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阿斯塔|只听从你的内心Dear brothers of the planet Earth! I am Ashtar!

亲爱的地球兄弟们! 我是阿斯塔!

Today I will not bring you news, ideas, teachings. We are reaching a point in this walk, where each one of you already knows what you should know. Those of you who feel that you don’t know anything yet, or that you still have a lot to learn, I would say just start listening or reading again, all the teachings. There is not much more to be said, there is not much to be explained, there is not much to be promised. You all know that you are moving towards the great moment. Many understand this great moment as the ascension; that is not the moment we are referring to, it is the great moment of the awakening of humanity. When that day comes, then yes, you will be able to say that you are counting down the days to reach the Fifth Dimension; where from then on, everything will be equal.

今天我不会给你们带来新闻、思想、教诲。我们正在达到这一步,你们每个人都已经知道你们应该知道什么。如果你们中有些人觉得自己还什么都不懂,或者还有很多东西要学,我建议你们重新开始聆听或者阅读,所有的教诲。没有什么可说的,没有什么可解释的,没有什么可承诺的。你们都知道你们正朝着伟大的时刻前进。许多人将这一伟大时刻理解为提升; 这不是我们所指的时刻,而是人类觉醒的伟大时刻。当那一天到来时,那么是的,你将能够说你正在倒计时到达第五维度的日子; 从那时起,一切都将是平等的。

Everyone will know everything, everyone will have equal opportunity to know the truth. There will be no more hiding, no more camouflaging. Each one will be able to see, hear and understand what will be shown, what will be explained. The decision of the journey will be up to each one. Where to go, what to do? The decision will be up to each one of you. If you start making your own decisions for the sake of others, that will also be your choice, nobody will change it. Just never forget that nothing is guaranteed that you will be together in the next step, whatever it is; either to the Fifth Dimension or to another orb in the Third.


The decision has to be unique and isolated. Each soul that is incarnated on the planet at this time, knows exactly what they have come to and what will happen. Each soul has already made its choice, each soul has already made its decision. Of course, decisions can be changed, either for good or for bad, and each and every new decision will be respected. So none of you really knows what your soul has decided.


So the time now is for preparation, the time is to put yourself in the service of the Light, is to put yourself vibrating high. Because I tell you, even those souls who have decided not to pass in the physical body, depending on their vibration as consciousness, may change their mind and be more than ready for ascension physically. So nothing is set, everything can be changed. It is up to each of you now, to look within, to look into your hearts, to listen to your own hearts. Many of you are still saying, that you don’t know how to do it, that you can’t do it.


So I tell you: Everything that is done with love and with a pure intention is accomplished. If there is the slightest percentage of doubt, it doesn’t happen. So the moment you believe that it is possible, you can do it. I only say, do it with a certain speed, for there is not much time. Each one will receive the energy according to his consciousness, according to his vibration. It is as if by receiving this great energy from the Central Sun, you will be propelled forward. It won’t be surprising if some move into the Fifth Dimension automatically.

所以我告诉你们: 一切带着爱和纯粹的意愿去做的事情都已经完成了。即使有一点点的怀疑,也不会发生。所以当你相信这是可能的时候,你就可以做到。我只是说,以一定的速度去做,因为时间不多了。每个人都将根据自己的意识,根据自己的振动,接收能量。就好像通过接受来自中央太阳的巨大能量,你们将被推进前进。如果有些人自动进入第五维度,这并不奇怪。

Then everything will be proportional to what you are vibrating. Those who vibrate low, will receive energy proportional to their vibration; those who vibrate high will also receive energy proportional to their vibration. Some will ascend several levels on that pyramid, ascend several meters on that climb, walk several kilometers on that road, no matter how you see the path to ascension. Each one will be propelled according to what they have practiced, according to what they have planted.

然后一切都将成比例,你正在振动什么。那些低振动的人,将获得与他们的振动成比例的能量; 那些高振动的人也将获得与他们的振动成比例的能量。有些人会在那座金字塔上爬上几层,在那条路上爬上几米,在那条路上行走几公里,不管你如何看到提升的路径。每一个人都会根据他们所实践的,根据他们所种植的而被推动。

So, if you still plant doubt, if you still plant mistrust, imagine what you’ll get; almost nothing, because these feelings are very powerful negatively speaking. Now he who trusts, he who believes, he who knows… he doesn’t know how he knows, but he knows that he knows; they will be pushed very far forward, or upward, as you like. The time for fear is over, the time for doubt is over, the time for depending on others’ opinions is over.

所以,如果你仍然植入怀疑,如果你仍然植入不信任,想象一下你会得到什么; 几乎什么都没有,因为这些感觉在消极的意义上是非常强大的。现在,信任的人,相信的人,知道的人... ... 他不知道他是怎么知道的,但是他知道他知道; 他们会被推动得很远,或者向上,如果你喜欢的话。恐惧的时代结束了,怀疑的时代结束了,依赖他人意见的时代结束了。

The time is now to listen to your own heart, to listen to your own soul. Seek this, nothing more. For the moment you seek all this from the heart, the door will open and all the rest will come to you. You have already gained many tools, and you are putting them all together in a box and putting them in the basement. What good did it do, then, to get the tools? Use each one of them. How many times? As many as you want, they were given to you for this purpose, to support you in this whole process.


Many do not believe, have lost faith, have lost hope of what is to come. To those I just say: Be careful not to equate yourself with those who know nothing and are just living in their own little world. Your ascent, your impulse will be almost null. Because you don’t believe in anything else; and it is no use just saying that you believe. Belief, faith, are in the heart; they are energies that make the heart glow, there is no fooling the heart. You are not fooling us, you are fooling yourselves.

许多人不相信,已经失去了信心,已经对将来失去了希望。对于这些人,我只是说: 小心不要把自己等同于那些什么都不知道,只是生活在自己的小世界里的人。你的上升,你的冲动将几乎是零。因为你不相信任何别的东西,而且仅仅说你相信是没有用的。信念,信念,存在于心中; 它们是能量,使心灵发光,没有什么可以愚弄心灵。你们不是在愚弄我们,你们是在愚弄自己。

The greater the energy in your heart, the greater your momentum, and proportionally the opposite. So be ready to go up or be ready to stay where you are. We are just observing. We don’t take any action, the decisions are purely up to you. Act so that you don’t regret later the not done, the not believed. There is still a little time. Search your own hearts, not the hearts of others. Only then will you be prepared for the big push that will come.


**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

* * 频道: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation to English by EraofLight.com

* * 翻译成英文作者: eraoflight. com



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