Sierra(NZ)– 真理必胜

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Source:Dinar Chronicles

Phoenix from Patriot Intel Report has stirring words to inspire us to hold our faith as chaos erupts everywhere...


Sierra(NZ)– 真理必胜

Phoenix(from 7')...


'Know this-know that God wins.Know that the Truth prevails...The energies are overcoming this(Deep State false flags)...The launch of the new Q board will be stronger,more powerful,just before the truth comes out,DECLAS...'


'Trust the Plan.Hang in there!Do not be dismayed.Remember that President Trump,POTUS,is Q+.Trust the Plan...Sometimes you have to feign weakness when you are strong.Do not be dismayed by what you are seeing....Truth WILL prevail.This is a war,people,this is a BATTLE.'


This IS a war.We are not fighting with swords and guns-we are a powerful global army of millions of digital soldiers,fighting with videos,tweets,posts,memes and comments on boards.


The Deep State is desperately working to suppress our rights to free speech.VOAT has been down for days.It was one of my main sources of leads for post writing.It was also my on-line community-I would pop in often to read experiences of people like myself who are fighting this battle.When the northern hemisphere was asleep,I always had somewhere to go for information and reassurance.That line of support is now gone.


Look at what President Trump is fighting-Google is working overtime to skew the 2020 elections in favor of the Democrats.A Google engineer has admitted that Google suppressed negative publicity for Hillary Clinton and boosted negative publicity for Donald Trump during the 2016 election-yet he STILL won!


My recommendation is not to give in to dismay when you are faced with the optics.NOTHING is as it seems in this last stage of the Alliance battle to liberate humanity.Do you want to know what is really happening?Well,so does our enemy.


As Phoenix says with great passion:'Trust the plan.Truth WILL prevail.'


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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