X22报告|第2795集: 经济危机蓄势待发,达勒姆不是唯一的选择

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X22报告|第2795集: 经济危机蓄势待发,达勒姆不是唯一的选择

Ep. 2795a – The Economic Crisis Builds Momentum To Audit The Fed, Wait For It

Ep. 2795a –


Ep. 2795b – It’s What You Don’t See, Durham Is Not The Only Game In Town, Make America Great Again

Ep. 2795b – 你看不到的是,达勒姆不是唯一的游戏,让美国再次伟大



The Fed needs to raise rates again, the [CB] is using the same playbook, which means other [CB] will follow the leader, the ECB announced they are raising rates. Gas prices hit over $5 for the first time ever. The crisis is building and the bill to audit the Fed gains momentum.



The [DS] is pushing everything they have, all assets are deployed, they know if they lose the midterms they lose the war. Everything they are now doing is going to have the opposite effect, it will boomerang on them. Durham is not the only game in town, other missions are happening behind the scenes. It’s time to America Great Again and expose the corruption, treason and sedition. The people need to see the truth, but it has to be done right according to the rule of law.



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