X22报道|第2742集: 人民将引领新经济体制的道路,深层国家体制的暴露与毁灭

2022年4月5日16:49:12最新动态X22报道|第2742集: 人民将引领新经济体制的道路,深层国家体制的暴露与毁灭已关闭评论6022字数 1295阅读4分19秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2742集: 人民将引领新经济体制的道路,深层国家体制的暴露与毁灭

Ep. 2742a – The Biden Admin/[CB] Have Failed, The People Will Lead The Way To A New Economic System


Ep. 2742b – [DS] System Exposed And Destroyed Piece By Piece, Booms En Route

第2742b 号-[ DS ]系统一片一片地暴露和破坏,爆炸在途中



The people around the world are feeling the pain from the [CB], the people will not be able to take much more of this, they will reach the precipice. The [CB]/Biden admin are trying to control the economic fallout but it is not working, in the end the people will push the new economic system.

世界各地的人们都感受到了来自[ CB ]的痛苦,人们将无法承受更多的痛苦,他们将到达悬崖边缘。(CB)/拜登(Biden)领导层正试图控制经济影响,但没有奏效,最终人民将推动新的经济体系。


The [DS] is doing everything they possibly can to stop Putin from exposing their operation in Ukraine. The patriots are exposing and removing the [DS] system piece by piece, nothing can stop this. By the time this is all done the D’s and the [DS]/Fake News/Big Tech will cease to exist the way they are today. The people are seeing it all play-out in real time, it’s like watching a movie.



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