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An orthopaedic surgeon who did 14 years of training has lost his 19 year career due to a severe jab reaction. This two minute video is heart-wrenching. Please pass it on.
It seems that 100% of the jab deaths have come from 5% of the jab vials. In other words, it has been 'Russian Roulette' as to whether you were jabbed with saline or the deadly brew. 
似乎100% 的注射死亡来自5% 的注射瓶。换句话说,你是否被注射了生理盐水或致命的啤酒已经成为了俄罗斯轮盘。
If you look at this situation from the 40,000 foot perspective - that small percentage of people who took the deadly jab AGREED to do it as part of their soul contract. Before they incarnated, they volunteered to participate in the Great Awakening of humanity. Their shocking jab experience would help wake people up to the TRUTH about the dark forces plan for this planet. And meanwhile they had the immense privilege of being on Earth during this extraordinary Ascension - something that has never happened before in ANY universe.
Imagine how unbelievably horrific it could have been if those numbers were reversed? 95% deaths. That is exactly what the [D]eep [S]tate wanted, and it is exactly what the Alliance has prevented. Thank God for the Alliance, both on and off planet.
想象一下,如果这些数字颠倒过来,会有多么令人难以置信的恐怖?95% 的死亡率。这正是深州想要的,也正是联盟阻止的。感谢上帝赐予我们联盟,无论是在星球上还是星球外。
How do we Light Warriors bear the burden of what we know about the jab? Well, I can only share my own perspective. Firstly, I would be completely lost right now without my Voices for Freedom family. As each day gets tighter and more confusing, these loving souls are my rock. Secondly, I remember Master Hilarion saying many years ago that the best way to ascend is to feel your way through the journey, moment by moment. I am doing my best to follow this advice, although I do have regular wobbles.
Blog reader Randy wrote a lovely comment - he said that he makes constant path adjustments to keep up with the incoming energies (I am para-phrasing). Me too. I am constantly re-grouping, slightly adjusting my path to cater for how I am feeling and the unexpected events that occur every day. Both aspects - emotions and daily plans - are in a highly fluid state. Deep acceptance of this 'new normal' is gradually coming. Letting go of the 'old normal' has been a challenging and painful experience at times.
This long post by Relentless Truth is well worth reading to understand the complexity - and depth - of the US [D]eep [S]tate.
The media reporting of celebrities and politicans getting the virus while double-jabbed could be two- fold. Firstly, it awakens people to the fact that the jab DOES NOT WORK. Secondly, it alerts Light Warriors that another DS traitor has been arrested - positive virus result is thought to be code for arrests.
媒体对名人和政客感染病毒的报道可能是双重的。首先,它唤醒人们意识到这样一个事实: 注射根本不起作用。其次,它警告光勇士,另一个 DS 叛徒已被逮捕-阳性病毒结果被认为是逮捕代码。
Great news. The Virginia governor election was a victory for the Light and the Red Wave! Meet their amazing new Lieutenant Governor.
Love Florida Governor Ron DeSantis - in this video, he called it 'the Brandon administration'.
热爱佛罗里达州州长罗恩 · 德桑提斯-在这段视频中,他称之为“布兰登政府”。
Love this gutsy British truth journalist who destroyed John Kerry at the Climate BS conference (my title).
我喜欢这位勇敢的英国真相记者,他在气候 BS 会议上击败了约翰 · 克里(我的头衔)。
A reminder of the TRUTH about our world President. You won't see this meme in the MSM.
一个关于我们世界总统的真相的提醒。你不会在 MSM 中看到这个迷因。
Finally, a meme that sums up the winning. Oh, and rumors are hot around the Capitol that [P]elosi will resign along with a slew of her fellow Dems after yesterday's win in Virginia. Bring it on...!
最后,一个总结了胜利的迷因。哦,在昨天赢得弗吉尼亚州的选举后,国会大厦里谣言四起,说佩洛西将和她的一大批民主党同僚一起辞职。放马过来... !
Yesterday sure was eventful and fun wasn't it frens?
It's almost like the Great Awakening is working.
#Winning # 胜利 @GrrrGraphics @ grrrgraphics

My friend in Minnesota reports that nine big military transport planes flew over his house last night. NINE. Translation: Alliance military in FULL control.

我在明尼苏达州的朋友报告说,昨晚有九架大型军用运输机从他家上空飞过。九.翻译过来就是: 联盟军队完全控制。

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