X22报告|第2248集: 基础设施投资,更多减税,考虑转型,避免”z”计划

2020年8月13日15:52:54X22报告|第2248集: 基础设施投资,更多减税,考虑转型,避免”z”计划已关闭评论 324 1349字阅读4分29秒

[DS]/MSM 正在推动他们所拥有的一切,他们正好落入了爱国者为他们设置的陷阱。这都是计划的一部分,必须这样。

It's Happening,Infrastructure Funding,More Tax Cuts,Think Transition-Episode 2248a


We Have More Than We Know,The Objective Is To Avoid Plan"Z"-Episode 2248b




The infrastructure build is continuing,The Trump administration is now funding infrastructure across the country,this is just the beginning.The transition is taking shape,more tax cuts are coming.[CB]is now increasing its balance sheet like we have never seen before.



The[DS]/MSM are pushing everything they have,they have fallen right into the trap that the patriots have set for them.This is all part of the plan and it had to be this way.We have more than we know,it was avoiding Plan Z at all costs and exposing the[DS]to the people.

[DS]/MSM 正在推动他们所拥有的一切,他们正好落入了爱国者为他们设置的陷阱。这都是计划的一部分,必须这样。我们拥有的比我们所知道的更多,那就是不惜一切代价避免 z 计划,并将[DS]暴露给人们

[OpDis Editor Note: X22 Report reviews current geopolitical and economical events as well as Q-related news,Trump,and the fall of the Deep State.X22 Report is another YouTube channel I recommend to listen if you want to be kept up-to-date on what's currently happening.

[OpDis 编者按:X22报告回顾了当前的地缘政治和经济事件,以及Q相关的新闻,特朗普和深层国家的陷落。X22报告是另一个 YouTube 频道,我推荐你收听,如果你想了解最新发生的事情]



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