X22报道|第2622集: 所有的碎片聚集在一起,没有人玩这个游戏得到免费通行证

2021年11月9日16:45:42揭露宇宙X22报道|第2622集: 所有的碎片聚集在一起,没有人玩这个游戏得到免费通行证已关闭评论404字数 1440阅读4分48秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2622集: 所有的碎片聚集在一起,没有人玩这个游戏得到免费通行证

Ep. 2622a – All The Pieces Are Coming Together, Buckle Up, A New World Is Approaching

Ep. 2622a-所有的碎片都聚集在一起,系上安全带,一个新的世界正在接近

Ep. 2622b – A Year Is Almost Up, Nobody Playing The Game Gets A Free Pass, Nobody




The fed is now confirming that the economy is recovering, it is in pretty good shape, this is what they said right before the 2009-2009 crash. [CB] ready to close another gas pipeline while fuel prices are moving up. The infrastructure bill will cost jobs and hand over the electric vehicle market to the Chinese. Another Fed governor resigns, four positions open. Thiel warns Bitcoin is an indicator of inflation. Buckle up, rough road ahead.



The [DS] is panicking, Trump has all the leverage and is exposing the [DS] so all can see. Trump continually reminds the people that is almost a year since [JB] has been office. What is so important about a year? The storm is coming, we will most likely hear the shot heard around the world. Nobody playing the game gets a free pass.



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