the priest Saunière find in Rennes-le-Chateau ?

U: 索尼耶赫牧师在 Rennes-le-Chateau 发现了什么?

C : Actually close to Rennes-le-Chateau there was a certain cave where the treasure of Solomon was hidden. It was about a thousand tones of gold, different objects, and part of this was found by the nazis during world war two and a small faction of this was found by Saunière.

C :

U : Ok. How did it get there ?

U: 好的。它是怎么到那里的?

C : Actually it was transferred there by the cathars and the templars in the 14th century.

C :事实上,它是在14世纪由清教徒和圣殿骑士转移到那里的。


there's some things we're going to switch around here – so many questions trying to organize them which is a little tough usually. There is a referendum in Switzerland about the gold standard. There's been some supposedly positive individuals trying to reveal things. They had an interview in Switzerland. They didn't take the main person, they took 2 of his underlings and he said they did quite well. Can you talk about this Swiss referendum on gold. Does this require the people's referendum in Switzerland or is this at all related to the white light forces.


COBRA – It is actually a very good idea because people now have a chance to involve themselves a little bit more directly in the transformation of the financial system. Yes, this has been organized by the light forces which are behind that. I would say they are actually White Templar groups in Switzerland that are behind this. They are trying to do whatever they can so that the result of this referendum will not be manipulated by the Cabal, because of course there is also still a Cabal presence in Switzerland. You have both. If people choose in the right way, this can actually assist light forces and the transition phase for the financial system to be more aligned with Gold.

COBRA ——这实际上是一个非常好的主意,因为人们现在有机会更直接地参与到金融体系的转型中来。是的,这是由背后的轻力量组织起来的。我认为他们实际上是瑞士的白色圣殿骑士团体。他们正在尽一切努力,使这次公投的结果不会被阴谋集团操纵,因为当然,在瑞士还有阴谋集团的存在。你们两个都有。如果人们选择正确的方式,这实际上可以帮助光的力量和过渡阶段的金融系统更多地与黄金结盟。



Rob – Could you talk about your opinion of monatomic gold powder or Ormus. Does it help raise your vibration spiritually as a super conductor and work in higher consciousness states.

Rob-你能谈谈你对单原子金粉或者 Ormus 的看法吗。它是否有助于提升你作为超导体的精神振动和在更高的意识状态下工作。

COBRA – Yes, of course it helps along with other, as well as other platinum group metals in monatomic states..... Monatomic elements are usually they produce them from noble metals and they have a very special physical characteristic and one of those characteristics is connection between the physical plane and the higher plane. The monatomic gold, for example, can connect human consciousness with beings in higher dimensions quite directly.

Cobra-是的,当然它有助于与其他,以及其他铂族金属在单原子状态... ..。单原子元素通常是从贵金属中产生的,它们有一个非常特殊的物理特性,其中一个特性是物理平面和更高平面之间的联系。例如,单原子黄金可以直接将人类的意识与更高维度的生命联系起来。


Rob – OK, in regards to the financial system, they have created an alternative Swift banking system. Can you comment if this is under the control of the Resistance forces and would be an alternative at the time of the event for a smooth transition when the banking system of the Rothchilds' is shut down and could not be interfered with.

Rob-OK,关于金融系统,他们创造了一个替代的 Swift 银行系统。你能否评论一下这是否在抵抗势力的控制之下,并且在事件发生时是否是一个平稳过渡的选择,当罗斯柴尔德家族的银行系统被关闭而且不能被干涉的时候。

COBRA – OK. The eastern alliance is creating an alternative financial system which the Rothchilds' will not be able to control and this is the infrastructure which will be used at the time of the re-set, at the time of the event.


Rob – OK. That is good news. Now can I get you to confirm that the resistance will take care of this, because we know there are many many dark forces out there and even though it's well intended to be good, is it possible that it could be hacked or that there could be any involvement with Rothchild Jesuit moles within the new system or will this completely be controlled by the Resistance and a Galactic technology.


COBRA – OK , when the event comes, of course the whole re-set will be operated and guided by the Resistance and that will contact the positive forces within this new infrastructure and yes, this infrastructure has been infiltrated by the Rothchild and Jesuit agents because they have a plan to hijack the new system but at the time of the event those people will not have any power whatsoever. Their plan will not be carried out. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of in this situation.

COBRA –当事件发生的时候,整个重置过程当然会由抵抗组织来操作和引导他们会联系这个新基础设施中的积极力量是的,这个基础设施已经被罗斯柴尔德和耶稣会特工渗透了因为他们有一个劫持新系统的计划但是在事件发生的时候这些人将没有任何权力。他们的计划不会被执行。在这种情况下绝对没有什么可怕的。

Rob – Very good. That's good to know, so the infrastructure is being put in place and being infused for the light of the Galactics to support it. (Exactly). Cobra, continue in the banking information situation here. We have very good news. BIS based in Switzerland has gone off he Euro you said. Does this mean the bankers in Switzerland are becoming compliant with the new requirement to become Basil III or a true gold back currency system?

Rob-非常好。很高兴知道这一点,所以基础设施已经就位,并被注入银河系的光来支持它。(完全正确)Cobra,继续这里的银行信息情况。我们有非常好的消息。总部设在瑞士的国际清算银行已经不再使用欧元了。这是否意味着瑞士的银行家们正在顺应新的要求,成为 Basil III 或者一个真正的金本位货币体系?

COBRA – OK. What is happening in Switzerland has nothing to do with BIS. It is that Swiss Central Bank who decided to un-pack the swiss franc from Euro. Which means that the Swiss central bank has decided to align with the strategy of the Eastern Alliance towards the gold back currency and away from the Euro which have been basically a Jesuit creation.


Rob – OK. So if you can go a little bit deeper into that, does that mean that the Rothchilds' no longer control the Swiss central bank?

Rob-OK 罗伯-好的。那么,如果你能更深入地了解一下,这是否意味着罗斯柴尔德家族不再控制瑞士央行了呢?

COBRA – They still control the Swiss Central Bank to a certain degree but they have no more absolute control over the policy of the Swiss Central Bank so it's a mixed situation. They still have quite much power in the banking system but this power is no longer absolute.


Rob – OK. So that's a very good progress for the light forces is it not?


COBRA – Yes, exactly.


Rob – Winston Strout reported to me beforehand that the gold certificates had been given to the US and I said, "why would they do that if the bad guys are still in control?" And he said, "exactly", which means they are not in control and that Benjamin Fulford's post which came out 3 days later after I heard it, confirmed that the gold certificates have been given to the United States. Can you explain to us a little bit about these gold certificates. Is this in place for the transference to the gold back currency and to re-set the economy at the event and is it true that it's taken place.

Rob –-温斯顿斯特劳特(Rob-Winston Strout)事先向我报告说,金券已经发给了美国,我说: "如果坏人仍在控制之中,他们为什么要这么做?"他说,"正是",这意味着他们不在控制之中,本杰明富尔福德的帖子,在我听到3天后出来,证实了黄金证书已经给了美国。你能给我们解释一下这些黄金证书吗。这是否是为了转换为黄金支付货币,并在活动中重新设定经济,是否真的发生了。

COBRA – This process has many phases and while I'm sure hearing it's like, behind the scenes agreements which are taking place without the involvement of the Cabal. But there's no official acknowledgment of those agreements. When you are creating a new structure, first you have to have a certain agreement between the key people who are creating the structure and this is exactly what has happened, but it does not mean that this new structure is already completely created and it's not acknowledged by all the forces. But when the time comes, this new structure will be completely solid and this agreement which has been taking place right now, will be respected. I would say, the initial phase in creating foundations for the new financial system within the United states.

COBRA ——这个过程有很多阶段,我确信听到的就像是,在没有秘社参与的情况下,在幕后达成的协议。但是这些协议并没有得到官方的承认。当你创建一个新的结构时,首先你必须在创建这个结构的关键人物之间达成某种协议,这正是已经发生的事情,但这并不意味着这个新的结构已经完全创建了,而且没有得到所有力量的承认。但是当时机成熟时,这个新的结构将会完全稳固,这个现在已经发生的协议将会得到尊重。我想说的是,为美国新金融体系奠定基础的初始阶段。

He (fulford)doesn't absolutely know everything correct or true, but he proclaimed the UK Royal family to be working with the Dragon family now and a handful of others, some goo,d some bad as a guarantor for the gold base for the currency issues, especially towards the US dollar and the US Treasury reserve notes. Is this true or pure gossip or are there negotiations going on with the Royal family?


COBRA – OK. There are certain people within the royal family that are cooperating with the Dragons and Fulford has a source which is connected with those people.



Could you perhaps give us more insight to the cashless transaction system. How it will work and will we be using gold and silver in this system?


COBRA No. Actually the transformation of the financial system will have many phases. The first phase will be at the event. The moment of the reset. It will be a transition into the society where the new financial system will be asset backed. There will be gold and other physical tangible value which will make up the system. We will still use currencies for value exchange. Society will go through a certain transformation and after new technologies are introduced, when the replicators are introduced, the need for money will be less and less. At a certain point there will be no more need for human beings to change value for money. All physical matter will be easily reproduced in replicators. Spiritual value will be freely shared among human beings.


If the resistance movement said in the past that they have moved all the elite gold off the planet, why are the Chinese among Neal Keenan and others claiming that they have seen thousands of bunkers that the Chinese, around China and South East Asia that are full of gold.

如果抵抗运动过去说他们已经把所有的精英黄金都搬走了,为什么 Neal Keenan 和其他人中的中国人声称他们已经看到了数以千计的地堡,中国人在中国周围和东南亚到处都是黄金。

COBRA – OK. I would like those people to give proof to their claims. That means a photo from inside the bunker with a recent newspaper. When I see that kind of photo of them then we can discuss this question.


Are all of the historical bonds backed by real assets like precious metals, lands, resources, etc. being honored and paid their real value by the system after the event.


COBRA – OK. It is not about the bonds. Bonds are just Financial instruments. The main . . the basis structure of the new financial system will be real assets, gold, land, production, creative resources, food, all that. The bonds will be used before the event to bankrupt the Federal Reserve. They will just be the instruments of re-set of the financial re-set. They will not be something that will . . . The owners of those bonds will not receive the gold back. The owners of those bonds will just bankrupt the Federal Reserve and then the wealth of the world, the collateral accounts will be distributed among humanity.


you mentioned that China had grabbed some islands illegally in the Philippines. They were looking for gold and now they're expanding and they're actually building military installations in there complete with a harbor and airstrip. Is this still for gold hunting or is this just a position against the Cabal? Is this aggressive Cabal action or what is going on there? Do you know?


COBRA – It is exactly what you stated. But I would just say that China has other means to get their gold and whatever gold is remaining on the Philippines is not accessible by any faction at this moment.



Rob – Okay, and here is an interesting question I kind of thought about when it comes to this world's gold situation in the asset-backed currency. Clearly the Chinese, and there are certain groups there that obviously have a lot of gold and I'm sure there's many good people in the Eastern Dragon societies that control these large gold reserves, but it seems like so many people are having claims to these various gold accounts. I guess they call them M-1. I personally have been contacted by various groups. I've actually heard of four of them, which kind of blows my mind. I'm not a money person but people come out with me and talk about these different things. And from my perspective, Cobra, and I know many other people, we kind of considered the human element of greed and manipulation. How can any one person control this gold situation? To me it makes sense that higher spiritual initiates of impeccable integrity are chosen by the spiritual hierarchy of the planet to be in control of this gold to oversee them for the world's governments. Can you talk a little bit about that? Is China all in control or there's elements within China that are probably in cahoots with the Kissinger's, the Rockefeller's and the Vatican?

Rob –好的,这里有一个有趣的问题,当谈到这个世界的黄金状况时,我想到了资产支持货币。很明显,中国人,还有一些拥有大量黄金的团体我相信在东方龙族社会里有很多善良的人控制着这些大量的黄金储备,但似乎很多人都拥有这些各种各样的黄金账户的所有权。我猜他们称之为 M-1。我个人已经被多个组织联系过了。事实上我听说过其中的四个,这让我很震惊。我不是一个有钱人,但是人们和我一起谈论这些不同的事情。从我的角度来看,Cobra,我认识很多其他人,我们考虑到了人性中的贪婪和操纵。一个人怎么能控制这种黄金局面呢?对我来说,这是有道理的,更高的精神提升者无可挑剔的完整性被选择的精神层次的星球,以控制这些黄金,为世界各国政府监督他们。你能谈谈这个吗?中国是一切尽在掌控之中,还是中国国内的某些势力可能与基辛格、洛克菲勒和梵蒂冈勾结在一起?

COBRA – Okay. I will explain the whole situation. First, the statement of the Dragons having a lot of gold is a myth. The vast majority of the Dragon families do not have physical gold. They have claims to the gold that was stolen from them. They have gold bonds that have certificates. They have boxes, but they don't have the physical gold. China as a country had gold reserves which are quite extensive that China has accumulated the last few decades, but these have nothing to do with the Dragon families themselves. This has to do with the Eastern Alliance as a whole for the preparation for the new financial system, and one institute is a very old creation of the old Cabal families and it will be dismantled at the time of the Event. When the Event happens, the Resistance Movement under the guidance of the galactic light forces will guide the process of the gold distribution. There will be no single human entity, no single faction on the planet, either from China or from anywhere else, deciding where the gold goes. The gold will be used as a collateral, as the basis of the new transitional financial system. It will not be given to any particular group or any particular country. It will not be the beginning of a new powerful China that will control the rest of the world. It will not be the old way. It will be the new way. It will be a new way. All the nations of the world will benefit from the wealth that has been accumulated.



That kind of was my feeling too, that it's going to be in control of the light forces and anybody who's holding these certificates, they're basically going to mean nothing correct – for the most part?


COBRA – Yes. Those certificates will only be used as instruments for the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve. This is their role. There are many groups that try to cash those bonds. Of course, the vast majority of them have not been successful because the Cabal doesn't want to acknowledged those bonds. And when everything is ready, the Eastern Alliance can bring those bonds off the table and demand payment from the Federal Reserve and this will actually effectively bankrupt the Federal Reserve. And this is the moment the Resistance Movement presses on the button and does the financial reset, and out of the reset, those bonds will be worthless. There will not be anything because even the Chinese Dragon families have accumulated that gold from peasants, from people, from little people. The dynasties have been actually stealing that gold from people and it doesn't belong to them. It belongs to the whole humanity.



that's a good point. I'm glad you said that because it seems like anyone at the top is kind of complicit in the system. There's a lot of people, hard-working innocent people in the United States who are little freaked out at the world getting ready to ditch the dollar. Will the US dollar devalue? That could create a lot of panic and hardship and stress in the United States being one of the largest world currencies besides probably China and India. One of the largest number of people affected by the valuation of one currency. Can you talk about? Will the US be in trouble before the Event and this could stabilize?


COBRA – Okay, it's not that easy to devalue the dollar. One faction of the Cabal has plans to devalue the dollar to create social chaos that would lead to martial law. That's their plan and their plan will not be successful. Then there can be some instability in currencies, but devaluation is not such a stressful event that people are to be afraid of. It can bring a little bit of instability, but basically this is not something to be overly worried about. There are other aspects of the financial situation that are much more serious – the derivatives, the financial speculations, high-speed trading, the global complex financial system, which will collapse at the time of the reset. And when those things happen, it will go so fast that people will not have time to worry about it. Because when the Event happens, there will be so much new intel released and so much new perspective that nobody will worry about the dollar being devalued 10 or 20 or even 50%.

COBRA –,让美元贬值没那么容易。阴谋集团的一个派别计划让美元贬值以制造社会混乱从而导致军事管制。这就是他们的计划,他们的计划不会成功。然后可能会有一些不稳定的货币,但贬值不是一个如此紧张的事件,人们应该害怕。它可能会带来一点不稳定,但是基本上这不是什么需要过度担心的事情。金融形势的其他方面更为严重,包括衍生工具、金融投机、高速交易、全球复杂的金融体系,这些体系在重置时将会崩溃。当这些事情发生时,它会发展得如此之快,以至于人们没有时间去担心它。因为当事件发生的时候,将会有如此多的新情报发布,如此多的新视角,没有人会担心美元贬值10% 20% ,甚至50%

Rob – Right. There's going to be a lot of powerful positive revelations coming forward. I guess I wanted to talk about one more thing in regards to the money stuff. The Gemstone University guys are actually . . . Because their system is unwinding the Cabal's control, they are working closely with the Swiss Indo. And I don't know if you know, but the Swiss Indo recently just opened up. They have several countries on board who are willing to go to the gold standard and Laos as of five days ago. They had a large group over there, and, according to them, the leader of Laos is setting up the main office of the Swiss Indo and they are ready to go to gold-backed currency in the sense. I'm kind of curious if you heard about that. And it seems that anyone who is trying to have a gold-backed currency . . . Kennedy was assassinated. Mommar Gaddafi, not that he was a saint, but he was thumbing his nose at the Cabal and they took him out. Do you think this Swiss Indo operation in Laos will achieve some success as a model?

Rob –对。接下来会有很多强有力的积极启示。我想我想再谈一件关于金钱的事情。宝石大学的人实际上... ... 因为他们的系统正在解除秘社的控制,他们正在和瑞士印度人密切合作。我不知道你是否知道,瑞士印度最近刚刚开放。他们已经有几个国家愿意采用金本位制,而老挝在五天前就已经采用了。他们在那里有一大群人,据他们说,老挝的领导人正在设立瑞士印度的主要办事处,他们准备在某种意义上使用黄金支持的货币。我很好奇你是否听说了这件事。似乎任何想要拥有黄金支持货币的人都被暗杀了。肯尼迪总统。卡扎菲妈妈,不是说他是个圣人,而是他对阴谋集团嗤之以鼻,他们把他干掉了。你认为瑞士印度在老挝的行动会成为一个成功的典范吗?

COBRA – I would just take a look at the mass media. When the mainstream media announced that a certain country went to the gold standard, this is when it will happen. Because when this happens, this is the beginning of the real change in the financial system.

COBRA –我只想看看大众媒体。当主流媒体宣布某个国家达到金本位时,这就是它将要发生的时刻。因为当这种情况发生的时候,这就是金融体系真正变革的开始。

He did indicate there are other accounts. He said that the famous St. Germain account was actually from a dynasty that had to do with a Marco Polo wealth and gold and he said that is in the Austrian/Hungarian stronghold there. Would you know about that? Would you confer with that?

他确实指出还有其他账户。他说著名的圣日耳曼帐户(st. Germain)实际上来自一个王朝,与马可波罗的财富和黄金有关,他说那是在奥地利/匈牙利的据点。你知道吗?你愿意商量一下吗?

COBRA – Yes, actually the Count St. Germaine did have a banking account that was actually in at that time. It was not Austria/Hungarian. It was the Austrian empire – Hapsburg Empire.. That banking account was in that region and yes, part of that gold does originate from Marco Polo and from other, I would say, white nobility families from Florence and from other cities in North Italy. As you know, the Count St. Germaine got banished many times and he has visited other locations in Italy many times. He was actually educated by a Medici family. This is just a little bit for people to think about. There are deep connections between white nobility families in Italy and Count St. Germaine and he received part of the wealth from them to put it into the bank account. And, yes, that bank account was in the region of the Austria/Hapsburg empire.

COBRA-是的,实际上圣日尔曼伯爵确实有一个银行账户,在那个时候实际上是存在的。不是奥地利/匈牙利。而是奥地利帝国-Hapsburg 帝国。.那个银行账户就在那个地区是的,部分黄金确实来自马可波罗还有其他的,我想说,来自佛罗伦萨和意大利北部其他城市的白人贵族家庭。如你所知,圣日尔曼伯爵(Count st. Germaine)曾多次被驱逐,他也多次访问过意大利的其他地方。他实际上是在美第奇家族接受教育的。这只是人们需要考虑的一小部分。意大利的白人贵族家族和圣日尔曼伯爵之间有着深厚的联系他从他们那里得到了一部分财富并将其存入了银行账户。没错,那个银行账户是在奥地利/哈布斯堡帝国的地区。


COBRA – There are a few things here, again. There are the real keepers and there are so-called keepers. Many people claim to be keepers. Some of them really are and some of them are not. They do not possess wealth. They have certain codes, certain white books, red books, blue books, and black books with certain access codes to the accounts. It does not mean that the money or the gold is in those accounts any more because the Cabal has stolen the majority of this. Regarding the gold, the gold is not where people are looking for it to be. The gold has been re-located. And the other thing is this will not be returned to China.

COBRA –这里还是有一些东西。有真正的守护者,也有所谓的守护者。许多人声称自己是守护者。有些人真的是,有些人不是。他们没有财富。他们有特定的密码,特定的白皮书,红皮书,蓝皮书,黑皮书,还有特定的账户访问密码。这并不意味着金钱或黄金就在这些账户里,因为阴谋集团已经偷走了大部分。关于黄金,黄金并不在人们寻找的地方。黄金已经被重新定位。另一个问题是,这些黄金不会被归还给中国。


COBRA – Okay, there are a few situations happening here. First is an escalation of a secret world which is happening behind the scenes for the financial system. I've said before, between the Eastern Alliance and the Cabal – and I have actually explained in one of my last posts that JP Morgan had control over the computer program which controlled global financial systems and this computer program had been hacked in the last week by different forces. Some of them are of the light and some of them are not of the light. There was a certain operation by the light forces that have tested the security protocols and the firewalls of that computer program and there was also an attack on that global financial system by the Cabal forces. Again, China – because they want to warn China and they want to bring China on their knees, simply because China is preparing for the financial re-set and the transition to the gold-backed financial system. So there are those two things happening at the same time.


COBRA – I would say that the Blue Dragons are the spiritual side.? They are the ones who have been contacted by the Agarthan network many hundreds of years ago and their spiritual power comes from that connection with the Agarthan network. The Gold Dragons or I would say the Yellow dragons are the ones trying to bring positive change in the political structure in the East and gradually with their connection for the Templars also in the West.?


COBRA – The elixir of life is not made of monatomic gold. This is number one. So the major purpose of monatomic gold is not to extend life, but monatomic gold is actually a ___? particles that if our connection with higher dimensions so it does accelerate the spiritual evolution quite much. The gold in the Bucegi Mountains is not related to monatomic gold. It is simply gold which has been positioned in that mountain complex by forces of nature, millions of years ago, and, yes, there is substantial gold reserves in Romania, which have been suppressed allegedly because of national security.

COBRA –生命的长生不老药不是由单原子黄金构成的。这是第一个。所以单原子黄金的主要目的不是为了延长寿命,但是单原子黄金实际上是一个 _ _ _ _?粒子,如果我们与更高维度的联系,它确实加速了相当多的精神进化。布切吉山脉的黄金与单原子黄金无关。数百万年前,大自然的力量把黄金放置在那座山上,是的,罗马尼亚有大量的黄金储备,据称是因为国家安全而被压制。


J : Why are golden apples mentioned in many different mythologies ?

J: 为什么金苹果会出现在许多不同的神话中?

C : It is simply a symbol which came from the time of Atlantis, when the golden apple was the symbol of the soul, and gold as a metal was a connection with the spiritual Light of the soul.

C :它只是一个来自亚特兰蒂斯时代的符号,当时金苹果是灵魂的象征,而金作为一种金属是与灵魂的精神之光的连接。



Manypeople are speaking widely and optimistically about the RV as the revaluation of certain particular currencies. I am speaking about something else, the financial reset is not the reevaluation of certain particular currencies Like Zimbabwe dollar or Vietnam dong or the Iraqi dinar but a global restructuring of the financial system. Now we are still operating under the Brettonwoods agreements so the whole Planetary financial system of the planet is structured in a way that benefits the Cabal. The way the money is transferred, the way the banking operates is structured purposely in a way that does not benefit humanity. So, the Light Forces are working behind the scenes for many years and I know that Benjamin knows a lot about it because he is directly involved in some of this…but is an alternative financial infrastructure built as we speak, globally, in many countries around the world and this in preparation for the revamping or restructuring of the financial system and is not just about revaluing certain currencies, is about putting the whole financial system on a new basis. This basis has few elements, one of those elements it would be partially backed by gold, because the financial system needs to have physical anchor… and the recent developments are about crypto-currencies, I will be speaking about the crypto-currencies a little bit later, during the interview, I think… for sure we will get into that area.... the whole banking system is a computer network and this computer network is in the hands of the Cabal. The Swift system, as a mode of transfer money, is completely under control of that network. In that matter, originates…the main trade computers are in New York in JP Morgan headquarters and the Resistance Movement has put viruses in that computer network and they can shut it down, and when they do shut it down, at the moment of the Event, the Light Forces will take over the whole financial system at once, so the banks will be closed for a week, or so…. and when the new system gets online, it will be under the new rules that we will dictate, not the cabal.

许多人都在广泛而乐观地谈论 RV 是某些特定货币的重新估值。我说的是另一件事,金融重置不是对某些特定货币(如津巴布韦元、越南盾或伊拉克第纳尔)的重新评估,而是对金融体系的全球重组。现在我们仍然在布雷顿森林协议下运作,所以整个星球的行星金融系统的结构是有利于阴谋集团的。资金的转移方式,银行业的运作方式,都是有意识地以一种不利于人类的方式来构建的。光明力量已经在幕后工作了很多年我知道本杰明对此很了解因为他直接参与了其中的一些工作... 但这是我们说话这会儿在全球很多国家建立的另一种金融基础设施这是为金融体系的改革或重组做准备的不仅仅是对某些货币进行重新估值而是将整个金融体系建立在一个新的基础上。这个基础有几个要素,其中一个要素将部分由黄金支持,因为金融系统需要有实体锚... 最近的发展是关于加密货币,我稍后会谈到加密货币,在采访中,我认为... 我们肯定会进入这个领域..。整个银行系统是一个计算机网络,而这个计算机网络掌握在秘社手中。作为一种转账方式,Swift 系统完全在这个网络的控制之下。在这件事上,起源于... 主要的交易电脑都在纽约 JP 摩根总部抵抗运动在电脑网络中植入了病毒,他们可以关闭它,当他们关闭它的时候,在事件发生的那一刻,光之力量将立即接管整个金融系统,所以银行将关闭一周左右..。当新系统上线后,我们将根据新规则行事,而不是阴谋集团。


COBRA: Silver price may increase, but not so drastically. Historical average is for the gold to be 10 times more expensive than silver.



can you share

other esoteric and occult usages of silver?

你能分享一下: 银的其他神秘用法吗?

Cobra Actually in the certain period of human history, silver was forming the basis

of the financial system and it was quite effective because it was preventing large-scale manipulations that are happening in the financial system the last two decades. Together with gold tip was one of the pillars of financial system of many ages of the past.


Cobra --Noble metals such as gold, platinum and silver are universal symbols of abundance throughout the universe because they are actually emanations of very high spiritual frequencies. When I say abundance, it does not only mean physical abundance but also spiritual abundance.


Cobra- Actually in most locations on the planet silver was less expensive than gold. But there were certain areas of China when there were more silver deposits than gold deposit So in certain period of Chinese history, silver was more expensive

Cobra ——实际上在地球上的大多数地方,银都比黄金便宜。但是在中国的某些地区,银矿比金矿多,所以在中国历史的某个时期,银矿比金矿贵

The current financial system is not based on real trade it's not actually a capitalist system. it is based on the theoretical value which is created with sophisticated computer programs. All these derivatives, all the stock market, all… even the treasuries, all those financial instruments are just an idea that exists inside of a computer, and the state of economy does not reflect anymore the real production. And this is the core of the issue. What will happen in the coming collapse is that the planetary financial system will have to revert back to the real basics in a new way. It will have to revert to real production, real productivity and real creativity of people and not this funny money situation which existed for the last two centuries and after World War II especially. This is going to change.

当前的金融体系不是建立在真正的贸易基础上的,它实际上不是一个资本主义体系。它是基于复杂的计算机程序所创造的理论价值。所有这些衍生品,所有股票市场,所有... 甚至国债,所有这些金融工具只是存在于计算机内部的一个概念,经济状况不再反映真实的生产。这就是问题的核心。在即将到来的崩溃中,全球金融系统将不得不以一种新的方式回归到真正的基础。它将不得不恢复到真正的生产,真正的生产力和真正的人的创造力,而不是这种有趣的货币状况存在了两个世纪,特别是在第二次世界大战之后。这种情况将会改变。


basically what was happening with Yamashita Gold that - this is the gold which was looted from all Asia, from China, from the Philippines, from Malaysia, from Indonesia; it was taken to the Philippines and then to the United States it was put into the trading programs which have financed the underground bases. And those underground military bases were preparing the world for the Draco invasion which happened in 1996. And yes, this gold is long gone, and also the gold from Fort Knox is long gone and the Rothschild gold is gone. Actually, the ones really having the gold now is China, and they're preparing for something with that gold.


DEBRA: Oh wow, I didn't realize that. So that is pretty powerful! You said that gold was taken to the U.S. in 1996 and used to finance underground bases to prepare for the Draco invasion in 1996. Is there a connection between the invasion on January 11th of 1996 and what will happen on this January 11th meditation and the Age of Aquarius activation?


COBRA: Okay, I never said the gold was taken to the United States in 1996. The gold was taken after World War II to the United States, and then it was underwriting the trading programs which were secret, and this money generated through those trading programs went to finance the building of underground military bases which were built extensively since 1946 and 1947. This network of underground bases was completed in 1995 and the Draco invasion was triggered on January 11th of 1996. Now we are here twenty-four years later, when we are actively reversing that trend. We are ending that invasion.

COBRA: 好吧,我从没说过黄金是在1996年被带到美国的。第二次世界大战后,黄金被带到美国,然后它承销秘密的贸易项目,这些通过贸易项目产生的钱用于资助建设地下军事基地,这些基地自1946年和1947年以来大规模建设。这个地下基地网络于1995年建成,1996111日触发了德拉科入侵。24年后的今天,我们正在积极扭转这一趋势。我们正在结束这场侵略。

So let me get back to the financial situation just a little bit more. What is China preparing for with its gold?


COBRA: Yes, China, and Russia also, are collecting gold because after the reset, gold will partially underwrite a new financial system. Gold will back partially the new financial system and China and Russia, and also some other countries, are actively preparing for that.

COBRA: 是的,中国和俄罗斯也在收集黄金,因为在重置之后,黄金将部分承销一个新的金融体系。黄金将部分支持新的金融体系,中国和俄罗斯,以及其他一些国家,正在积极准备。


Debra: Right! According to MSN, there is a proposal to have a cashless system, where the bank would essentially become caretakers of your cash and would charge you for the service. Is this true, and does this mean that one faction of the Black Nobility/cabal is winning out in this situation if this happens?

DEBRA:对!根据 MSN,有一个提议有一个无现金系统,其中银行将基本上成为看管你的现金,并将收取你的服务费。这是真的吗? 这是否意味着如果这种情况发生,黑人贵族/阴谋集团的一个派系将获胜?

Cobra: Yes, there are proposals in this direction. Of course, this Black Nobility faction is using this coronavirus pandemic to further their plans regarding a cashless society. There have been suggestions about this quite strong in the last week or two in the United States and Europe. But right now they are not winning yet, so there are other forces in play that can prevent this from happening. This was their plan. This plan was known, and there are actions being taken to stop this.

Cobra: 是的,有人向这个方向提出了建议。当然,这个黑人贵族派系正在利用冠状病毒的流行来推进他们关于无现金社会的计划。在过去的一两个星期里,在美国和欧洲已经有很多关于这方面的建议。但是现在他们还没有取得胜利,所以还有其他的力量在起作用,可以阻止这种情况发生。这就是他们的计划。这个计划是众所周知的,我们已经采取了行动来阻止这一切。

Debra: It was recently announced that the US Federal Reserve is now bankrupted and controlled by the US Treasury, going from a private entity to a government agency. What happened and what does this mean for the people? Is this something positive to bring the gold standard back?

最近有消息称,美联储现在已经破产,并由美国财政部控制,从一个私人实体变成了一个政府机构。发生了什么? 这对人民意味着什么?这是让金本位回归的积极因素吗?

Cobra: Well, this is not exactly like that. Usually it is that the US Federal Reserve and Treasury work hand in hand. They cooperate with each other. It is actually the Treasury which issues money out of thin air and the Federal Reserve purchases that and creating more debt in its balance sheet. So it's quite a complex mechanism which allows them to create money out of thin air. Almost nobody understands this. When they issue this aid of $2.2 trillion, which they have released now, or they will release in the economy, what they will do is that they will diminish the value of the dollar so an average person will not gain from this. They will actually lose part of their assets and they will lose part of their financial net worth. This is exactly what they want to do. This is why this has been released like this.

Cobra: 嗯,事实并非如此。通常是美联储和财政部携手合作。他们相互合作。实际上,正是财政部凭空发行货币,而美联储购买货币,并在其资产负债表上创造更多的债务。因此,这是一个相当复杂的机制,允许他们凭空创造货币。几乎没有人理解这一点。当他们发放2.2万亿美元的援助时,他们现在已经发放了,或者他们将在经济中发放,他们将要做的就是减少美元的价值,这样一个普通人就不会从中获益。他们实际上会损失一部分资产,他们也会损失一部分财务净值。这正是他们想要做的。这就是为什么这个被这样发布的原因。

Debra: How would people lose some of their assets in this?


Cobra: If you have a house which has been estimated to have a certain value, if the dollar depreciates because there is more dollars in circulation, the real value of your house will go down.


Debra: Of course, that makes sense. Many people, businesses, and financial markets are experiencing financial hardship due to the coronavirus. Will major businesses close? Is a serious recession ahead? Is this one of the dark agendas of this virus? Or is this the light force's way to bring about a new, healthier financial system for all?


Cobra: It is a mixture of everything. Now all agendas are being released and in play. So the dark forces were not hoping for a recession, they were hoping for a total collapse of the society and that's not happening. What is happening is a process which actually has a good outcome. It's a process of people really finding their values, having a pause, having a little bit of a break to re-evaluate their life to exit from the rat race a little bit—and of course this has certain economic consequences, it has a certain impact on the world economy. But the economy as it was in the last few decades was not healthy. The goals for more and more profit at expense of human quality of life, and expense of human connections, was not a solution. Now more and more people are realizing this.

Cobra: 它是一切的混合体。现在所有的议程都被释放出来了。所以黑暗势力并不希望经济衰退,他们希望社会彻底崩溃,但这并没有发生。正在发生的是一个实际上有好结果的过程。这是一个人们真正找到自己价值观的过程,暂停一下,休息一下,重新评估自己的生活,从激烈的竞争中退出一点点ーー当然,这会带来一定的经济后果,对世界经济有一定的影响。但是过去几十年的经济并不健康。以牺牲人类生活质量和人际关系为代价获取越来越多的利润,这并不是解决方案。现在越来越多的人意识到了这一点。

Cobra: It's not necessarily because they have technology to create gold. Why would they need slaves to mine Gold? It's not making any sense.



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