X22报道|第2654集: 爱国者经济对策到位,“深层国家”一旦暴露将不复存在

2021年12月17日16:25:20最新动态X22报道|第2654集: 爱国者经济对策到位,“深层国家”一旦暴露将不复存在已关闭评论3012字数 1462阅读4分52秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2654集: 爱国者经济对策到位,“深层国家”一旦暴露将不复存在

Ep. 2654a – [CB] Begins Controlled Economic Narrative, Patriot Economic Countermeasures In Place

2654a -[ CB ]开始受控制的经济叙事,爱国者经济对策就位

Ep. 2654b – Message Received, Trust The Plan, The [DS]/[D]s Will Cease To Exist Once It’s All Exposed

Ep. 2654b-信息收到,相信计划,[ DS ]/[D ]s将不复存在,一旦全部暴露



The Build Back better plan is doomed for 2021, Manchin will not agree to it. The [CB] is now pushing the idea that cargo ships with sails will work instead of fossil fuel. Fed hides the inflation projection. The [CB] is now pushing the narrative for the collapse, they have begun pushing against alternate currency.

重建更好的计划在2021年注定失败,曼钦不会同意这个计划。[ CB ]现在正在推动这样一个想法: 装有帆的货船将取代化石燃料。美联储隐藏了通胀预测。(CB)现在正在推动崩盘的说法,他们已经开始反对使用替代货币。


The [DS] is now running to problems, everything they throw at Trump comes back to hit them. The J6 unselect committee was caught changing text messages, Cheney read out of text messages had the opposite effect. This is now about a 4 year election, this is about exposing the [DS]/[D]s to the world. Once this is done they will cease to exist. Scavino sends another message, Trust the Plan, we are on track and the fireworks are going to begin .

现在(DS)遇到了麻烦,他们扔给特朗普的每一样东西都会反过来击中他们。J6非选举委员会被抓到改变短信,切尼读出短信有相反的效果。这是一个为期4年的选举,这是关于向全世界展示[ DS ]/[ D]s的选举。一旦这样做,他们将不复存在。斯加维诺发出了另一个信息: 相信我们的计划,我们已经步入正轨,烟火即将开始。


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