特朗普表现出“Deep State”,也有“上帝之音”枪手

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A mainly redacted classified at the highest level"Of Special Importance"new Foreign Intelligence Service(SVR)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting President Donald Trump is preparing to address his nation about two mass shooting events,states the most critical information not being told to the American people about the deaths of 30 of their fellow citizens in two mass shootings this weekend is that they were,in fact,casualties of"War By Other Means"—a geoeconomics and statecraft term used to describe measures employed to lessen the outbreak of all-out war—and in this instance is seeing the actions of El Paso-Texas mass shooter Patrick Crusius being blamed on Trump by his"Deep State"enemies—that was quickly responded to by Trump-loyal forces,a few hours later,when they unleashed Dayton-Ohio mass shooter Conner Betts,a Trump-hating pro-Satan leftist who supported Democrat Party socialist leader US Senator Elizabeth Warren—both of whom the CIA had decades ago identified as being ideal candidates to be mind-controlled assassins—whose control over is accomplished by using such weapons as the"Voice Of God"device American military forces used in Iraq to beam messages into their enemies'minds.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天发布了一份主要经过编辑的最高级别"特别重要"的外国情报局(SVR)新报告,指出唐纳德·特朗普总统正准备就两起大规模枪击事件向全国发表讲话。报告称,本周末发生的两起大规模枪击事件造成30名美国公民死亡,但没有告知美国民众的最关键信息是,事实上,他们是"其他方式的战争"的伤亡——这是一个地缘经济学和治国术语,用来描述为减少全面战争爆发而采取的措施——在这个例子中,看到了德克萨斯州埃尔帕索大规模枪击案凶手帕特里克·克鲁修斯(Patrick Crusius)的行为被他的"深州"敌人指责为特朗普,特朗普的忠诚势力迅速对此做出了回应,几个小时后,他们派出了代顿-俄亥俄州大规模枪击案凶手康纳·贝茨(Conner Betts)。贝茨是一名憎恨特朗普的亲撒旦左派分子,曾支持民主党社会党领袖美国参议员伊丽莎白·沃伦(Elizabeth warren)。几十年前,中央情报局(CIA)认为沃伦和贝茨都是精神控制刺客的理想人选。贝茨的控制权是通过使用"上帝之音"(Voice Of God)等武器实现的。美国军队在伊拉克使用这种武器向敌人的头脑发送信息。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词

特朗普表现出“Deep State”,也有“上帝之音”枪手

According to the sections of this highly classified document we're permitted to mention,the CIA has contained in their public viewable library a document titled CIA MIND-CONTROL PROJECT INCLUDED ASSASSIN-MAKING—the details of which,when combined with hundreds of news articles,revealed the ideal mind-controlled assassin would be a young man in his late teens or early twenties who considered himself a loner and/or social outcast whose mental"social construct"(i.e.anti-social)rested outside of mainstream thought—an exact description of 21-year-old El-Paso mass shooter Patrick Crusius and 24-year-oldDayton-Ohio mass shooter Connor Betts.

根据我们获准提及的这份高度机密文件的章节,中央情报局(CIA)在其公共可视图书馆中保存了一份名为《CIA MIND-CONTROL PROJECT includes assin-making》的文件。这份文件的细节,再结合数百篇新闻报道,透露出理想的精神控制刺客应该是一个年轻人,年龄在十八九岁或二十出头,他认为自己是一个孤独和/或被社会排斥的人,他的精神"社会构造"(即反社会)存在于主流思想之外——这是对21岁的埃尔帕索大规模枪击犯帕特里克·克鲁修斯和24岁的代顿俄亥俄州大规模枪击犯康纳·贝茨的精确描述。

Most important to note about El-Paso mass shooter Patrick Crusius,this report details,is that after his capture,his social media profile was mysteriously changed from his having declared himself a Democrat to his being a Republican,and whose"manifesto"he released before his killing spree began showed him not blaming Trump at all for what he was doing—but wherein he did describe himself as an anti-immigrant fanatic who believes America is being overrun and destroyed by illegal aliens—while at the same time,Dayton mass shooter Connor made no attempt to hide his hatred of Trump,his full support for socialist Democrat Partyleader US Senator Elizabeth Warner,his openly admitting he was a pro-Satan leftist,who wrote on his Twitter profile a description of himself stating:"he/him/anime fan/metalhead/leftist/i'm going to hell and i'm not coming back"—and who kept a"hit list"and"rape list".

这份报告详细介绍了埃尔帕索大规模枪击案凶手帕特里克·克鲁修斯(Patrick Crusius)最重要的一点,那就是在他被捕后,他在社交媒体上的形象神秘地从自称是民主党人变成了共和党人,他在开始疯狂杀戮之前发布的"宣言"显示,他根本没有指责特朗普的所作所为,但他确实把自己描述成一个反移民的狂热分子,认为美国正在被非法外国人蹂躏和摧毁,代顿大规模枪击案凶手康纳没有试图掩饰他对特朗普的仇恨,他全力支持社会主义民主党领袖美国参议员伊丽莎白·沃纳,他公开承认自己是一名亲撒旦的左派分子,他在自己的 Twitter 个人简介中写道:"//动漫迷/铁杆粉丝/左派分子/我要下地狱,我不会回来了"——他还保留着一份"暗杀名单""强奸名单"

特朗普表现出“Deep State”,也有“上帝之音”枪手

Anti-social 21-year-old mass shooter Patrick Crusius fits profile for CIA mind controlled assassin…


特朗普表现出“Deep State”,也有“上帝之音”枪手

…as did anti-social 24-year-old mass shooter Connor Betts.


Making young men CIA mind-controlled mass shooters like Crusius and Betts more easily controllable,this report explains,are"microwave auditory effect"weapons—the research of which began in the US in 1961when subjects were discovered to be able to hear appropriately pulsed microwave radiation,from a distance of a few inches to hundreds of feet from the transmitter—by the 1990's saw the US military expanding the power and reach of these"mind speaking weapons"—in 2007 saw the US military deploying in Iraq a device that projects voices into your head to make you think God is speaking to you they called"The Voice Of God"weapon—and just this past week,saw it being revealed that the US military has developed an even more powerful mind-control device—a weapon using a phenomenon of physics called the Laser-Induced Plasma formation which fires a powerful laser that creates a ball of plasma,then,a second laser works to oscillate the plasma creating sound waves"which can zap messages into enemies'minds from hundreds of miles aways".

这份报告解释说,让像克鲁修斯和贝茨这样的中情局精神控制的大规模射击者更容易控制是"微波听觉效应"武器ーー这项研究始于1961年美国,当时研究对象被发现能够听到适当脉冲的微波辐射 2007年,美国军方在伊拉克部署了一种装置,能在你的脑海中发出声音,让你觉得上帝在对你说话,他们称之为"上帝之声"武器-据透露,美国军方已经开发出一种更强大的精神控制装置——一种利用激光诱导等离子体形成这一物理现象的武器。激光诱导等离子体形成能够发射出一束强大的激光,产生一团等离子体。然后,第二束激光通过振荡等离子体产生声波,"这种声波可以把信息从几百英里外的地方传送到敌人的脑中"

特朗普表现出“Deep State”,也有“上帝之音”枪手

The likelihood that two mass shooters would appear within hours of each other on the same day—most particularly with one's actions being able to be blamed on President Trump,while the other one's can be blamed on his"Deep State"socialist enemies,this report notes,has odds approaching that of being able to see in this same time period flying unicorns and an elf army—in other words,not just improbable,but impossible.


Using the philosophical principle of"Occam's Razor",that says when there exist two explanations for an occurrence,the one that requires the least speculation is usually correct,however,this report points out,the more than obvious connection between these two mass shootings saw the"Deep State"using their mind-controlled mass shooter in bid to force President Trump to anger his Second Amendment gun rights supporters by forcing him to take needless draconian actions to curb their rights to own guns under leftist pressure—as nothing these demonic socialists have tried has split Trump from his followers—but whose second mass shooter showed the"Deep State"that Trump has his mind controlled mass shooters,too.

利用"Occam 的剃刀"的哲学原理,即当一件事情存在两种解释时,最不需要推测的解释通常是正确的,然而,这份报告指出,这两起大规模枪击事件之间的明显联系表明,"深州"使用他们精神控制的大规模枪击事件,迫使特朗普总统激怒他的第二修正案枪支权利支持者,迫使他在极端的社会主义压力下采取不必要的行动来限制他们拥有枪支的权利ーー这些邪恶的社会主义者从未尝试过把特朗普从他的追随者中分离出来ーー但他的第二次大规模枪击事件表明,特朗普也有他。

特朗普表现出“Deep State”,也有“上帝之音”枪手

Most fascinating in this SVR report is that following its redacted conclusion section,it lists an appendix detailing how the CIA has been able to illegally fund for decades its mind-control assassin project—an appendix that begins by noting the 24 September 2007 crash in Mexico of a CIA private jet carrying tons of cocaine—the full details of which were given to SVR investigators during their interrogation of Andrei Kovalchuk—the most mysterious person in the world who has no nationality or past—who,early last year,was arrested in Argentina trying to smuggle 600-pounds of cocaine into their country,and his saying the CIA was behind this massive drug-trafficking operation—a case quickly handed over by Argentina to Germany who,in turn,more than rapidly extradited him to Russia,as his only piece of identification was a fake Russian passport,but who had never lived in Russia before—and during whose SVR interrogations,saw him detailing the CIA's main global cocaine smuggling routes over this past year—which enabled Spain to make the largest cocaine bust in their history—the United States to make the largest cocaine bust in their history worth over$1 billion—and Germany to make the largest cocaine bust in their history worth over$1.3 billion—thus crippling the"Deep State"aligned factions in the CIA being able to finance their secret and deadly projects—and who now have against them a President Trump who's just shown he can be as ruthless and deadly as they are.

这份 SVR 报告最吸引人的地方在于,在编辑过的结论部分之后,它列出了一个附录,详细说明了中央情报局几十年来是如何非法资助其精神控制刺客项目的。附录一开始记录了2007924日一架载有数吨可卡因的中央情报局(CIA)私人飞机在墨西哥坠毁的事件,其全部细节都是在 SVR 调查人员审问 Andrei kovalchuk 时提供给他的。Andrei kovalchuk 是世界上最神秘的人,没有国籍,也没有过去,去年早些时候,他在阿根廷被捕,当时他试图将600磅的可卡因走私到他们的国家。他说,中央情报局是这次大规模毒品走私行动的幕后黑手ーー阿根廷很快就将这起案件移交给了德国,德国迅速将他引渡回俄罗斯,因为他唯一的身分证是一本假的俄罗斯护照,但他以前从未在俄罗斯居住过ーー在对外情报局的审讯期间,他被引渡到了俄罗斯,他详细介绍了中央情报局过去一年的主要全球可卡因走私路线,这使西班牙成功破获了其历史上规模最大的可卡因走私案件;美国破获了其历史上规模最大、价值超过10亿美元的可卡因案件;德国破获了其历史上规模最大、价值超过13亿美元的可卡因案件;从而削弱了中央情报局内与"深州"(Deep State)结盟的派系为其秘密和致命项目提供资金的能力;现在,特朗普总统正在与他们作对,他刚刚证明。

特朗普表现出“Deep State”,也有“上帝之音”枪手


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