X22报告|第3140集: 安德鲁 · 杰克逊是对的,特朗普将出台铁证如山的报告

2023年8月16日15:52:19最新动态X22报告|第3140集: 安德鲁 · 杰克逊是对的,特朗普将出台铁证如山的报告已关闭评论741字数 1515阅读5分3秒阅读模式


X22报告|第3140集: 安德鲁 · 杰克逊是对的,特朗普将出台铁证如山的报告

Ep. 3140a – Andrew Jackson Was Right, The People See It Now

安德鲁 · 杰克逊是对的,人们现在看到了

Ep. 3140b – Biden Is Bribed & Compromised, Trump To Produce Irrefutable Report On Election Fraud


X22 Report
Streamed on: Aug 15, 9:30 pm EDT

X22报告 直播时间: 美国东部时间8月15日晚9:30


China is not release unemployment numbers, can anyone say coverup. The people are starting to recognize that the [CB] enslaves them in the long run. Andrew Jackson was right when he was talking to the bankers, they are a den of thieves. Trump is following in the footsteps of Andrew Jackson.


X22 Report
Streamed on: Aug 15, 10:00 pm EDT

X22报告流: 美国东部时间8月15日晚10:00


The [DS] is going after Trump with everything they have. This will all fail, he will turn the tables on them. The people already know that Biden is compromised and he is a national security threat. AG in GA has now indicted Trump, this is his 4th indictment and Trump prediction has come true. Trump will release a report showing how the election was stolen, this will be the start of it all. The [DS] will go into overdrive after this. Trump and the patriots have countermeasures in place to stop it.

[DS]正在竭尽全力追捕特朗普。这一切都会失败,他会扭转局面。人们已经知道拜登已经暴露了,他是国家安全的威胁。佐治亚州检察长已经起诉了特朗普,这是他的第四次起诉,特朗普的预言成真了。特朗普将发布一份报告,揭露选举是如何被窃取的,这将是一切的开始。在此之后,[ DS ]将进入超速运转状态。特朗普和爱国者们已经采取了相应措施来阻止这一切。


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