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X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted for Accuracy)
X22报告(C-VINE 审核准确性)


When'Law&Order'Is In Place,Truth Prevails


X22报告解读|我将恢复法律和秩序While at a'virtual'convention in Milwaukee,Joe Biden accepted the Democratic nomination for president.Can people actually rally behind Joe Biden with his dementia-like symptoms?The Media creates fake polls telling the people he is in the lead and he is beating Trump.Some will believe it.


But we know Biden is not the final candidate.What is the move-over plan?The DS had to create a narrative and that narrative is racism.Combine that with a well-known name and a woman of color and you have someone like Michelle Obama.Those on the left will get behind this candidacy.


In the beginning,the media hid Biden's illness.Once the V.P.has accepted the nomination,the media will then capitalize on the illness.At this time,a replacement for Biden will be accepted and embraced.Remember,HRC just doesn't go away.


All the while the DS was trying to take down Trump,he was setting up a system to take down the media.Q told us there will be additional social media platforms,Parler being one of them.(Parler.com)Facts and truth will allow the people to see how they have been lied to and manipulated into believing their lies.It's not going to go well for Twitter,Facebook and other Social Media platforms when all of this is exposed.

DS 试图扳倒特朗普的过程中,他建立了一个系统来扳倒媒体。Q 告诉我们将会有更多的社交媒体平台,Parler 就是其中之一。(Parler.com)事实和真相会让人们看到他们是如何被欺骗,如何被操纵去相信他们的谎言的。当所有这些都暴露出来的时候,对于 TwitterFacebook 和其他社交媒体平台来说不会有什么好结果。

AG Bill Barr has ongoing investigations of all the major internet platforms.He plans to make a decision in the next few weeks about what actions to take on censorship.We are being banned,censored,even the president,over opinion the media doesn't like.They think if they do this,they will shut out the truth but the truth has a way of showing itself.


The Silent Majority is speaking out.Dozens of business within the Autonomous Zone filed a 56 page class action lawsuit against the city of Seattle.They are seeking unspecified damages,to be determined at trial.Who's paying for the mess now that the thugs are leaving?The bill should go to those individuals as well as mayors and governors who allowed the mess.They should pay and if they cannot,they should go to prison.


What we are seeing in the streets is the true agenda of Democrats and Rino's,alike.They fight dirty,they don't follow the rule of law,they don't care about cities,states and the residents there.


Adam Schiff filed an amendment which prohibits the use of any Armed Force to protect cities under seige.He is part of the DS and they are going to be pushing riots.They don't want any military,National Guard or police to protects the people.This is the Democrat Party,Folks!Will the senate pass it?Will Trump sign it?

亚当·希夫提交了一份修正案,禁止使用任何武装力量来保护被攻击的城市。他是 DS 的一部分,他们将要推动暴乱。他们不希望任何军队、国民警卫队或警察来保护人民。各位,这是民主党!元老院会通过吗?特朗普会签字吗?

X22报告解读|我将恢复法律和秩序Bill DeBlasio is supporting the painting of'Black Lives Matter'on the streets in front of Trump Tower?Why are they attacking Trump?The mayors and governors are the ones allowing racism in their cities,not Trump.But we know he is standing back allowing the people to see who is creating this lawlessness.

比尔·德布拉西奥(Bill DeBlasio)支持在特朗普大厦(Trump Tower)前的街道上画"黑人的生命很重要"(Black Lives Matter)?他们为什么要攻击特朗普?允许种族主义存在于城市中的是市长和州长,而不是特朗普。但是我们知道他是站在后面,让人们看到是谁在制造这种无法无天的状态。

BLM is NOT a non-profit organization.Act Blue Charities collects the funds for Black Lives Matter Global Network,then send this money,allegedly,to another charity called Thousand Currents,which runs BLM as a fiscal sponsorship.


They are sending this money to'Weather Underground,'a terrorist group led by convict Susan Rosenberg.Clinton pardoned Susan Rosenberg his last day in office.(Google Susan Rosenberg).Riots are coordinated and planned and use the same individuals throughout the country.When donations come in to BLM,they go to support the democratic presidential candidates.

他们把这笔钱捐给"地下气象"组织,这是一个由苏珊·罗森伯格(susanrosenberg)领导的恐怖组织。克林顿赦免了苏珊·罗森博格在任的最后一天。(谷歌苏珊·罗森伯格)。全国各地的骚乱都是由同一个人协调、策划和使用的。当捐款进入 BLM,他们去支持民主党总统候选人。

The BLM leader says,"If U.S.doesn't give us what we want,then we will burn down this system and replace it."BLM is about destroying America.


Now that Jay Clayton replaced SDNY's Berman,we will see crimes against humanity exposed.Epstein,Clinton Foundation,Ukraine to name a few.Trump named a woman who was saved in Honduras from human trafficking.Could she be key in breaking this wide open?The names of those involved will shock the world!


The Dept.of State tweeted out the following:'This year's Trafficking in Persons Report highlights governments that have failed to fulfill their commitments to protect victims,and instead are acting as traffickers themselves.


X22报告解读|我将恢复法律和秩序POTUS keeps tweeting out'LAW&ORDER?'Could it be indictments are happening?Countermeasures are in place everywhere!Patriots have their playbook and are using it against them.We will win!



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