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On May 14,Senator Ted Cruz(R-TX)gave a speech in support of Congress moving forward with the creation of Space Force as a new branch of the US military.Cruz gave an intriguing perspective on what the proposed new military branch would protect the country from–space pirates!


Cruz said the following in his Space Force speech at a hearing of the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation and Space,which he chairs:


Since the ancient Greeks first put to sea,nations have recognized the necessity of naval forces and maintaining a superior capability to protect waterborne travel and commerce from bad actors.Pirates threaten the open seas,and the same is possible in space.In this same way,I believe we,too,must now recognize the necessity of a space force to defend the nation and to protect space commerce and civil space exploration.




Cruz's implicit reference to"space pirates"quickly garnered much internet attention,particularly on Twitter's "“moments”news thread,where tweets of multiple people mocking him appeared.Cruz fired back at Jack Dorsey,creator of Twitter,for not giving equal coverage to his responses:

克鲁兹对"太空海盗"的含蓄提法迅速在互联网上引起了广泛关注,尤其是在 Twitter "瞬间"新闻帖子上,出现了多人嘲笑他的推文。克鲁兹还击了 Twitter 创始人杰克多尔西(Jack Dorsey),因为他没有对自己的回应给予同等的报道:


President Donald's Trump's proposed Space Force is currently being debated in the US Congress which is considering legislation officially creating it as a new military branch under the US Air Force.


The Pentagon has come out in support of Space Force being created,despite initial oppositionby the Secretary of the Air Force,Heather Wilson,and its Chief of Staff,David Goldfein.Patrick Shanahan,the Acting Secretary of Defense,has been the driving force behind the Pentagon getting behind Trump's proposal.

尽管最初遭到空军部长希瑟·威尔逊和参谋长大卫·戈尔德费恩的反对,五角大楼还是站出来支持建立太空部队。代理国防部长帕特里克·沙纳汉(Patrick Shanahan)一直是五角大楼支持特朗普提议的推动力。

A two stage process was outlined by the Pentagon on August 9,2018,for realizing Trump's goal.One of the four components in the first stage was was the elevation of the Air Force's current Space Command into one of the Pentagon's unified combatant commands.Currently there are ten combatant commands that are at the apex for command and control of different geographical regions and specific functions performed by all branches of the US military.


On March 27,2019,John William"Jay"Raymond,a four-star general who is the current head of Air Force Space Command(2016-),was proposed by President Trump to head up the new Space Command.

2019327日,美国总统特朗普提名现任空军太空司令部(2016-)负责人、四星上将约翰·威廉·"杰伊雷蒙德(John William"Jay"Raymond)领导新的太空司令部。

In his February 19,2019,Space Policy Directive 4,Trump proposed that legislation be created for the formal establishment of a Space Force as a separate military branch initially placed under the Department of the Air Force.Trump's desire for a separate Department of the Space Force,would be revisited at a later stage.


Legislation for Space Force was submitted to Congress in February by Secretary Shanahan and is currently being debated in various congressional committees,including Cruz's.The Space Force legislation is a major test for whether or not the new military branch has enough Congressional support to have its creation passed into law.


While the partisan nature of the current Congress makes any passage of policies proposed by Trump challenging,there is still strong bipartisan support for policies supported by the Pentagon.A letter of support from 43 former Pentagon officials is proving to be very influential in overcoming doubts expressed by members of Congress.The letter states that Space Force will:


…develop military space culture and ethos;recruit,train,educate,promote,and retain scientists,engineers,and warriors with world-class space skills and talent;advocate for space requirements and resources;develop space doctrine and operational art;develop,field,and deliver advanced space capabilities;and steward resources to sustain America's strategic advantage and preeminence in national security space activities.


Consequently,because Shanahan and other Pentagon officials are committed to the creation of Space Force,it's very likely that Congress will pass the proposed legislation and authorize its creation.


This finally brings us to Cruz's indirect reference to"space pirates".Was this just hyperbole for why Space Force is needed?


In his tweet to Dorsey,Cruz tried to walk back his comment by referring to the capability of major nations such as China to destroy satellites as his real point.However,according to multiple insider sources,the idea of the US having to defend itself against space pirates is not as ridiculous as it appears.There are a number of non-state actors secretly operating in space that do threaten US national interests,and the planet more generally.


One of these sources is rogue special access programs,which operate outside of lawful government control.Former Apollo astronaut Dr.Edgar Mitchell confirmed that the sitting head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff,Vice Admiral Tom Wilson,was denied access in 1997 to an Unacknowledged Special Access Program(USAP)involving UFOs.

其中一个来源是流氓特别访问程序,这些程序在合法的政府控制之外运作。前阿波罗宇航员 Edgar Mitchell 博士证实,美国参谋长联席会议情报局现任局长、海军中将 Tom Wilson 1997年曾被拒绝参与一个涉及 ufo 的秘密特别访问计划(USAP)

This incident and many others point to rogue USAPs conducting various advanced aerospace projects that can impact US space operations and Earth installations.These USAPs are loosely controlled by shadowy entities such as the Deep State,which have their own distinct globalist agendas that conflict with nationalist policies.

这一事件和其他许多事件都表明,无赖的美国航天局正在进行各种先进的航空航天项目,这些项目可能会影响美国的太空行动和地球设施。这些usap由"深层国家"(Deep State)等影子实体松散控制,这些实体有自己独特的全球主义议程,与民族主义政策相冲突。


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An example of existing rogue operations is given in my new book,the US Air Force Secret Space Program:Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances and Space Force a chapter discusses how the Deep State used its MASER equipped satellites to steer Hurricane Irma against MacDill Air Force Base in retaliation for Air Force Special Ops openly displaying some of its antigravity craft to members of the general public in support of disclosure.The conclusion is that rogue USAPs are a modern day form of space pirates.

在我的新书《美国空军秘密空间计划:转移外星联盟和空间力量》中,有一章讨论了深州如何利用其装备有脉泽的卫星引导飓风艾玛对抗麦克迪尔空军基地组织,以报复空军特种部队公开向公众展示其反重力飞行器以支持公开信息。结论是,流氓 USAPs 是现代形式的太空盗版。

We also have the idea of Space Nazis which was proposed by insiders such as William Tompkins who worked for the US Navy during World War II,and said he was part of a Navy espionage program that monitored the Nazi's flying saucer program.Tompkins asserted that the Germans successfully established a breakaway colony in Antarctica which became a space power over the succeeding decades.


According to Tompkins and other insiders,the Germans have established colonies on Mars,Ceres,and elsewhere in Deep Space,and have developed some of the most advanced aerospace technologies known to humanity Given their non-state status,the breakaway German Antarctic/Mars colonies may also be considered a modern form of space pirates.


Finally,we have the idea of a transnational corporate network that has developed its own space fleet that operates outside of any national or global institutional authority.According to insiders such as Corey Goode,the  Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate has the most advanced spacecraft in existence as a result of their long-time cooperation with the breakaway German group in Antarctica.


Given their official non-state status,transnational corporate entities such as the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate may also be included in the category of space pirates that Cruz was warning the public about.


As the head of a key Congressional subcommittee dealing with space affairs,Cruz may have acquired some inside knowledge of these different non-state actors operating in space outside of any recognized lawful national or global authority.


The problem of"space pirates"is very real and not just hyperbole.Whether by design or accident,Cruz has just pointed out a major reason why Space Force is being created,and is being fast-tracked into existence by the Trump administration.




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