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I first watched this video of Romana Didulo,the Sovereign Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Sovereign Republic of Canada,on Nicholas Veniamin's Telegram page a few days ago and just now found it posted on YouTube.This post 5-27-21 by(Q)The Storm Rider explains what it represents:

几天前,我第一次在 Nicholas Veniamin Telegram 网页上看到这段视频,是关于加拿大主权共和国国家元首和总司令的罗马娜·迪杜洛的。5-27-21 by(q)The Storm Rider 解释了它代表什么:


I enclose a transcription of the video below.


Charlie Ward told us LAST YEAR that President Trump and the White Hats ALREADY HAVE goodly Godly people in place to transition Earth out of deep state demon governments into NESARA/GESARA compliant leadership.

查理·沃德去年告诉我们,特朗普总统和白帽子党已经准备好把地球从地下恶魔政府转变成符合 NESARA/GESARA 要求的领导层。

This video by Romana Didulo VERIFIES EVERYTHING we have learned these past 14 months from many people,beginning with Charlie Ward.As well,Sacha Stone,Colleen and Charlie Freak,Gene Decode,Juan O Savin and the list goes on.

这段由罗马娜·迪杜洛制作的视频证实了我们在过去14个月里从很多人那里学到的一切,从 Charlie Ward 开始。还有萨莎·斯通,科琳和查理·弗瑞克,,Gene Decode,胡安··萨文等等。

Currently,and for the past month,Charlie has been under vicious attack,his integrity questioned.I've received accusatory disgusting replies to my posts and blogs about Charlie from people trying to malign him.


They are deep state demon shills and bots that are practically hysterical because the cabal has lost power in most areas except the MSM and Social Media.

他们是深州的恶魔托盘和机器人,实际上是歇斯底里的,因为除了 MSM 和社交媒体,阴谋集团在大多数地区已经失去了权力。

I stand steadfast by Charlie Ward and everyone else who is being horribly maligned who I KNOW are telling the truth,who are loyal to President Trump,Q-Team and the White Hats,and most importantly,who are anchored firmly in the Divine,who love God and who are heart-centered brilliant Truthers.

我坚定地支持查理·沃德和其他所有被恶意诽谤的人,我知道他们说的都是真话,他们忠于特朗普总统、q 团队和白帽子,最重要的是,他们坚定地站在神圣的一边,他们热爱上帝,他们才华横溢,以心灵为中心。

Naturally the desperate devil's army can't stand them.


After years of blogging and learning to swat away deep state flies,they don't bother me anymore.I delete'em.


If a post is accusatory without one shred of evidence—it's the devil.


If a post is vicious and foul—it's the devil.


If a post is cruel,slighting,complaining,name calling and temper-tantrum-ing—it's the devil.


They can only complain.They cannot substantiate their accusations.


The first characteristic of an enlightened Divine being is kindness.Any behavior that falls short of that is someone still stuck in the demon world.


Onwards.Into 5D+Light.


This video by Romana Didulo will lift Anon Spirits.It did mine.It was literally music to my ears.




Happy Memorial Day Weekend—God bless our Veterans&active U.S.&Global Military Warriors.God bless America.


This is Kat,
over and out




As Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Republic of Canada,Romana Didulo


As Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Republic of Canada, Romana Didulo

Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXY4Y7ibfgsdfDeCzNvVl3g**** For breaking news, this too may interest you: https://t.me/JFKChannel**********

Transcribed by Kat


Romana Didulo:Hello Canada.I'm Romana Didulo.I'm the Founder and Leader of Canada First.


As of this year,February 2021,I am the Head of State and Commander in Chief of Canada The Republic.


0:20 In case you're wondering who appointed me as the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Republic of Canada.The people who appointed me are the White Hats and the U.S.Military together with the Global Allied Troops and their Governments.


0:44 The same people who have helped President Trump.


0:50 The same group of people who have seized the assets of the Vatican Church.


0:58 The same group of people that have seized the assets of the fake Royal family of the U.K.installed by the Central Bankers 200+years ago.


1:07 The same group of people who have seized the assets of the 13 family bloodlines.


1:18 The same group of people who have seized the assets of most,if not all,Royal families of Europe.


1:29 The same group of people who have removed the criminal governments across the world.


1:42 Now that that is out of the way I would like to say a special Hello and thank you to the U.S.Armed Forces and Allied Forces inside the Republic of Canada.


2:04 Thank you for your sacrifice and service to Humanity.Above all,thank you on behalf of the men and women and children of the Republic of Canada.


2:25 Onto our Canada First from coast to coast to coast.Thank you and Hello to all of you.


2:39 I would like to send a very special thanks and Greetings to our Digital Soldiers on Telegram.These groups of people have given up their time and energy,working tirelessly and sharing information,awakening their fellow Canadians and people around the globe.So thank you for your service to Humanity.




3:12 Romana Didulo cont.:Now I would like to address the vaccinations and injections happening across the Republic.


3:24 As far back as late February,early March of this year,right immediately I took my oath as the Head of State and Commander in Chief,I DECLARED CANADA A VACCINE FREE NATION.


3:42 Which means all of the vaccines and injections happening across the Republic is UNLAWFUL,CRIMINAL and a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.


4:00 And for those individuals and groups who many not know,know this:Inside the Republic the penalty for Crimes Against Humanity,Treason,Economic sabotage and Bio Terrorism is death.


4:35 Romana Didulo cont.:You will be tried for Crimes Against Humanity under The Nuremberg Code.


4:44 And if that is not enough,as the Head of State and Commander in Chief of The Republic of Canada,I will convene a Military Tribunal and charge you with Crimes Against Humanity,Treason,Bio-terrorism,and Economic sabotage.


5:07 All of which carry,as I've already mentioned,the death penalty.



5:18 Romana Didulo cont.:I would also like to remind you that the Corporation Government with whom you work for and take order now,will not be around to protect you and defend you.


5:45 The Corporation Government WILL NOT EXIST inside the Republic of Canada.


5:50 The banking system of the Corporate Government WILL NOT EXIST inside the Republic of Canada.


6:00 The Court System of the Corporate Government WILL NOT EXIST inside the Republic of Canada.


6:15 So I encourage you to think very very carefully.To immediately stop your actions in dealing with promotions,deliveries,etc.etc.of these vaccines.


6:36 They're not even vaccines.They haven't been approved for use unless it's an emergency.


6:48 They're supposed to be trying and experimenting with these what I call drug-cocktail,poison drug-cocktail that's been mixed by the Pharmaceutical Industry,and they're using the Canadian people,the people of the Republic,as their lab rats.


7:18 These actions will not go unpunished as I've already mentioned.


7:27 I urge you to consider very very carefully your options because should the time come when the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Republic of Canada,and that is I,must sign your execution papers for these crimes against the Republic—I will do so.



End Kat Transcription

结束 Kat 转录







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