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"People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it."


Greatness would never be found in possessions,power,position,or prestige.It was discovered in goodness,humility,service and character.As we embarked on this opportunity to do good in the world,remember that you were a Child of God who was sent to this earth to perform a special mission and only you through consultation with your Father in Heaven who sent you here,could decide what that great mission would be.


Judy Note:800#s could go out by Mon.morning 1 June to set appointments that were set to begin on that Mon.1 June–the same date that the transition to the Restored US Republic was scheduled to begin,and the same date as Iraq has said they would announce their new Dinar rate.


Evidently Intermediate Adjudicated Settlement and Tier 3-4a Accounts were released over the weekend,while Tier 4b(us,the Internet Group)would receive 800#notification no later than Mon.1 June–the Chinese Elder's mandated deadline given to Trump."RV Security Teams are Pushing"-Fleming Intel Update 5-30-20


Also on Mon.June 1 2020 was the start date for the new US Republic,with an official gold/asset-backed US Note announcement and complete conversion of the old Cabal Central Banking System to the new and transparent Quantum Financial System.An official public announcement of the new US Republic could come as early as 4 July 2020,or wait a few months until Sept.


Redemption and exchanges at Contract Rates would likely be available until the Tier 5 General Public release–expected mid June.



The RV teams were working hard this weekend to make all things ready for the unfolding of a series of release events starting Mon 1 June,including the beginning of the final GCR/RV liquidity release sequence,the start of redemption/exchanges,the removal of the Deep State SWIFT system from global banks that was being replaced by the QFS,and a series of legal and political restored Republic transitions bringing in Constitutional law and common law measures.


There had been a series of obstructions that slowed the release process down this past week of 24 May.A number of adjustments needed to be made that came out of discussions between the Trump team and the Chinese about a series of historic 1913 US railroad and water infrastructure bonds that were discovered in the St Louis Federal Reserve Bank basement by Judy Shelton(the overseer of the transition to the digital USN being accessed in the QFS)along with Mnuchin.


The USA and Chinese parties discussed mutual debt forgiveness through these bonds over three days last week Tues.-Thurs.26-28 May.Each bond was worth 150 metric tons of gold+interest,totaling over$236 trillion of value in all the bonds which were now serving for mutual debt forgiveness to the USA,China,and 7-8 other countries in Asia and Africa.


This past week Department of Defense security teams had to work through issues related to Covid-19 CDC measures for exchanges that nine Deep State Democrat state governors had insisted on,as well as travel restriction issues,and exchange-start border security issues.


This past week the security teams largely took care of these issues,but the Mon 1 June legal and political transitions would help alleviate many of these pandemic shutdown issues.


The 800#Call Center staff would answer all questions currency holders had related to traveling to and from Redemption Centers and any Travel Permission documents needed in states or regions with Pandemic restrictions still in place.Most currency holders should be able to say to any officer of the law that they are on"essential business"traveling to the bank and that should be sufficient reason to travel to appointments.


On Mon.1 June Iraq would be following a set of procedures with the USA&China to bring forth publicly the Dinar RV international rate.Iraq has notified the White House that they were ready to proceed with USA procedures on Mon.1 June.


Starting Mon.1 June the banks and eventually the public,would be re-educated on the new asset-backed USN replacing the fiat USD because the new Republic was coming in legally and politically requiring this education.


Right now the Federal Reserve and IRS digital ledgers were under control of the US Treasury and would be part of the Restored Republic phase of changes over the next 90 days(3 months).


Starting Mon.1 June there would be a series of programs for debt relief brought out nationally and internationally as GESARA/NESARA protocols were further implemented globally.


Over the past few weeks the US's$23-$27 trillion in debt was removed in the release process advanced by the Chinese Elders moving funds tied to Dragon Bonds(Yellow,Black and Red Dragon Bonds).


Since Thurs.21 May the Royals have been releasing funds from the Heritage Funds accounts that were now converted to digital asset-backed US Notes.


Mon.1 June was the beginning of removing the old Deep State SWIFT system from the banking system being replaced by the QFS digital ledgering system.


The Hong Kong monetary authority and BRICS countries needed the banks to get rid of the SWIFT system starting Mon.1 June.


Each US Tier 1 bank had a Department of Defense staff appointee responsible for that bank to be secure and ready on all levels for the release start Mon.1 June onward.


The Department of Defense would step in and take charge if the beginning of RV release of liquidity and political/legal transition was not started on Mon.1 June.


The DoD advises the UST,while the UST makes all the decisions on release sequences(under Judy Shelton's oversight and under Trump's direction).The DoD was giving the green light to the UST to move the RV release process forward,but the DoD indicated to certain Paymasters that the military and the DoD would step in and take charge if the final release start process was not started from Mon.1 June onward.


For reasons above we could be reasonably sure that the Mon.1 June start would happen as planned.RV release funds were already moving and have been moved into accounts to release liquidity to account holders and start exchanges Mon.–Tues.1,2 June.


POTUS was still under contractual agreement with the Chinese.He gave a mandate to the RV teams(DoD,UST,State Dept,WH teams)and Judy Shelton to move everything forward as quickly as possible,get everything prepared to start liquidity release,exchanges and the Republic funded,from Mon.1 June onward.

美国总统仍然与中国签订合同协议。他授权RV团队(国防部、UST、国务院、WH团队)Judy Shelton61日开始,尽快推进一切工作,为流动性释放、交易所和共和国注资做好一切准备。

The plan was for 800#s to be out from Mon.1 June to Mon.15 June.


The IMF did not want to push the date further out for the Mon.15 June public start so Trump and all RV teams were pushing hard this weekend to start exchanges ASAP to meet the IMF 15 June deadline.


This weekend there was a team of high level executives in Reno working out final adjustments to procedures and documents so that things could move forward on Mon.1 June.


If the DoD and security teams confirmed all was secure in the next 24 hours(from Sat.evening),the security codes would be given to Wells Fargo to send out emails as early as Sun.night 31 May in order to set appointments on Mon.1 June.


This was a goal and not a prediction.Be prepared.They wanted as many Zim holders as possible to go in and redeem Zim in the first four days after the 800#s and email notifications went out.


The final rates were expected to be locked in overnight Sun.night 31 May after the 2am Forex rate updated on Mon.morning 1 June.


All 209 participating countries'rates were pegged to either the USN or the Chinese Yuan rates right now.


Final payouts in USN were out to Tier 3 SKR holding groups,having finished Sat.30 May.


Final payouts were also going out to the intermediates adjudicated accounts(CMKX,Farm Claims,F&Ps,PPs,etc,consisting of nine different groups and eleven different programs being funded).These accounts were expected to receive full liquidity on Mon.1 June.


Mon.and Tues.1,2 June would be critical days for release of liquidity.The Reno inner and outer core groups were expecting liquidity on Mon.1 June too as promised to the top-level Paymasters of those groups.The Elders and IMF wanted guaranteed liquidity attached to Exotic Bonds to specialized funds on or about Tues.2 June.All paperwork for these releases was being finished over this weekend.


One thing Trump wanted in ZIM redemption and currency exchanges,which the Deep State Democrats have opposed,was no caps and limitations on ZIM redemption rates for the US.


Those in Europe have gotten 1.1-1.2 Euros per ZIM dollar without projects required as happened in pilot test runs this past week of Tier 4 currency holders exchanged and given full liquidity.


Trump was making sure that currency and ZIM holders with job creation and humanitarian projects to help create jobs and end homelessness and joblessness post-Covid-19 shutdown,would be treated with the most flexibility in higher rate requests and negotiations.


POTUS wanted ZIM holders post-redemption to help invest in job-creating,local economy stimulating,projects in their communities and states(e.g.,in one or more of HUD's 8,761 Opportunity Zones,areas of depressed local economies in each state and near your city,town,county needing private investment funds to create jobs).


POTUS wanted ZIM holders to do our part to invest in job creating projects that would help bring the economy back to life nationally,as the Federal govt invested trillions in infrastructure rebuilding.


At your first appointment if you wanted more than the default rate package on your currencies and ZIM(in a 15-30 min.appointment),you should be part of the 10%of currency holders who would ask for the higher Contract Rates(in which case they would extend your appointment to 90 minutes).


Be prepared to present your project(s)outline to the exchange bankers and/or choose among the list of 250 sanctioned projects that they would present you for higher rates(you could choose one or more of the 250 projects alongside,or instead of your projects for higher rates).


If you were not satisfied with the rate offered at the end of the 90-minute first appointment,just politely tell them so,and they would then give you an SKR(safe keeping receipt).You would immediately tell your assigned Wealth Manager to lead you through the steps after the first appointment during the next 72 hours(the legal recission period during which you could legally change any signed agreements).


Every currency holder would sign agreements at the first appointment like the rate agreement,the fees agreement,the NDA,etc.


Your SKR from your redemption/exchange would be good for six months,during which your assigned Wealth Manager would help you choose a trust company(Abbott Downing,Merrill Lynch,etc,or equivalent)and your WM and trust company team would be happy to negotiate for you for the higher rates that you requested after the first appointment.


The Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA)would be for 90 days,though the DoD security teams have said that they would extend the NDA for more than 90-days if there was reason to do so.For example if there were any signs that the currency holder may be connected to and hydrating Deep State criminal cartels or organizations or activities(drug running,human and child trafficking,money laundering for cartels or for terrorist and criminal organizations like Antifa,the mafia,MS-13,gun running,financial fraud Deep State connected ponzi schemes,etc).


The banks have indicated that there would be a document that you would be required to sign at the first appointment indicating that you were not tied to terrorist,criminal groups or cartel activities(as above).


NSA and Homeland Security personnel at the first appointment would be observing each currency holder to monitor their reactions.Be transparent and do not act like you were hiding anything.


In last week's test exchanges they removed currency holders who were found tied to Deep State criminal organizations or activities.There would be special tracking of you post-exchange by NSA and Homeland Security to see if there were any signs that you might use the funds for nefarious activities(described above).


There would be no federal tax on Zim redemption or currency exchanges,but there may be state and local taxes depending on the state you lived in and depending on the nine or so states run by Deep State Democrat governors and state legislative bodies.


There would be Federal and state/local taxes on interest income after exchanges/redemptions going forward from Structured Payout programs and other forms of investment interest earned.


The DoD security teams were working on a list of about 12 items to be cleaned up this weekend,but in spite of the riots in many cities,the DoD security teams and UST were saying these items were"do-able"and not serious enough to delay the start of the multiple release events starting on Mon.1 June.


This weekend Trump,the DoJ and DoD were taking steps to stop the riots and Deep State agitators in their tracks.On Sat.30 May Trump called out Antifa and so did AG William Barr,who put down a hard boundary of promised arrest and prosecution if Deep State paid Antifa agitators try to keep their rioting agitation going in US cities(read QAnon posts from Sat.30 May on Qmap.pub;and google"BREAKING May 30:AG Barr blasts Antifa amid nationwide protests").

本周末,特朗普、美国司法部和国防部正在采取措施制止骚乱和"深州"煽动者。星期六。530日特朗普喊出了反法,AG William Barr也喊出了反法,如果"深州"雇佣反法煽动者试图在美国城市继续煽动暴乱,他们将被逮捕和起诉。530Qmap.pub;谷歌"530日爆炸案:AGBarr在全国范围内的抗议中炸毁Antifa")


Needless to say,the info was good.Please keep prayers going up over all RV teams who were finishing all this weekend in order to start all release/transition events on Mon.1 June.Keep the faith.


B.Judy Note on the Protests:Though domestic terrorism was taking place across the nation,Mass Media reports were hilarious on a protest held in my native Utah this week.I'd like to define what that protest was about,but with policeman Derek Chauvin already charged for allegedly murdering George Floyd,(per order of POTUS and Govenor Walz),not even the protestors seemed to know why they were there.

B.朱迪:尽管国内的恐怖主义活动在全国各地都有发生,但本周在我的家乡犹他州举行的一次抗议活动中,大众媒体的报道却十分滑稽。我想解释一下抗议是怎么回事,但由于警察德里克·肖万(Derek Chauvin)已被指控涉嫌谋杀乔治·弗洛伊德(George Floyd,根据美国总统和沃尔兹的命令),就连抗议者似乎也不知道他们为什么会在那里。

The Utah governor actually called up the National Guard for the maybe 20 or so who showed up for a peaceful protest against whatever at the State Capitol,while a couple of blocks away,a bunch of hippie kids were recorded on video as they got their high by turning over a police car.


I guess the governor was concerned about Antifa Cells Deep State agitators who were magically showing up in major US cities,not coincidentally all at the same time.Wonder if they're the same protest group of 40 or so whom Soros pays to bus from California twice a year to protest the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints'semi-annual General Conference–(as a group of Conference goers waiting in line to enter the Conference Center drown out their protests by singing hymns).Maybe the Antifa Cells were mad that they didn't get paid to protest our right to Freedom of Religion this Spring because April General Conference was enjoyed only by an extensive worldwide TV audience.

我猜,州长是担心反法细胞深州煽动者,他们神奇地出现在美国主要城市,并非巧合地全部在同一时间。不知道他们是否就是索罗斯每年两次花钱从加利福尼亚坐巴士来抗议耶稣基督后期圣徒教会半年一次的大会的那群抗议者(一群排队进入会议中心的会议参加者唱着赞美诗来压过他们的抗议)。今年春天,Antifa Cells抗议我们享有宗教自由的权利却没有得到报酬,这可能让Antifa Cells很生气,因为四月份的大会只有全世界的电视观众才能观看。

A curfew the SLC mayor just announced was also of little use.Temple Square was the heart of the city,closed because of Covid-19,and would close by 9-10 pm anyway.Utah was always dead after stores closed at night,with everyone off the streets by 9-10 pm.Little bars or night life here in Zion.Soros,who over the years has paid out millions to support protests on"no one-seemed-to-know topics"in Salt Lake,should realize by now that there's no one on the street to watch his out-of-towners protest whatever his topic was for that month.


No story for the Mass Media here,though they actually compared the Salt Lake City protests to ones in LA and New York.At least we made the headlines.They usually ignored anything we did out West–too peaceful here,I guess.https://www.rt.com/usa/490276-utah-national-guard-curfew/https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/30/protests-and-rioting-erupt-in-cities-across-the-us-as-anger-boils-after-the-killing-of-george-floyd.html




















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