FM 144|矩阵内的战争(2020年5月31日)

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FM 144|矩阵内的战争(2020年5月31日)

Although more and more people are currently waking up,the whole corona panic has put a lot of people in fear,which is currently pushing down the overall vibration on the surface(which was the Dark Ones'plan behind it).That is why it is possible that Starseeds may feel a little bit separated from the Light Forces(LFs)at the moment,because they are not able to get through so well when energies are low.At the same time there are increased energetic attacks because of these low vibrations(so once again energetic protection is important).


But since the corona measures are now being loosened more and more,a part of the Cabal is using(the staged)events in Minneapolis to kick off a race/civil war inside the USA.Any kind of help(meditations/energetic operations)from Starseeds on the ground to defuse the situation is highly appreciated:




Be aware that there are members again in certain Lightworker groups who are calling for other members not to meditate on this situation and just let the riots go,because it would be part of the Ascension Process…just as there were also people who called for not meditating for the capture of Jesuit key figure Adolfo Nicolás to bring him to the Central Sun one week ago(who was still caught by the LFs,which in turn opens the door for further operations of the LFs regarding the liberation of the Goddess in East Asia):


FM 144|矩阵内的战争(2020年5月31日)



Passiveness and looking away is not the key to a harmonious ascension,passivity only leads to one thing,that the Dark Ones can still do THEIR thing,which means a lot more unnecessary chaos and suffering until the Event.So pay close attention to what is written in certain Lightworker groups/communities,since,regarding infiltration and misdirection,the chaff also separates more and more from the wheat here.


FM 144|矩阵内的战争(2020年5月31日)

As for the situation in the USA,the Archons have covered cities like Minneapolis(but also others)with Anomaly,which is the ideal playground for negative entities,which of course immediately attach to protesters and police.In addition,the electrical fluid(also known as fire element)is manipulated on the subtle levels in such a way that it virtually boils the minds,which leads to increased anger and aggression among the citizens/police and makes the city itself physically a source of heat,which is also visibly reflected in the many burning cars and buildings:


FM 144|矩阵内的战争(2020年5月31日)

To counteract this,one can use the magnetic fluid(element water,female energy)to literally"cool down the head".Even if an extremist group controlled by the Cabal wants to heat up the situation,the majority does not want riots:


Additionally,Light Columns can be used to extract the Anomaly and any ethereal Chimera spiders above the city,which,of course,have also settled to feed on the negative energies.


FM 144|矩阵内的战争(2020年5月31日)

As far ethereal spiders are concerned,there are currently intensified attacks on individual Lightworkers too,which is often indicated in physical terms by encounters with physical spiders.


Always take physical spiders out of your home immediately.Check where they could get in( windows).They always go along with ethereal spider beings,which can use physical spiders as a kind of infiltration anchor,but also as wiretap.Energetically cleanse the house,remove ethereal spiders,energetically protect the house.Smoking with incense sticks also helps.Repeat until encounters subsid.


The Chimera is currently fighting for survival,as their Matrix is decaying.They are preparing for the last stand.


FM 144|矩阵内的战争(2020年5月31日)

They are working to transform the surface into a cold,technological dystopia controlled by artificial intelligence,social distancing,robots,virtual reality and nanotechnology,in which mankind is kept like fenced-in farm animals or industrial workers in fenced-off work zones:


Forced vaccinations would be the physical manifestation of an ethereal Chimera bite,leaving the victim physically and energetically paralyzed.Also,vaccinations cause holes in the Aura through which negative entities are able to penetrate/attach…hence the push of the Dark Ones towards it.


And this would be just the tip of the iceberg,beneath the surface they have created whole farms with millions of chambers where Souls are trapped inside electromagnetic fields,basically a gigantic astral concentration camp,whereby various facilities have already been cleared by the LFs as the removal of the Grid layers makes these facilities more and more visible.


FM 144|矩阵内的战争(2020年5月31日)

On the surface,to further this technological dystopia and to strengthen the Grid in the midst of the current chaos,they have fronted people like Elon Musk(similar to Bill Gates),who definitely does NOT work for the LFs:


FM 144|矩阵内的战争(2020年5月31日)

Especially if you take a closer look at the artwork of his current wife:


Neither does Donald Trump or Melania(No,she's not an incarnated Pleiadian),but what is true is that there are positive elements around the Q group in which actual Starseeds are incarnated who are involved in the Liberation Process(even if they are not yet so aware of the great cosmic game,because they are very much focused on their human existence and mission).


The battle for the Matrix is raging at the moment,and there is still a very,very hot summer and especially autumn ahead.


As always,it is important to remain calm,to observe the situation,to act accordingly.We are on the right path,and there are increasing signs indicating this,not the chaos on the ground,but in the sky:


FM 144|矩阵内的战争(2020年5月31日)FM 144|矩阵内的战争(2020年5月31日)



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