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看起来,如果科技巨头不喜欢你发布的内容,他们会禁用你分享网站链接的功能。随着越来越多的信息被披露,DS 越来越可怕地被发现。我们确实超过目标了!

X22 Report:Episode 2308b

'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.X22

Please listen to this audio / video for Episode 2308b.’

The Patriots Are Making Their Move!



The DS cannot spin their stories for much longer.The Russian DIS-information was countered.All those intelligence agencies who said this was Russian DIS-information ought to be banned from Social Media.

DS 不能再继续编造他们的故事。俄罗斯情报部门遭到了反击。所有那些声称这是俄罗斯情报的情报机构都应该在社交媒体上被禁止。

If information is posted on Facebook,Twitter,or You Tube that they don't like,they believe they have the right to remove posts,call them fake even though there are proven resources for support.In fact,they may even disable entire accounts,as they did with C-VINE News Network.

如果在Facebook、Twitter或You Tube上发布了他们不喜欢的信息,他们认为他们有权删除帖子,称它们是伪造的,即使有可靠的支持资源。事实上,他们甚至可能禁用整个账户,就像他们对C-VINE新闻网所做的那样。

It appears,if Big Tech Giants don't like what you post,they will disable your ability to share a website link.As more and more information is revealed,the more and more fearful the DS gets of being found out.We are indeed over the target!

看起来,如果科技巨头不喜欢你发布的内容,他们会禁用你分享网站链接的功能。随着越来越多的信息被披露,DS 越来越可怕地被发现。我们确实超过目标了!

Ghislaine Maxwell's transcripts of April 2016 deposition of materials will be posted October 22,at 9:00 am.Is everything coming together all at once for a reason?


What else is being declassified?Spygate declass,treason,HRC's e-mails,is this a pattern,too?


Adam Schiff claimed the election was a Russian DIS-information campaign.Former intelligence operatives said it was Russian DIS-information.HRC told us to listen to those intelligence agencies.


The current intelligence operatives said it was DIS-information.John Ratcliffe and the FBI all confirmed it was NOT Russian DIS-information.Schiff is knowingly putting out fake information.


Jim Jordan said,"The same people who said the fake Steele Dossier was real are now saying the real Biden laptop is fake.Interesting how that works."Facts prove the truth.Who has the documents?


Obama is on the campaign trail now,pushing Biden's ticket.Rudy Guiliani is releasing a lot of information against Hunter.How will Obama keep ahead of this news…or can he?How long will Biden be hidin'?


What unites the people..crimes against humanity.This information had to come into play.Burisma,Hunter,the laptop,all the emails and now his own signature is being confirmed.Rudy Guiliani has read publicly,other crimes being revealed from Hunter's laptop.This cannot be ignored any longer.



Trump and his administration announced the first government center for countering human trafficking in the U.S.How does one introduce'crimes against humanity?'How do people comprehend human trafficking or the pedo world?Many people don't believe it exists due to the media not reporting on it.


Trump's Administration held a news conference.Reporters attended and at the closing,were given opportunties for questions about the Center.Did any reporters ask question about human trafficking?No,not one question!They had their marching orders.Crickets.


The DS shut down all of our'favorite Patriot'sites.Why?Conspiracy?Is Hunter's laptop showing a conspiracy with human trafficking and pedophilia?Isn't this what our favorite Patriot has been saying for years?If this is a conspiracy,why is the Trump Administration creating a center for countering human trafficking?

DS 关闭了所有我们最喜欢的爱国者网站。为什么?阴谋?的笔记本电脑是否显示了人口贩卖和恋童癖的阴谋?这不是我们最爱的爱国者多年来一直在说的话吗?如果这是一个阴谋,为什么特朗普政府要创建一个反对人口贩卖组织的中心?

Will the first indictment trigger a mass population awakening?Will the truth be impossible to avoid now that Hunter Biden's laptop has been examined and positively identified as his?Guiliani will be releasing more of Hunter's information from the laptop for the next 10 days.

第一次起诉会引起大众的觉醒吗?现在亨特·拜登的笔记本电脑已经被检查并确认是他的,真相就不可避免了吗?在接下来的10天里,Guiliani 将会从这台笔记本电脑上发布更多亨特的信息。

'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please listen to this audio / video for Episode 2308b.’

Amy Coney Barrett finished her confirmation hearings.The confirmation is supposed to take place on Monday,October 26th,Hillary Clinton's birthday.Amy worked for Justice Scalia who many believe was murdered.ACB will be confirmed on this day.Coincidence?

艾米·科尼·巴雷特完成了她的确认听证会。确认仪式将于1026日星期一举行,那天是希拉里·克林顿的生日。艾米为大法官斯卡利亚工作,很多人认为他是被谋杀的。ACB 将于本日确认。巧合?

Facebook Disables C-VINE Page Facebook 禁用 C-VINE 页面

X22视频2308解读|2020年10月22日公布的麦克斯韦笔录(You can't share this link c-vine.com.Your message couldn't be shared,because this link goes against our Community Standards.If you think that this doesn't go against our Community Standards,let us know.)

We have mentioned our website name numerous times,and for good reason.We are among many Conservative News Networks stricken from Facebook for apparent community standards violation.Please continue seeking C-VINE.com for more breaking news.

我们已经多次提到我们的网站名称,并且有充分的理由。我们是众多来自 Facebook 的保守派新闻网络中的一员,因为它明显违反了社区标准。请继续寻找 c-vine 网站获取更多突发新闻。

Twitter has been given the green light to censor everything which may threaten their survival.Facebook is following.Youtube has already begun.POTUS Twitter attempt will be blamed on a rogue employee.Welcome to the police state!

推特已经获得了审查任何可能威胁到他们生存的事情的许可。正在紧随其后。已经开始了。总统的 Twitter 企图将被归咎于一名流氓雇员。欢迎来到警察国家!

What don't they want you to know?Biden's brother,1.5 B Contract in Iraq.Biden's son,1.5 B deal in China.Those who were protected are no longer protected.These crimes must be brought to the public.People must be shown in order to believe how evil the deeds are and who is involved.


The Patriots have been preparing for unwanted censorship,and even a shutdown of Trump's Twitter account.If Trump goes,everyone else on'Team Trump'will go.But there are other platforms in place as well as the Emergency Alert System.They are prepared.Are you?

爱国者一直在为不必要的审查做准备,甚至关闭特朗普的 Twitter 账户。如果特朗普下台,"特朗普团队"上的所有人都会下台。但除了紧急警报系统外,还有其他平台已经到位。他们已经准备好了。是吗?




All of the X22 Report's channels,along with over 30 other Conservative News Network channels have been scrubbed from the YouTube platform.SGT Report,Red Pill,Praying Medic,And We Know,and many others were of those targeted.

所有的 X22报道频道,以及其他30多个保守党新闻网频道都已经从 YouTube 平台上删除。报告,红色药丸,祈祷医生,我们知道,和许多其他的目标。

Many of those Conservative News Networks created back up channels which were scrubbed,as well.There was no warning,only a notification saying their channels violated terms of service.


If you are unable to access C-VINE's website for the summarization of the X22 Report and would like to visit their website,please visit X22Report.com for an audio of current and more extensive news topics.

如果您无法访问 C-VINE 的网站总结的 X22报告,并希望访问他们的网站,请访问 x22report.com 的音频和更广泛的新闻主题。

Scroll down and look for'The Latest X22 Report.'In addition,subscribing to the X22 Report's email list will keep you notified of any new information.

向下滚动,查看最新的 X22报告此外,订阅 X22报告的电子邮件列表将随时通知您任何新的信息。

'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please listen to this audio / video for Episode 2308b.’

Note:In case of heavy censorship,please bookmark the X22Report.com and also C-VINE.com.

注意:如果遇到严格的审查,请将 X22Report.com c-vine 加入书签。

Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on Breaking News Reports and Opinions of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 撰稿人(基于突发新闻报道和 X22报道观点)


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