Nyla Nguyen|麦克斯韦解密,卡巴尔玩家调查,GESARA新闻,排毒与C60

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Nyla Nguyen|麦克斯韦解密,卡巴尔玩家调查,GESARA新闻,排毒与C60

By  3D to 5D Con  Consciousness 



I'm talking about the G.Maxwell documents being unsealed confirming what we already know regarding the men who have visited Epstein island.Donald Trump Jr's Twitter account was suspended,leading to another Executive order to be placed for social media giants.Find out which Deep State players are now under investigation.The hunters have become the hunted.China is battling major natural disasters by epic proportions,if the 3 Gorges dam collapses,it will be the end of the Cabal&China.More GESARA news and how to detox your body with C60 olive oil.

我说的是麦克斯韦的文件被公开,证实了我们已经知道的关于那些去过爱泼斯坦岛的人的事实。小唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump Jr) Twitter 账户被暂停,导致另一项针对社交媒体巨头的行政命令被下达。找出哪些深州球员正在接受调查。猎人变成了猎物。天朝正在以史诗般的规模与重大自然灾害作斗争----如果SX大坝崩溃,那将是阴谋集团和天朝的末日。更多的 GESARA 新闻以及如何用 C60橄榄油排毒你的身体

[OpDis Editor Note: Nyla Nguyen provides her opinion on various topics relating to Deep State Cabal corruption and also topics relating to health and spirituality.

[OpDis 编者按:Nyla Nguyen就与深州阴谋集团腐败有关的各种主题以及与健康和精神有关的主题提供了她的意见]



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