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Source:Dinar Chronicles

"People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it."


Greatness would never be found in possessions,power,position,or prestige.It would be discovered in goodness,humility,service and character.As we embarked on this opportunity to do good in the world,remember that you are a Child of God who was sent to this earth to perform a special mission and only you through consultation with your Father in Heaven who sent you here,could decide what that great mission would be.



Judy Note:It was imperative that Tier 4b started this week because liquidity was already released on Mon.evening 1 June 7 pm EDT,plus we were promised at least ten days to exchange and redeem at the Contract Rates and Contract Rates would only be available until the Tier 5 public start,and the IMF had announced that they would not move the public start date past Mon.15 June.


Over the next 24 hours or by Wed.3 June midnight EDT(pending POTUS and RV teams working through events of the riots)Wells Fargo would release emails containing 800#s for Tier 4b to set appointments.According to Fleming's Military Intel Contact,GCR liquidity was released Mon.evening 1 June at 7 pm EDT.


In Australia SWIFT PAY-both internal and international transfers–was disabled overnight Sun.31 May to Mon.1 June.There were many reports of the Deep State's old SWIFT money transfer system from one bank to another–being shut down in banks across the globe.


Paymasters were reporting payouts in Hong Kong and Zurich starting Tues.2 June.Miami Paymasters said they had pending releases,holds taken off accounts and were told they would be given the go to start any time over next now 24 hours.There were reports of Tier 3 Church Groups signaling so as to indicate they already had liquidity.


On Sun.morning 31 May the IMF had announced to global finance ministers that the RV/GCR was underway with the redemption process started.Security teams and Department of Defense signed off and gave release at 4:30 pm EDT Sun.31 May,after which the Admiral and banks were given the green light to proceed with release of down line liquidity at 6 pm EDT.A global green light was given at 9 pm EDT Sun,while the Admiral released his funds at 12:01 am EDT Mon.1 June.


The 800#s and Contract Rates would be available until the Tier 5 General Public was allowed to exchange foreign currencies at the new international rates on Mon.15 June.


On Mon.1 June POTUS announced that he would be deploying the military to stop the riots.This meant that the President was enacting soft Martial Law under the Insurrection Act of 1807 to deploy the US military to quell the riots where Deep State Democrat governors and mayors were not able,or not willing,to stop rioters with the local police and state National Guard.


An official public announcement of the new US Republic could come as early as 4 July 2020,or may wait a few months until the Fall.


A.Fleming Military Intel Contact Report Tues.2 June 4:49 pm EDT:They had to get Tier 4b started this week because they needed at least ten days to exchange and redeem at the Contract Rates;Contract Rates would only be available until the public start and the IMF was not moving the Tier 5 public start date past Mon.15 June.


At your exchange you will be negotiating a 2%exchange fee with your exchange banker.



On Sun.31 May-Mon.1 June releases were given to proceed with release sequence as planned.


Over last weekend the Department of Defense gave the US Treasury authorization to move massive funds into place for payouts/exchanges this week.


Higher tier accounts were being adjusted to the current US Note Rate and paid out accordingly.


Paymasters were reporting payouts in Hong Kong and Zurich started Tues.2 June.


Miami Paymasters said they had pending releases,holds taken off accounts,and were told they would be given the go to start any time over next 48 hours.


Intermediate settlement deliveries(CMKX,F&P,etc)were staged and ready to start any time over next 48 hours.


There were many reports of the Deep State old SWIFT transfer system being shut down in banks globally as planned,from Mon.1 June forward like AH on Mon.1 June.


In Australia SWIFT PAY-the immediate money transfer system from one bank to another,both internal and international transfers–was disabled overnight Sun.31 May to Mon.1 June.


There were reports of Tier 3 Church Groups signaling so as to indicate they had liquidity.


Tier 4b could start any time from now to within the next 48 hours,pending POTUS and RV teams working through ground-level events with the riots.


A high level paymaster source said that POTUS was in process of signing a multilateral fee share agreement for redemptions/exchanges.That would be the last sign off needed in order to start lower level payouts/exchanges.


POTUS,the Security Teams and all RV teams were watching the riot Antifa agitators.As POTUS announced publicly yesterday Mon.1 June,he would be deploying the military to stop the riots.This meant that the President was enacting soft Martial Law under the Insurrection Act of 1807 to deploy the US military to quell the riots where Deep State Democrat governors and mayors were not able,or willing,to stop rioters with police and National Guard.


For proof of this read QAnon's posts mentioning"Calling the Ball"from Mon.1 June at qmap.pub."Calling the Ball"was a term used of fighter pilots coming in for landing on aircraft carriers.


The term"Deep State"was not synonymous with Democrats as opposed to Republicans,but the Deep State has overtaken the Democrat party almost completely,though there are plenty of Republican Deep State Congress-people like Romney,Flake,etc.whom the Deep State compromised.


Government officials on both sides have taken criminal bribes from Deep State cartels and operatives coming in from Deep State operations like Antifa rioting,drug&gun running,money laundering,big Pharma profits,mafia-cartel money flows,human and child trafficking,etc.


The Deep State has all but lost a large portion of the Black Vote so their strategy and MSM narrative now was to use the riots to stoke racial hatred and new threats of Covid-19 infection surges to keep the people in fear and the economy depressed so that Trump was not re-elected and the Deep State would regain power–that was all they cared about.


All this was playing into real-time decisions by POTUS and RV teams,though the release started from Mon.1 June as described by Mr.Fleming's sources above.


C.Tues.2 June The Big Call,Bruce:Thebigcall.net:712-770-4016

Today Tues.2 June Redemption Centers not connected to banks had to weigh in to make sure they could go.They were given a green light.


Today Tues.2 June Tier 2 banks which had Redemption personnel also had to weigh in.We don't know if they have the green light yet.


If we get that green light we should be good to go by Wed.–Thurs.3,4 June.


If we do get the go ahead we would likely be exchanging during the day for security purposes during the first few days.


There was nothing else to be done other than confidence as to security issues.


We should be receiving the 800#s some time tomorrow Wed.3 June.



The gold/asset-backed US Note has replaced the fiat US Dollar.


All 209 countries participating in the Global Currency Reset have currency rates pegged to either the gold/asset-backed US Note or Chinese Yuan rates.These final rates were locked in overnight after the 2 am Forex rate updated on Mon.morning 1 June.


The Deep State SWIFT system has been removed from global banks and replaced by the Quantum Financial System.


IRS digital ledgers were now under control of the US Treasury and would be part of the Restored Republic phase of changes over the next 90 days(3 months)to Sept.1.


In the US,a series of legal and political Restored Republic transitions have begun to bring in Constitutional Law and Common Law measures.


Under the Restored Republic,the new US Treasury was now the servicer of the Quantum Financial System,the banking regulator of banks and the service provider for account holders.


The implementation globally of GESARA/NESARA protocols has begun a series of programs for debt relief nationally and internationally.Over the past few weeks the US's$23-$27 trillion in debt was removed in the release process advanced by the Chinese Elders moving funds tied to Yellow,Black and Red Dragon Bonds.


E.Antifa Leader Jose Alcoff and Maxine Watters,AlwaysJimbo(@jimbo_always)Tweeted:This is the Antifa leader.Joseph"Jose"Alcoff.Look who's standing right in front of him:Maxine Watters,who lives in a multi-million dollar mansion outside her district and has passed only three bills in her 27 years in Congress.Of those three,one was only to name a Post Office.This needs to be shared by all Patriots:https://t.co/AxsfARJCEp
















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