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In keeping the score on the fight against the Chimera,there is now around 15%remaining of the reservoir of quantum anomaly foam that is basically the Chimera's regeneration pool.Of the Chimera fleet around 25%remains and the Chimera below the surface have some 55%of their numbers intact compared to right after the clearing of the Draco fleet and Illuminati Breakaway Complex were completed.The Chimera are treated differently than the Dracos;the Draco spacecraft were disarmed from a distance and teleported to the Ganymede sorting facility,while the Chimera take different kinds of technology to disable them,capture them and send them straight into the Galactic Central Sun.


Lightworkers and light warriors are now being prepared on multiple levels for soul family reunion.This happens primarily during sleep,when we receive subconscious messages in the form of dreams,meet soul family members on the astral plane and(for some)have telepathic talks with our twin souls.Our soul family members who are on the ships of the Galactic Confederation want us to be as ready as we can be,because the reunions will be very emotional and intense.



Best advice is to take plenty of rest,eat and drink sufficiently and healthily,get some regular moderate physical exercise,get the small little things out of the way that have been on our to do lists for too long,meditate to connect with our soul family energetically and spiritually and nurture our inner light.I have taken below image from Peter Pan's blog,it shows the visualisation from the twin soul meditation.

最好的建议是充足的休息,充足而健康的饮食,有规律地进行适度的体育锻炼,把那些已经列入我们待办事项清单太久的小事情处理掉,冥想与我们的灵魂家族积极地联系在一起,在精神上培养我们的内在之光。下面是我从Peter Pan's blog的博客中截取的图片,它展示了孪生灵魂冥想的视觉效果。


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