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瑞典银河真理报|2020/11/18 是时候专注于为转变做好准备了20201118

by Thérèse Zumi Sumner

I fell into a little trap yesterday.After seeing 30 minutes of the evening news I was ready to scream out loud"why don't they just tell us all,that they have decided to end this scamdemic by arranging for doses of poison to be delivered to all of the chemists in Sweden,so that we can go there now,pick up our dose and be ready to take part in the collective worldwide suicide ritual at the end of this month."That might put an end to the scamdemic.The scare programming has reached beyond all proportions here.At least 12 times daily in 30 minute sessions,everyone is programmed with such an amount of diverse propaganda,all with the same goal in mind,to keep the sheep gathered in their fenced in fields and keep them docile and completely stupid and willing to accept anything.


I was listening to a wonderful Swedish medium speaking today.She made it clear that Swedish people up until about 20 years ago have been trained to trust and accept from early childhood that the State fixes everything.This is why Sweden has had less restrictions earlier.They know that Swedish people will follow the rules and so do not need to be'forbidden'to move about etc.like other cultures with more inherent'defiance'among the people.They are provided with'recommendations'and they follow them religiously,or at least they have done so up until recently.


The above information was of course not new to me.Moving from the Republic of Ireland to Sweden in 1972 was like moving from one planet to another.EVERYTHING was so organized and'perfect'.Every need for every citizen was taken care of from the cradle to the grave and I could quickly gain an understanding as to why religion held very little interest to anyone here.And I soon understood that this was probably the most secularised country on the planet.An amazing prison!Nothing much to complain about.No worries!


However,the State here being influenced by all of the EU deep state controllers is increasing restrictions on all levels by the hour.I won't go into the boring details,but the propaganda is TOTAL believe me.


This is what I now believe to be true.


I do NOT believe that this madness can ever stop until the entire worldwide cabal groups are arrested and that will be at the time of The Event.


Also regarding the truth about the US elections.


I do NOT believe that the truth that DT is holding onto will be released until The Event.

我不相信 DT 所坚持的真相会被释放直到事件发生。

Just think about it.How could DT and his group of allies ever get mainstream media to tell any of this truth?Do you really believe that the cabal will allow that?

想想吧。DT 和他的盟友们怎么能让主流媒体说出这些真相呢?你真的相信秘社会允许吗?

The whole situation regarding this fraudulent election and not in least the control over humanity created by this scamdemic can ONLY BE totally resolved at The Event.


Who will create THE EVENT?Well by now you ought to know the answer to that is WE WILL!


You heard what Archangel Michael said about this in#286...if enough of us decide that we want peace on Earth we can have it within a day!He also said,"It is not about winning,unless everybody,yes,all 8 billion win."


Now you are all aware that there is a meditation about to take place on December 21st which is aimed at being the FINAL PUSH into the Age of Aquarius.



We must decide now~you within your heart~me within my heart~that that is indeed THE FINAL MEDITATION to carry us across the Bridge to the Age of Aquarius with all that that will mean inherently.Please join me in making that decision now!Allow no other thought to interfere in that belief!


My God has this taken time!


But we didn't know~for goodness sake not even the Ascended Masters knew the whole truth~until around 2014-2015,what the full extent of the truth was regarding the equipment~technology~evil control held by the archons and the chimera.


The process was so painstakingly slow for the Galactic Confederation~Ashtar Command~Résistance Movement because of the depth of the darkness and the danger of the weapons that they controlled us with.Not in least,there were so many unknown hostage situations that had to be continually dealt with strategically so as not to delay things even more.As C said many years ago dealing with these beings was like dealing with mad dogs.Indeed some of these beings could not be dealt with via communication with humans at all,they had to have the wisdom of higher dimensional knowledge'negotiating'with them.


In this war we know now that things have reached a very different place.I won't go into any details you can read them in Cobra's updates.


You will need to be very clear about the fact that C cannot divulge all of the details about the present level of this war.


If you do not understand this,then think again!


I have decided that I will now avoid watching any more propaganda about this scamdemic.


I have been promised by Divine Mother Herself that this vaccine from hell will NOT be administered to humanity.


The whole truth about the scamdemic and the US elections will be revealed at the time of The Event.


When will The Event take place?


I have adamantly explained to my Guides that I do not wish to know'when'until possibly the last few hours prior to IT.


Does the Final Age of Aquarius meditation have to take place prior to The Event?Answer~not necessarily.


We could be doing this meditation on the'other side of the Bridge'.


Could Mother make the decision to give the'green light'prior to this meditation?Answer~Yes that's possible.


She will give the'green light'when we are ready!


Hear what Michael just said recently"There is no question on our side about whether you are ready.You have been ready for a long time.So,come with me,please,and wage peace,anchor love,and remember joy.I am with you.I am always with you.Go with my love.Farewell"


PS:Do NOT allow your body's immune system to be diluted and lowered because you are feeling anger,despair,worry or concern about the global scamdemic situation and the programming.


Focus ONLY instead upon being ready for change.Its time!


Mother wants Peace and Peace She will Have.




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