X22报告|第2665集: 体制被操纵,针对儿童的犯罪是共同点

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[DS]正好掉进了爱国者的陷阱。如果你知道Covid 剧本,如果你知道他们会推动测试让每个人都接种疫苗,如果暴露疫苗是传播和感染 Covid,会发生什么。这就是正在发生的事情,[ DS ]没有出路,大流行已经结束。特朗普现在正在给 [DS] 带来痛苦

X22报告|第2665集: 体制被操纵,针对儿童的犯罪是共同点

Ep. 2665a – The System Is Rigged, Watch The Corrupt Politicians & You Will See The Economic Truth

Ep. 2665a-体制被操纵,注意腐败的政客&你会看到经济真相

Ep. 2665b – Crimes Against Children=Common Denominator, Expect More, Clear Your Mind, Heal

Ep. 2665b – 针对儿童的犯罪 = 共同点,期望更多,清除你的思想,治愈



The fake news cannot keep up the lies, one minute the economy is falling apart, the next they get instructions from [JB] White House to say the economy looks great, then they return to the economy is failing. Food shortages coming. The politicians are corrupt, they have the inside track.

这些假新闻无法继续编造谎言,前一分钟经济还在崩溃,下一分钟他们就从[ JB ]白宫得到指示,说经济看起来很好,然后他们又回到经济正在衰退的状态。食物短缺即将来临。那些政客是腐败的,他们有内应。


The [DS] fell right into the patriots trap. What if you know the covid playbook, what if you know they will push testing to get everyone vaccinated, what happens if it exposes the vaccinated as transmitting and getting covid. This is what is happening and the [DS] has no way out, the pandemic is finished. Trump is now inflicting pain on the [DS] showing what they have done was a disaster and it had nothing to do with the virus but their agenda. Maxwell was found guilty, one lead to another and another. Crimes against children= common denominator. It’s time for the people to heal and to go after the [DS]. The hunt is on.

[DS]正好掉进了爱国者的陷阱。如果你知道Covid 剧本,如果你知道他们会推动测试让每个人都接种疫苗,如果暴露疫苗是传播和感染 Covid,会发生什么。这就是正在发生的事情,[ DS ]没有出路,大流行已经结束。特朗普现在正在给 [DS] 带来痛苦,表明他们的所作所为是一场灾难,与病毒无关,而是他们的议程。麦克斯韦尔被判有罪,一条线索接着另一条线索。针对儿童的犯罪 = 共同特征。是时候让人们去治愈,去追逐[ DS ]了。狩猎开始了。


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