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Q帖解密|穆勒-罗森斯坦-科米:地狱三人组In this article published on May 15 2019,I told you about THE HAMMER,the Obama illegal surveillance system ran and supervised by Brennan and Clapper that they used to spy on Trump and millions of Americans.2 days later,Barr gives an interview to FOX and says this:until 8:30.He said:"he(Trump)has been HAMMERED for allegedly conspiring with the Russian and we now know that was simply false."Coincidence?

这篇发表于2019515日的文章中,我向你们介绍了 THE HAMMER,奥巴马的非法监视系统,由布伦南和克拉珀运行和监督,他们用来监视特朗普和数百万美国人。两天后,巴尔接受了福克斯电视台的采访,他说:直到8:30。他说:"(特朗普)被指控与俄罗斯人密谋,我们现在知道那完全是假的。"巧合?

Do you see the beauty of this?Remember,from 1973 to 1977 Barr was employed by the CIA.This means if we pay attention to his comms,we'll be able to bake some really good stuff!


Q2157 Panic in DC.James Baker testifying against Comey?Q


Q1952 Double meanings exist.Q


Now why do you think he gave this interview to FOX?What's the name of the journalist interviewing him?Yes:Bill HEMMER!Do you see it?Img Barr is not only confirming he's going to get to the bottom of illegal surveillance on American soil,which means Clapper,Brennan and Hussein are toast,but with HAMMER vs HEMMER,he's hinting Viv[a]vs Vive[e]in Q1559.We have the confirmation the Viva Le Resistance network hidden in the DOJ that discussed the possibility of assassinating POTUS is targeted by Barr and Sleeper Cell Comey is also toast.

你觉得他为什么会接受福克斯的采访呢?采访他的记者叫什么名字?是的:比尔·海默!你看到了吗?Img 巴尔不仅证实了他将彻底调查美国本土的非法监视行为,这意味着克拉珀、布伦南和侯赛因都完蛋了,而且在 HAMMER vs HEMMER 一案中,他还暗示在 Q1559 Viv vs Vive。我们已经确认了隐藏在司法部的维瓦勒抵抗网络,该网络讨论了暗杀美国总统的可能性,目标是巴尔,潜伏者科米也被烤熟了。

Q3335 Boom time Baker.

Icing on the cake?


Listen very very carefully and see if you can spot Barr's message:until 8:13.Barr has a very clear elocution and is usually very precise but here,he's a little evasive on durations and repeats the number 2:"two…two and half years of his administration,three years,you know,the campaign and the first part of his administration".What is he really talking about?Yes,it's right here:


Q570 Will SESSIONS drop the hammer?1 if 22.


Now you know the deep meaning behind Sessions attending Rosenstein's departure party.


Q2452 Thank you for your service to our Country,Mr.Jeff Sessions!Your sacrifices will never be forgotten.Q+


Who will join me on a cloud for a delectable drink around the solution of'1 of 22'?Hint:Ten Commandments.


My friends,there are different ways to enjoy a game:you can focus on the players and their individual skills and that's one way.But those who really know the game focus on the playbook and ultimately see THE TEAM and THE PLAN.





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