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 many people are getting frustrated at waiting. What do you say to them? 


Do not wait. Get actively involved. Spread the information. Get involved in mass  meditations. Do whatever else you can.



 mass meditations can change the  situation dramatically. If the critical mass of people gather together at the same  time and they focus their consciousness in the same way this is a very powerful  stream of energy that can change the course of the events .So this is the power our  collective consciousness has and I have put out a call for a regular  meditations  that would continue until the planet is liberated 



& I  would like more & more people joining those meditations because when you reach a  certain critical mass this can initialize the breakthrough because this unified  consciousness field influences everybody including the people in the military,  including the cabal, including everybody , so if we continue doing this every Sunday regardless of  everything else there will be a certain moment I can guarantee you that, a  breakthrough will be made and humanity will be liberated. We just need enough people  doing this every Sunday regularly and this will for sure reach a certain critical  mass and when this critical mass is reached the breakthrough will happen, actually  by doing those meditations we can speed up the process I think everyone tired of all  those delays including me and including other people working on this and we would  like this to happen as soon as possible and if people do those meditations they will  speed up the process.



 A:  For those who decide to stay with the planet, and make the conscious choice that  they do want to ascend,  wouldn’t it be also essential and beneficial – because you  have called on the world meditation days and that sort of thing – but also wouldn’t  it be just as simple for each of us to come up with a decree and we all say this  decree each morning when we get up?  For those that kind of hesitate to meditate, they don’t think they have the time or they don’t think they can connect, or that  sort of thing.  What do you think about that idea? 

 答: 对于那些决定留在地球上,并做出自觉选择,他们确实想要提升的人来说,这不也是必要的和有益的——因为你已经呼吁了世界冥想日之类的事情——但是对于我们每个人来说,想出一个法令,我们每天早上起床时都说出这个法令,难道不是一样简单吗?对于那些对冥想犹豫不决的人来说,他们认为自己没有时间,或者他们认为自己无法沟通,或者诸如此类的事情。你觉得这个主意怎么样? 

C:  Well right at this moment where we are not liberated, I would say the main focus  is to continue with weekly mass meditations, at least once a week.  Some will want  to do it more, they can do it more.  But I would say each Sunday to reach the  critical mass.  Because what is happening is we had three strong meditations in May  and June. We had those three portals and they were very successful. A lot of those  non-physical entities have been removed.  But after that, this whole movement has  not been as successful, not as many people are doing those weekly meditations and  therefore there is not much progress  to clear those non-physical Archons from the  astral plane.  So I would encourage everybody to join this weekly effort because we  need to continue until everything is cleared out.  And also many people do not  understand that those meditations support a lot. The positive Light Movement on the  physical plane and they support the whole mass arrest scenario, they support the  whole movement of the light forces because mind is always over matter. If a critical  mass of human beings continue visualizing and manifesting this change, this change  will happen sooner.  If everyone started waiting then it doesn’t happen.  I would  encourage everyone to join those weekly meditations because then it will happen  sooner.  It will happen in a more…in an easier way with less distractions and less  violence and less conflict. 

C: 现在我们还没有得到解放,我认为主要的焦点是继续每周一次的大规模冥想,至少每周一次。有些人想做得更多,他们可以做得更多。但我要说,每个星期天,达到临界质量。因为我们在五月和六月进行了三次强烈的冥想。我们有那三个门户,它们非常成功。很多非物质实体都被移除了。但在那之后,整个运动就没有那么成功了,没有那么多人每周进行冥想,因此没有太多的进展来清除星体层面的那些非物质执政官。因此,我鼓励大家加入这个每周一次的努力,因为我们需要继续努力,直到一切都清理干净。而且很多人不明白,那些冥想支持了很多。物质层上的积极的光运动,它们支持整个大规模逮捕的场景,它们支持光力量的整个运动,因为心灵总是在物质之上。如果一个临界质量的人类继续可视化和显化这种变化,这种变化将发生得更快。如果每个人都开始等待,那么它就不会发生。我鼓励每个人参加每周一次的冥想,因为那样它就会更快地发生。它将以一种更... 更简单的方式发生,更少的干扰,更少的暴力,更少的冲突。 

A: Well that is the ultimate because we know it has to change in order to bring  about the new. You can’t build off of a corrupt to the core system.

A: 嗯,这是最终的结果,因为我们知道它必须改变,才能带来新的东西。你不能建立一个腐败的核心系统。

 C: Exactly, 1st it has to go.  We can’t dream about ascension and about mass  landing before this is done.  This needs to be done first so we can start creating  anew.  We can not do this in the old system, inside the matrix.  It is not possible  . We have to liberate first.

 C: 没错,首先它必须消失。在此之前,我们不能梦想扬升和大规模着陆。这需要首先完成,这样我们才能开始创建新的。我们不能在旧的系统里,在矩阵里做这个。这是不可能的。我们得先解放。


  we as a unified field group, I would  say all lightworkers, all those who are dedicated to the liberation of the planet can do much to create a favorable outcome of this with all the mass meditations, we create a unified field which  assists in speeding up and harmonizing this process.  We are living in a free will universe and things will  happen when the critical mass of free will will decide so.



  My main message is the message of unity at this point, of cooperation and support between various groups, various  individuals who are working toward the liberation of the planet,  and by doing that we will do whatever we can to see out the  process. And if we are not united, as I have said, this will take a  little bit longer. And this was actually one of the main causes of  the delays we were experiencing. So if people don't want any more delays, they would need to learn to cooperate, not to judge each other, to support each  other, and to work on this common goal.



 There is an etheric HARP that can to a certain degree influence weather.   It is not physical technology.  It is etheric technology.  All weather is heavily influenced by the etheric plane.  Most
people don’t know that.  The scalar waves propagate through the etheric plane.  The
non physical Archons still have that technology that they can use sometimes...even if a tornado or hurricane is forming, a  global mass meditation could decrease it’s efficiency and even dissolve it.... If hurricane forming, we can form a global meditation and we would be able  to change the destiny of the hurricane.

 有一种以太 HARP 可以在一定程度上影响天气。这不是物理技术。这是以太技术。所有的天气都受到以太层的严重影响。大多数人都不知道。标量波通过以太平面传播。非物质的执政官们仍然有他们有时可以使用的技术... 即使龙卷风或飓风正在形成,全球性的大规模冥想可能会降低它的效率,甚至溶解它..。如果飓风形成,我们可以形成一个全球性的冥想,我们将能够改变飓风的命运。


 A dimension portal is a double vortex of energy that actually transmits energy between different dimensions.  Then the energy can be used. It is a neutral energy.  You can use if for good purposes or somebody could use it for not-so-good purposes.  When the portal is activated property, it can become a very strong, supportive  vortex for the light. It can actually change the energetic signature of that area.  It can improve the living conditions of the people, their well-being. This is the  reason why we are going from place to place activating those portals. If we have a  mass meditation on a certain specific date, that can trigger the opening of that  portal, it can have a planetary global effect of improving the planetary situation.

 维度入口是一个能量的双重漩涡,实际上在不同维度之间传输能量。然后能量就可以被利用了。它是一种中性能量。你可以使用 if 来达到好的目的,也可以使用 if 来达到不那么好的目的。当传送门被激活时,它可以成为一个非常强大的支持光的漩涡。它实际上可以改变那个区域的能量信号。它可以改善人民的生活条件,他们的福祉。这就是为什么我们要从一个地方到另一个地方激活那些传送门。如果我们在某个特定的日子进行集体冥想,就可以触发那个入口的开启,就可以产生改善全球状况的全球效应。


  How can we all support the energy leading up to the Event? What can we do?  

  我们怎样才能都支持能量导致事件? 我们能做些什么?  

There are many things we can do. The first one is spreading the Truth.  Spreading the truth sends out harmonious resonance waves through human minds. Human  minds have been deeply brainwashed. There is so much disinformation out there coming  from the mass media and coming from disinfo agents in alternative media. So each  little gem of truth is worth a lot!  This is one of the most important things to do,  to spread the truth, to expand the truth, to support the truth. The second thing is to join the Weekly Liberation Meditations that we have. These  meditations specifically help to clear the non-physical planes, removing all the  negative Reptilians and to bring the breakthrough on the physical plane. Mass  meditations have great power when they are supported by enough people. When critical  mass is achieved with these  mass meditations, we can greatly influence the  geo-political situation, as scientific studies have also proven.



 Each time we reach a critical mass in activation we make a quantum leap & make a big step forward. Even when we don’t reach critical mass it it  will take a little longer.  We can shorten the time towards the event by  participating in the portals & activation’s.  & especially If more people would  do the weekly liberation meditations that would be great. 



 Is there anything that the people on the earth can do to facilitate this.


Yes. There are many things people can do. 1. spread the truth, spread  information. 2. Join the mass meditation 3. Do whatever you can in your own way, to  use your own talents to assist the planetary liberation in your own way. I’m not  here to tell you what exactly you need to do. You will need to go inside with your  inner guidance and start taking action in your own field of expertise. For some it’s  starting a blog, some it’s spreading truth, for some it’s organizing some action on  the physical plane. For certain people it’s developing some certain technologies and  for some it’s something else. It’s up to every individual to make those choices and  take some action.




 The most important thing for the network of the light workers and light  warriors to do is mass meditations.  By this they are creating positive light fields  which can prevent and have already prevented many of those attacks.



 each meditation that reaches a critical mass has enormous impact on  the status of affairs, the state of affairs, on this planet. It influences the human  kingdom. It influences the animal kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the mineral  kingdom. It influences the whole planetary sphere. And it can accelerate the process  towards Full Disclosure or towards The Event...And it can accelerate our liberation. It can make the process easier and more  harmonious, less violent. And there have been scientific studies made that  synchronized meditation does reduce crime rates significantly – more than any other  technique that has been attempted. So this is something that does for sure reduce  the amount of violence on this planet, and this is something that worth striving  towards. It is something that is worth putting our energy into, much more than into  some other things that people are doing.

 每一次达到临界点的冥想都会对这个星球上的事务状态产生巨大的影响。它影响着人类王国。它影响着动物王国,植物王国,矿物王国。它影响整个行星球。它可以加速完全揭露或事件的进程... 它可以加速我们的解放。它可以使这个过程更容易,更和谐,更少暴力。而且已经有科学研究表明,同步冥想确实能显著降低犯罪率——比任何其他尝试过的技术都要多。因此,这确实能够减少地球上的暴力事件,这是值得为之奋斗的事情。这是一件值得我们投入精力的事情,比人们正在做的其他事情要多得多。


The idea of united  meditation, or unified meditation, or unity meditation, is simply to do what  meditation does,it always brings us closer to unity with ourselves,  with our Source and with each other. Therefore, every meditation is actually a unity  meditation. But when we use that . . . When we apply that concept in the mass  meditation, it can become a very powerful catalyst for human evolution – actually the most powerful catalyst for human evolution.



  if you want to affect the physical plane with energy, it is more  effective to have groups meditating together on a physical plane. If you only want  to change the higher energy planes, as far as that, it does not matter. But what we  are doing here is we are creating a physical effect. So if you have physical groups  together on the nodes, on the energy nodes on the planet, this meditation will  surely be more effective. And I know that many people will be meditating along the  eclipse path, and many people will be meditating on vortex points such as Mt.  Shasta, and this will increase the effect of this meditation.

  如果你想用能量来影响物质层面,在物质层面上集体冥想会更有效。如果你只想改变更高的能量平面,就此而言,这并不重要。但我们在这里做的是,我们正在创造一个物理效应。所以,如果你们在节点上,在地球上的能量节点上有物理群体在一起,这种冥想肯定会更有效。我知道很多人会在日食路径上冥想,很多人会在像 Mt. Shasta 这样的漩涡点上冥想,这会增加这种冥想的效果。


All planes of creation are affected by meditation and actually by any  action, because no plane and no part of the reality is isolated from other parts of  reality. So whatever happens on the physical plane affects higher energy planes, and  also whatever happens on the higher energy planes affect also the physical plane. So  there is always constant movement of energies and constant influences going in all  directions at once. All the universe is interconnected. Everything is  interconnected.所有造物的层面都受到冥想和实际上任何行动的影响,因为没有任何层面和任何部分的实相是与实相的其他部分隔离的。所以物理平面上发生的任何事情,都会影响到高能平面,同样,高能平面上发生的任何事情,也会影响到物理平面。所以总是有能量的不断运动和不断的影响同时向各个方向进行。整个宇宙都是相互联系的。一切都是相互联系的。



  We are not searching for experts here. What we need here is just dedication  and willingness to participate. You can do as good as you can, and this is good  enough. There are courses for meditation that are good out there. There are  techniques that are effective.  One of them is Vipassana – simply a meditation that  you do by watching your breath. Watching your breath will automatically align your  personality and will still your mind. This is something that is very easy to do.  Everybody can just observe their breath for a few moments. That’s the basic  instruction I can give at this moment.

  我们不是在找专家。我们需要的只是奉献精神和参与意愿。你可以尽力而为,这已经足够了。有很多冥想课程是很好的。有些技巧是有效的。其中之一是 Vipassana ——只是一种通过观察自己的呼吸进行的冥想。观察你的呼吸会自动调整你的个性,让你的思想保持平静。这是一件很容易做到的事情。每个人都可以观察一下自己的呼吸。这是我现在能给出的基本指令。



  sunset, sunrise, midday and midnight, are, I would say, four  cardinal power points of the day. And meditating at that time is the most effective.



  the most powerful group or global manifestation  technique that is available. It is actually utilizing the very basic principles of  the manifestation process.  And meditation, group meditation, will actually manifest  the Event. It will manifest Disclosure. It will manifest First Contact. This is what  will trigger all those things from our side. This is the power we have as an  awakened collective to change the reality on this planet. And this is how the  reality was changed on other planets throughout the galaxy that were liberated. Yes,  of course, physical action is necessary and needed, but meditation is the trigger  which triggers the change.



 Would  you say that this mass meditation in affecting reality has the ability to override  another person’s free will? 


 It does not override the person’s free will. It just presents an  alternative. So if enough people can now only choose between the Cabal and the  Cabal, suddenly they will be presented with another choice. They will be presented  with a choice of Disclosure, First Contact, new reality, new financial system,  better life conditions, and, of course, most people will choose that better reality  with their own free will. And the rest of them will have to adapt to that new  reality. It will not be infringing on their free will, but it will be simply part of  the cosmic process of cosmic restructuring where reality needs to change, it needs  to adapt to a new frequency. We need to evolve as a planet, as a species, as a Solar  System, as a galaxy. 


Can you explain the mechanics or the  scientific process behind how this is involved? Cobra?

你能解释一下这背后的力学或科学过程吗? 柯博拉

Basically, this is the process of manifestation. The process of  manifestation has three main steps. The first one is your decision. The second one  is invocation. And the third one is physical action. And meditation is actually the  second step.  So the first step is you decide. You use your free will to make a  choice about what you wish to manifest. Then you use meditation to magnetically draw  that choice, that decision into reality. And number three, then you act on that  magnetic choice. So we all have made a choice. We have made a choice for Full  Disclosure, for First Contact, for Liberation, for the Event. Now, we are meditating  to magnetically draw that choice to the physical plane and then we’ll act upon it.  Because this meditation will trigger a change. It will trigger physical shifts on  the planet. It will trigger things that will be undeniable. And then, of course,  we’ll be more free to act physically to support that process.





 When we synchronize our meditations by starting at the exact time all 

over the planet, focusing on the same image and listening to the same music, while

visualizing the same thing at the same time all over the world in our different

languages, does this strengthen the signals that we send out into the universe?


 Yes, definitely it strengthens the signal that we send out.  More than  that, it creates a coherency mode. It’s like a laser beam. Laser beam is a very  coherent light.  All particles, all photons, vibrate in the same way when we have a  laser. And you know how powerful a laser is. So we are creating an energy laser, a  very strong signal, from the surface of the planet which will blast through the  universe and will definitely . . . it will definitely trigger a response.

 是的,它绝对加强了我们发出的信号。不仅如此,它还创造了一种连贯性模式。就像激光束一样。激光束是一种非常相干的光。所有的粒子,所有的光子,在我们有激光的时候都以同样的方式振动。你也知道激光的威力有多大。所以我们正在创造一种能量激光,一种非常强烈的信号,从行星表面发出,它会在宇宙中爆炸,并且肯定会... 肯定会引起反应。



  How many people need to be in larger groups participating in mass  meditations for us to perceive any noticeable effect from the meditation?


 It depends on the scope that you are watching the effect. For example, if  you have a city of one million inhabitants, you need a group of maybe two thousand  people to change the reality of that city. This is just an example. There is a  certain equation which can tell you exactly how many people you need to change your  reality of a certain group or a certain social structure.  (( square root of double the population ))


And for the planet, the whole planet, that number is about 105,000 people. But if  you take into account that not all participants are meditating with full effect, you  can get very symbolic estimates of 144,000 people that need to meditate to change,  to shape the reality for the whole planet. And we have managed to do so a few times  already, and we will do that again.




 What is the best way for Lightworkers to take advantage of the energies of  the solar eclipse? (2017)

 光之工作者利用日食能量的最佳方式是什么? (2017)

 Basically, the energy of each eclipse is an energy of decision. And as  we’re having our mass meditation, it’s a very good opportunity for us to have a  unified mass decision that will create a new reality for us. Energies of the eclipse  are very strong. And if people are not making their decisions, the energy of the  eclipse tends to magnify the confusion, magnify all that suppressed emotional states  coming out – all this mass hysteria. 


So the eclipse itself will be a very powerful moment with strong breakthroughs but  also with a very strong, a very high amount of emotional and physical drama  happening around the world and especially in the United States. So it is actually a  very powerful moment with great potential, but which needs to be used wisely.




 The Resistance  Movement . . . before each meditation happens sends me intel & asks me to post  that on the blog..The reason why there is so many  people reading my blog is simply because there is a very powerful group behind that.  It’s not just me. It is 70 million  ( now over 120 million ) people living below the surface of the planet  that are standing behind the energy of the blog.

 抵抗运动... 在每次冥想之前都会给我发情报,让我把它发到博客上。.之所以有这么多人阅读我的博客,仅仅是因为有一个非常强大的团体在背后。不只是我。这是7000万(现在超过1.2亿)人生活在地球表面以下,站在后面的能量的博客。


" Since 2012, the Chimera was leading a strong war against the Resistance and actually managed to fool the Resistance a few times by arranging leaks of incorrect intel to them. For example, the Resistance was scanning the Solar system for any remaining Chimera ships and found none, when in fact those ships were hiding in hyperdimensional wormholes and later staged massive surprise attacks.
This disnfo campaign has a few times lead to some inconsistencies that were posted on this blog. Yet I need to say that Resistance was releasing true intel to best of their understanding and ability, and overall most of intel they have released is valid and correct.
这个 disnfo 活动有几次导致了一些矛盾,张贴在这个博客。但我得说抵抗组织尽其所能发布了真实的情报总的来说他们发布的大部分情报都是正确有效的。
Now Resistance is recovering from all those attacks and a new reinforcement of 50 million new members has arrived from Kuiper belt into the underground network, membership now totaling 120 million. More reinforcements are expected to arrive soon as we come closer to the shift. "  - SEPT,2019
现在抵抗组织正在从所有这些袭击中恢复,一个新的五千万新成员已经从柯伊伯带进入地下网络,成员总数已达一亿两千万。随着我们接近转移,预计会有更多增援部队到达。”- 2019年9月



its true the Dark Ones will be having their own rituals, the negative things they are doing. They will try to suppress the vibration  with that on the day of the eclipse. 


But I would say that  the will of the Galactic  Center, the will of the Pleroma is stronger.  It is not just us on the surface  that’s doing the meditation. It is the whole universe that wills and wants the Dark  to be gone and Light to be victorious forever, and the suffering to end on the  planet. The whole universe wants this planet to be liberated and this is what will  happen sooner or later – the sooner the better.

但我要说银河中心的意志 Pleroma 的意志更强大。不只是我们在表面上做冥想。这是整个宇宙的意志,并希望黑暗消失,光明永远胜利,痛苦结束在这个星球上。整个宇宙都希望这个星球得到解放,这是迟早会发生的事情——越快越好。



Basically, what we need to understand is that we all have common ground.  Everybody that is of the Light and is working for the Light has common ground. 


And  the common ground is we all want this world to be a better place. We all want to be  happy. We all want other people to be happy. We all want Disclosure, Full  Disclosure. We want First Contact. We want Liberation. We want the Event. This is what we all want. This is our common ground. 


And everything else, all those  little things are not so important. And we can connect on that basic common ground.  


This is what we can do. But we need to be aware that there are forces, non-physical  forces, and physical forces, that are trying to divide us. And they do so by  pressuring with their technology with their energies on our weaknesses, suppressed  emotions, suppressed . . . everything that has not been transmuted in us. 


And they have a very sophisticated network that includes advanced technology that  can make other people appear to be what they are not.  


So if you are cooperating  with somebody who seems to have strange energy, it might not be that they have a  strange energy. It might be there is an energy field around them that was created  with advanced scalar technology to create division between these two. 


And the  Archons are using that technology especially when there are small groups or  individuals that are very powerful working for the Light, and this is when they  attack the most. 


And when there is the greatest potential for unity, that’s where  they attack the most to create divisions, because they know, if we really manage to  unite, it’s game over. The game is finished. It’s our victory.




(2017) Yes, first I would like to say that the Resistance Movement is very happy  that this interview happened, & that we are finally reaching a level when  cooperation is possible.  I would like to invite all other groups, and especially  powerful influencers out there to put this meditation on their own blogs and their  own websites for their own networks. People like David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford  &  other people out there have a quite large following, & if they would also support  this meditation, that could additionally benefit the planetary situation. And I hope  they will understand it.

(2017)是的,首先我想说的是,抵抗运动对这次采访的发生感到非常高兴,我们终于达到了合作可能的水平。我想邀请所有其他团体,特别是那些有影响力的人,把这种冥想放在他们自己的博客和他们自己的网站上,建立他们自己的网络。像大卫 · 威尔科克、本杰明 · 富尔福德和其他人一样的人拥有相当多的追随者,如果他们也支持这种冥想,就可以额外地有利于地球的状况。我希望他们能理解。



 Would positive ET do mass meditations in their own time as well? 


Yes, they do mass meditations as well.


H: Do they do these at their own time or for a specific purpose?


C: They do it for their missions many times when they helped other planets and other
civilizations, and they do it to connect with the Source.

C: 当他们帮助其他行星和其他文明时,他们为了他们的使命多次这样做,他们这样做是为了与源头连接。

H: At the moment, are they doing any meditation to help planet Earth? 


C: Yes, of course.

C: 是的,当然。

H: Are Resistance Movement or the Pleiadian aware of any of the mass meditations we
are doing daily on the We Love Mass Meditation (WLMM) blog?

H: 反抗运动或昴宿星知道我们每天在我们爱大众冥想(WLMM)博客上做的任何大众冥想吗?

C: Yes, of course they are aware of this and they are supporting this fully. 

H: 是的,他们当然知道这一点,而且他们完全支持这一点。 

H: Would they be joining us in the meditation as well?


C: They are joining in many of those meditations in their own ways, yes. 

C: 是的,他们以自己的方式加入了许多冥想。 

H: How about the Dragons?


C: You need to specify this question?


H: Like the Red Dragons or the Blue Dragons? Are they doing meditations with us as
well? Are they aware of it?

就像红龙或者蓝龙? 他们和我们一起做冥想吗 他们知道吗?

C: 答:I would say the Blue Dragon especially is having their own meditations, and they

are also aware of our meditations, especially the larger mass meditations which are

announced on my blog (The Portal) and when they go viral they [The Blue Dragon] are

在我的博客(The Portal)上宣布,当他们像病毒一样传播时,他们(The Blue Dragon)
aware of it and supporting it.




 How can we organize mass meditations and other support structures to assist


C: I would say the mass meditations are quite organized. The thing that is necessary
is when there is an important meditation we need other groups to join us as well.
This is a group effort. This is the main thing to do.

C: 我认为集体冥想是相当有组织的。有必要的是,当有一个重要的冥想时,我们也需要其他团体加入我们。这是集体努力的结果。这是最重要的事情。

H: Do you have the information of the number of people participating in any of our daily mass meditations?


C: I have intel from the Resistance Movement about this, and basically the number of
the daily meditations are ranging from a few hundreds to a few thousands for each
and various meditations.

C: 我从抵抗运动那里得到了这方面的情报,基本上每天冥想的次数从几百次到几千次不等,每次都有各种各样的冥想。

H: So, the Resistance Movement do track the number regularly? 


C: Yes, they are monitoring this all the time.

C: 是的,他们一直在监控这个。



 It is encouraged for everyone to do it at the same time as everybody else as it
would create a much stronger coherence field

 鼓励每个人与其他人在同一时间做这件事 会产生更强的相干场



during the meditation the channel is opened. The Light Forces can give as much guidance as possible in that particular time.




This will just grow organically. When people are awakening enough, they will just join




Basically, what the Chimera are doing…or the Archons are doing…they are dissuading  people from meditating on that day ( or any other moment ) by pressuring their weak psychological spots… by  diverting our attention to other things… by making us forget….by making us  discouraged to participate… This is the main strategy they use. 

基本上,奇美拉正在做的... 或执政官正在做的... 他们正在劝阻人们在那一天(或任何其他时刻)进行冥想,通过对他们脆弱的心理点施加压力... 通过把我们的注意力转移到其他事情上... 通过让我们忘记... 通过让我们气馁参与... 这是他们使用的主要策略。 

And, again, this is  a war…this is not a picnic…so people who are meditating are pushing towards the  victory … towards the liberation & everybody who is participating counts…& again  I cannot promise quick results. This situation on the planet is much tougher than  anybody has expected. So we need to push forward until we make it… that’s all we can  do…. there is no other thing we can do.

再说一次,这是一场战争... 这不是一场野餐... 所以冥想的人们正在向胜利推进... 向解放推进,每个参与的人都有价值... 再说一次,我不能保证很快就有结果。这个星球上的形势比任何人预想的都要严峻。所以我们需要向前推进,直到我们做到... 这是我们所能做的... 。我们别无选择。



Your physical consciousness is taking care of the physical aspect of  the activation, while your higher self and higher aspects of your being are taking  care of higher dimensional aspects of the same activation, so everything is  covered…everything is being transformed.

你们的物理意识正在照顾激活的物理方面,而你们的高我和你们存在的更高方面正在照顾同一激活的更高维度方面,所以一切都被覆盖了... 一切都被转化了。



The physical participation needs to happen if we want to trigger the multi-dimensional transformation regarding the surface of this planet.




Whenever you are anchoring Light, you’re also stabilizing the energy
pattern on the surface of the planet. These are two sides of the same coin. So
anybody that is anchoring light in any way is stabilizing the planetary energy grid.

无论何时,当你锚定光时,你也在稳定地球表面的能量模式。的时候,你也在稳定地球表面的能量模式。这是同一枚硬币的两面。所以 任何以任何方式锚定光的人都在稳定行星的能量网格。



each mass meditation that we did is creating or building a connection between  our physical world and higher dimensions. And each of the successful meditations  deepens and expands that connection and creates our link with the Source stronger  and so we have been progressing slowly towards the point where we can for the first  time begin to connect consciously with the Cosmic Central Sun. The Cosmic Central  Sun is far beyond and far more powerful than the Galactic Central Sun. The Galactic  Central Sun only oversees the evolution of this particular galaxy whereas the Cosmic  Central Sun oversees the evolution of this whole Universe … and for the first time  the direct connection will be made. Actually, nobody knows how that connection looks  like…because nobody in the last…I would say…14 billion years of cosmic history has  created this connection, so we are in one of the key moments in the evolution which  is leading from the past cosmic cycle to the new cosmic cycle. And as you probably  know, this planet is key in this process because this is the final focal point of  darkness as a principle in this particular Universe. So this is the reason why this  eclipse is not just a small tiny eclipse on a small tiny planet orbiting a small tiny average star at the outskirts of a small galaxy. It is a focal point of  transformation of cosmic importance. And this is why we are here. We have been  chosen to be here. We have been planning to be here. And now in this particular  moment specifically for that particular purpose of assisting in the turning point of  this cosmic cycle during this eclipse and to connect directly the surface of this  planet to the Cosmic Central Sun so the next phase of our compression breakthrough  can be initiated.

我们所做的每一次集体冥想都是在我们的物质世界和更高维度之间创造或建立一种联系。每一次成功的冥想都加深和扩展了这种联系,并且创造了我们与源头更强大的联系,因此我们一直在缓慢地向着我们可以第一次开始有意识地与宇宙中央太阳联系的点前进。宇宙中央太阳远远超出银河系中央太阳,而且远比银河系中央太阳强大。银河系中央太阳只监督这个特定星系的演化,而宇宙中央太阳监督整个宇宙的演化,这将是第一次直接联系。事实上,没有人知道这种联系是什么样子的,因为没有人在过去... 我想说... 140亿年的宇宙历史创造了这种联系,所以我们正处于从过去的宇宙周期到新的宇宙周期进化的关键时刻之一。你们可能知道,这颗行星是这个过程中的关键因为这是黑暗的最终焦点作为这个特殊宇宙的一个原则。所以这就是为什么这次日食不仅仅是一次小小的日食在一颗小小的行星上绕着一颗小小的平均恒星运行在一个小星系的边缘。它是宇宙重要性转变的焦点。这就是我们在这里的原因。我们被选中来到这里。我们一直计划来这里。现在在这个特殊的时刻特别是为了在这次日食期间帮助这个宇宙周期的转折点并且直接连接这个行星的表面和宇宙中心太阳这样我们压缩突破的下一个阶段就可以开始了。



So is there a connection to the Age of Aquarius and Atlantis?  Did  people do mass meditations in Atlantis, and if they did, did it help change the  course of events?  

那么这和水瓶座时代和亚特兰蒂斯有关系吗?人们在亚特兰蒂斯进行过大规模冥想吗? 如果他们做过,是否有助于改变事件的进程?  

 Yes, actually Atlantis has three phases. 


The first phase of Atlantis was in the Pleiades.

亚特兰蒂斯的第一阶段在 Pleiades。

 The second Atlantis was the one that Plato was talking about in the  Atlantic Ocean, 


& the third one is the new Atlantis that we are arriving at.



In the second Atlantis, which was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there were  periods where life was quite similar to what we will be experiencing in the Golden  Age and there were many people doing mass meditations. There was open contact with  other star races, and this is something that will return.




You can meditate and visualize this meditation reaching the  critical mass. So, you can even make a group meditation on a certain specific time  when everybody can meditate for this mass meditation to reach critical mass.




How can we use reality filtering to stop virus infection and infighting among
Lightworkers while facilitating a successful mass meditation with reality shaping?


You can use reality filtering simply by making the decision that you will not get infected by the virus. You can use reality shaping by focusing upon the factthat we have created many meditations which have reached a critical mass and that we will reach critical mass with this one as well. Signs are that we are making good
progress in that direction.

你可以使用现实过滤,只需做出你不会被病毒感染的决定。你可以通过关注这样一个事实来使用现实塑造:我们已经创造了许多冥想,这些冥想已经达到了临界质量,我们也将通过这个冥想达到临界质量。有迹象表明,我们正朝着这个方向取得良好进展 你可以通过决定你不会被病毒感染来使用现实过滤。你可以通过关注这样一个事实来使用现实塑造:我们已经创造了许多冥想,这些冥想已经达到了临界质量,我们也将通过这个冥想达到临界质量。有迹象表明,我们正朝着这个方向取得良好进展 在这个方向上的进展。



Whenever we announce a major mass meditation, some people will try to hinder  our activities or attack our group members with rumours and lies. What is the exact  reason behind their actions? 


 As I have said, some of them belong to the dark networks of the cabal. Some  of them are entity possessed. Some of them are mind controlled. Some of them are  simply extremely compromised in their personality structure. it is best to remove  those people from your networks.




here I would like to publicly invite those who have  our meditation 



to promote it, because it’s not about me, it’s not about my meditation, it’s not about my idea. It’s about the principle of mass meditation, a principle of critical mass, a principle of quantumly putting a signal in the energy field.



 So I will publicly invite Corey Goode,

 所以我会公开邀请科里 · 古德,


 I will publicly invite David Wilcock to promote this

 我会公开邀请大卫 · 威尔科克来宣传这个



 and to set aside their, if they have any, blockages towards me for whatever reason. It is not time now for something like this. It’s time now to unite and to to do this. And of course if there is anybody else in the future, for the future situations, that would like to create a mass meditation for humanity they are more than welcome.



Mass meditation with people with a sufficiently large number  of people meditating is the single most effective thing we can do because if we  create a laser-like dedicated focused signal in the coherent quantum field, we  change the quantum fluctuations. We change the quantum foam. We inform the quantum  field of the whole planet what the future is. We actually entrain the quantum field.  We push the timeline. We push the stream of the time factor in a certain direction.  This is something that is extremely powerful. People underestimate the power of  group meditation and power of group decision. We can literally change the course of  history. We have a script. We have a certain dedication. We have certain things that  people can visualize. We will visualize the removal of the virus. We will visualize the new reality that we would like to create. If the critical mass is reached, we  will definitely shift things in that direction.




Is there anything we can do to speed that up closer?


As I have said, what is important now is to participate in mass meditations. 


It is also important, especially for the lightworkers and lightwarriors, is to cooperate and don't fight with each other.


Of course, I have repeated that hundreds and hundreds of times.


 Many are not listening to this,


 so I don't know even why I should answer questions like this anymore.




People are waiting for the big breakthrough,  which is not happening yet. This work continues unfortunately; I know everybody's  very tired, me included. I would say that this meditation is one big step closer to  the final breakthrough. And from this point now on, breakthroughs on energy planes  are possible, but I'm not expecting yet any breakthroughs on the physical plane for  this meditation.

人们正在等待这一重大突破,但这一突破尚未实现。不幸的是,这项工作还在继续; 我知道每个人都很累,包括我。我想说,这次冥想离最终的突破又近了一大步。从现在开始,在能量层面上的突破是可能的,但是我并不期待在物质层面上有任何突破来进行冥想。



astrological configurations are interference patterns in  this quantum field. Each planet emanates not just the electromagnetic field, but it  emanates a quantum field, which has certain properties. And when those fields  interact, they create an interference pattern and certain astrological  configurations have very favorable interference patterns, which influence the form  of field. And if we utilize that, and empower that with our collective decision, we  can have far-reaching results. So there is a precise science to this, and this is  it. This is why meditations are done at exact moments, over very precise wording,  with very precise instructions, with laser-like focus to really have the maximum  effect on human consciousness and on the affairs of the planet.




We are not awakening people with this meditation. We are shifting the  timeline. So it's like I said before, redirecting the flow of the river. And when  the river flows in different directions, this, as a consequence, will trigger a mass  awakening in its own time.


So we just allow people to awaken at their own pace


Yes, yes. We just create conditions, or we help co-create conditions, that
will create a space for that awakening.

是的,是的。我们只是创造条件,或者我们帮助共同创造条件 将为这种觉醒创造一个空间。



And we can help by keeping our own vibrations high and participating in mass  meditations, correct? 


Oh, that's for sure, because we stabilize the planetary grid and then it is  much easier for the light forces. They can be much bolder in their actions, because  we have this hostage situation and when we as hostages on the surface create a  resonance field, then it's much easier for them to push much more directly towards  the liberation.




 instructions already on my blog, 


 countdown timer is already there. 


There are already videos in many languages, more languages are coming.


 So share this with people around you, make this viral, make this known, we can reach the critical mass. We can get one step closer. It's a marathon, but we're getting there.




meditation can stabilize the timeline, which means it can  accelerate situations. It can make the Event happen faster. It can make the time  between now and the Event more enjoyable and less stressful. So this is very  important and quite significant.




everybody participating in this meditation will be transmitters of  this energy. They will connect consciously with that energy, with that energy flash.  And these energies will flow through their energy fields and through their bodies.  And the vast majority of people will experience very uplifting, very positive and  blissful experiences. Some of them will experience fatigue as a result of the  detoxification process.And what is also important is for people to protect themselves before the meditationto remove all unwanted negative presences. You can use something as simple as the  Violet Flame. Just visualize Violet Flame coming from the sky, going anticlockwise  through your energy field, removing all unwanted energy away from the energy field,  towards the center of the Earth.




What actions by the dark do you expect  that could sabotage the success of this meditation? And you've mentioned that we  protect ourselves before, during, and after, correct? 


 Yes. During the meditation, you're doing the meditation. But just before the  meditation, it is actually part of the instructions, the Violet Flame is one step in  the meditation itself (as it's published on the website). So everybody following  those instructions will protect themselves as much as possible. 


And of course, the dark forces are not happy with this and they are planning to do a  few things. One of them is to create disinfo, to spread disinfo that meditation is  dangerous. That it is hijacking somehow a psychic energy and using it in a negative  way. There have been always until now with all those major meditations, there have  been people who are spreading disinfo about this, about the efficiency of those mass  meditations. Some of those people were agents of the dark forces, some of them were  just misled. 


And also sometimes after the meditation, the dark forces are trying to lower the  vibrational frequency because the matrix itself is not happy when so much Light  enters the planet. But this time it can be different, because if we reach the  critical mass, the Light Forces can begin to start removing all those dark  technologies immediately after the meditation. So we will see what will happen.




 Do the Light Forces and the members of the Resistance Movement meditate along  with us during these important meditations? 


Yes, of course. There will be groups in underground bases, positive  underground locations of the Resistance. There will be groups on the moon, groups of  the motherships in the Earth orbits, groups on the motherships in the solar system,  groups on the bases on Jupiter satellites, groups on bases on Saturn satellites.  There will be many groups throughout the solar system, and even groups in other star  systems focusing their Light towards this solar system. Actually, there will be even  groups in galaxies beyond this galaxy. So it's a huge cosmic occurrence. 


Q- Wow. So we are in very good company doing this. 

Q-Wow 所以我们在做这个的时候有很好的团队。 

(Yes, yes).


 Our intent with  this meditation is to stabilize and secure a positive Ascension timeline forever,  which we hope is true. But is it possible the secured timeline could again be  compromised and we would need additional meditations in 2021 to maintain or even  correct it?


 The situation is that we are still in the final battle until the exact moment  of the Event. So the dark ones, of course, will try to hijack the timelines again in  2021 as much as they can. But if we reach the critical mass, they will be much more  stable. There will be much less negative surprises. And so the final outcome will be  much better. For example, we have reached the critical mass in the meditation in  January barely, but we have. If we would not have reached the critical mass in  January, we would be in a totally different world right now. We would be in a more  “New World Order” situation right now.





 the successful meditation will begin deconstructing the matrix construct on the planet and all those negative technologies, and also clear up a lot of negative entities around the Earth. And without the support of those technologies and those entities, the dark forces on the surface will not be able to carry out their agenda as successfully as they have been before.





 You know, one thing that's so exciting is that this grand trine will  bring extremely powerful energies of cosmic love to the planet, as you've said, and  that this flash of cosmic love energies originate from the M87 galaxy. Can you  elaborate a little bit about the importance of this galaxy? 

 你知道,有一件事是如此令人兴奋的就是这个宏伟的三分体将会给这个星球带来极其强大的宇宙之爱的能量,就像你说的那样,而这种宇宙之爱的能量的闪光源自 M87星系。你能解释一下这个星系的重要性吗? 

 Yes. This galaxy has already sent a flash of cosmic love energy in one of the  past mass meditations, the AION portal meditation a few years ago, 

 是的。这个星系已经在过去的一次大规模冥想中发送了一束宇宙爱的能量,几年前的 AION 门户冥想, 

and it was one of  the most wonderful energies that many of us had ever experienced. And this energy  has not been present on this planet since, I would say, early 1980s. And it has  briefly visited us during the moment of the AION portal and it will come back again  – this time much stronger.

这是我们许多人所经历过的最奇妙的能量之一。这种能量从上世纪80年代开始就不存在于这个星球上了。在 AION 门户的那一刻,它曾短暂地访问过我们,它将再次回来——这一次会更加强大。

 Does the solar flash that will trigger the Event need to come through the M87  galaxy before it reaches our galactic center? Could this December flash be  considered a "dress rehearsal" for the Event?

 引发事件的太阳闪光是否需要在到达我们的银河系中心之前穿过 M87星系?这次12月的闪光灯会被认为是这次活动的“彩排”吗?

The cosmic flash actually originates from the Cosmic Central Sun and travels  to different galactic clusters. And one of the major paths of that, how the energy  travels, is through M87 galaxy towards the galactic center of this galaxy. So M87  galaxy is always included in that path because there is a very strong connection  with our local galactic cluster and the Virgo galaxy cluster. So there is a strong  plasma, Cosmic plasma, hyper dimensional doorway between that galactic cluster and  our local galaxy cluster. Whenever there is an important occurrence in this galaxy,  there is a flash which travels from the Virgo galactic cluster because Virgo  galactic cluster is overseeing the evolution of local galactic cluster.

宇宙闪光实际上起源于宇宙中央太阳,并传播到不同的星系团。能量传播的主要途径之一,就是穿过 M87星系,到达这个星系的中心。因此,M87星系总是包含在这条路径中,因为它与我们的本地疏散星团和室女座星系团有着非常紧密的联系。所以在那个疏散星团和我们的星系团之间有一个强大的等离子体宇宙等离子体超维空间通道。每当这个星系发生重大事件时,都会有一道闪光从处女座疏散星团传来,因为处女座疏散星团正在监督着当地疏散星团的进化。



 Every single person that meditates... The more they meditate, it can shift a  certain situation. So it's really important to get as much people as possible to  meditate.

 每个冥想的人... 他们冥想得越多,就能改变某种情况。因此,让尽可能多的人进行冥想是非常重要的。



  Again, we are in this final battle of timelines and it's very hard to  predict how far the dark plan will go. So it's impossible to say. Again, the more we  do our work, the more we align in our meditations and our daily actions, the more  people make their voice known, expose what's happening, share information, do  whatever is necessary, the more we can avoid those negative scenarios.




 People sometimes have expectations that are not based in reality. People are  expecting a few minutes of one strong meditation can transmute all darkness on  planet Earth which was accumulating here for thousands and thousands of years. That  of course is not possible. Real physical change that will be visible, evident, and  what people are expecting, will only happen the last few weeks before the Event.  Nothing will be really visible months before the Event. The only time when people  will really begin to notice changes is a few weeks before the Event. So no matter  how many meditations we do before that particular moment, there'll be no really  strongly visible external changes. What does change with every meditation is we  empower the positive timeline, and we prevent many negative things from happening.  Without our meditations, we would not be having this conversation right now, maybe  this surface of the planet would already have been destroyed. So we have averted so  many negative scenarios. We have averted so many wars. They have attempted to create  a war in Syria, in Iraq, in Iran, in Israel, in Ukraine, you name it. So many times  over and never succeeded. The only time they succeeded was with this pandemic, and  the only reason why they succeeded with this pandemic, I would say the main reason  why they succeeded with this pandemic, was that the key Lightworkers on the planet  have made crucial, stupid, and egoistic mistakes in 2018 and in 2019. That could all  be prevented; it was not necessary, this pandemic. It’s completely unnecessary, this  whole drama could be avoided. But I would say that many other things have been  avoided with our meditations and it helped a lot. Many things could have been much  worse than they are now. It's a complete miracle that we are not living in a  completely totalitarian New World Order regime right now. There are elements of it,  yes, but we are not there, we are not living in concentration camps. So it's a  complete miracle that we are not there. If we compare what the dark forces are  doing, how much energy they put into this and the state of humanity of the surface  of the planet, we have been extremely successful if we see how these things could  have turned out.




 Well, you need to use your own guidance, so who you share this with and what your wording is. But I have made a public call to a few figures out there who are actually, in a way, working on this, promoting First Contact in a certain way, and they have not responded. So I would simply say, I don't understand this. We are trying to create something really beautiful, something really important, and there is simply no interest. So you see the Galactic Forces are observing all this, and this is why they have reservations. There is simply not enough unity; everybody's having their little garden, their little group of followers, and doing their own thing, which is understandable from the Galactic perspective as much as they understand human psychology, but they cannot take things seriously if this is all they see, if you know what I mean.


I'm not speaking to convert anybody or to try to convince people who are not open to this, but there are people who are already working on this on some level, in a certain way. And those are the people who would need to participate anyway. Because this is not my own little personal idea, it's part of the global plan for humanity. And anybody else could start this at any point, but they didn't. So this could be started at any point in the last 50 or 60 years, because people know about extraterrestrial races, there are many books and videos and movies about this for the last few decades already out there. And this could be initiated at any point, but it wasn't. So the time is now. Now it's time for us to really get our act together and do this.




A couple quick questions about twin souls. We've talked about this  before, but wondering what we can do to attract more? We Love Mass Meditation put  out a guided audio for the twin soul meditation, so that's good to do, but what else  can we do? 


 That's actually a very good meditation. It was given to humanity by the Light  Forces. And it's a very good meditation, you can do that. This is almost the best  thing you can do at this point.



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