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在这个集体不确定的时期,它有助于验证你的经验,以减轻任何形式的异化,由于不同的经验和观点,许多人在这个时候。在过去的一个月(甚至更早),导致 COVID-19宣告,许多光工作者,感应者,和积极敏感的灵魂已经收到一个深层的内在召唤,撤退并进入内在。

Matt Kahn|2020年3月能量更新During this time of collective uncertainty,it is helpful to validate your experience to alleviate any form of alienation due to the differing experiences and viewpoints had by so many at this time.For the past month(and even prior)leading up to the COVID-19 announcement,many light workers,empaths,and energetically-sensitive souls had been receiving a deep inner calling to withdraw and go inward.

在这个集体不确定的时期,它有助于验证你的经验,以减轻任何形式的异化,由于不同的经验和观点,许多人在这个时候。在过去的一个月(甚至更早),导致 COVID-19宣告,许多光工作者,感应者,和积极敏感的灵魂已经收到一个深层的内在召唤,撤退并进入内在。

Like an energetic form of cocooning,many of us were being energetically prepared for the light we would be shining and anchoring as coronavirus and economic pressures became known.During this time,you might have felt as if you were more drawn to be in your own space and spend much time alone,and/or in nature,than to be around those who still identified with the densities readying to be healed.


For many,this might have brought up feelings of insecurity and inferiority–or feelings viewed as arrogant,judgmental and self righteous by those having different experiences–along with opportunities to face patterns of enmeshment and co-dependency head on.


No matter how ill-equipped you feel in explaining yourself to those who are having very different experiences than you,it is essential to follow the directives of your inner guidance no matter how socially unacceptable,or even offensive,it seems to others around you.


For the past month,light workers have been challenged with being more mindful with their time,often not drawn to spend time or resonate with those who trigger exhaustion versus excitement.Such guidance has been helping many be more decisive and courageous in both their decision-making,boundaries,and communication of needs.


More specifically,many people are unhooking from patterns of codependency by separating the difference between choice and judgment.Perhaps you are one of many who were conditioned to cater to other people's experiences in the absence of serving your needs.


As empaths,we are so tentative about triggering disapproval in others due to our uncanny ability to feel someone else's experience within our bodies.Due to this intuitive gift,we often made choices to keep other people's egos at bay,while resenting others for the little they gave in comparison to the'too much'or'overcompensation'codependent empaths tend to offer.


As a way of patching up the energy leaks in your field and cutting chords to the unconscious patterning in relationships,you have received many intuitions where you may have found yourself not resonating with the characters who drain you.


As a way of seeing this as intuition versus judgment,it doesn't mean any character is bad or'less than'.It is simply the case for those who have not become consciously aware of the infinite flowing life force energy of Source within themselves that such characters tend to balance themselves by'plugging into'and draining your light versus turning inward and connecting within.


While others may not appreciate less time around someone they may not realize they are energetically feeding off of,it has been and will continue to be essential for each of us to be true to the guidance of our feelings and mindful of where we spend our time.


The more often we allow ourselves to be drained,the easier it is to be sucked into the fear of the collective as coronavirus has manifested to give humanity ample time and space to connect within–so to create a new reality where we connect in our wholeness without draining,or feeling drained by,others.


As a moment of relief for most light workers,through the suggestion of a personal quarantine to slow the spread of coronavirus,we now have the perfect invitation to continue rebuilding our life force energy for the light we are called to anchor in honor of our awakening humanity.


I assure you humanity is steeped in a collective awakening,where the opportunity to transcend fear first comes from becoming more aware of it,which this current news headline era of reality has perfectly ushered in.While it is helpful to remind people to not drain their immune system by being steeped in fear,the most compelling way to convey such wisdom is through demonstration.


As each of us rebuilds the reservoirs of energy throughout our field,much like the regular charging of a cell phone,we are able to withstand the gravity of other people's fears without being swept away by patterns of scarcity and survival mode.


This brings up the current predicament most light workers are facing,which can be divided into two distinct categories.You may experience one or the other,or both.There are some empaths,who without time spent recharging their energy field through rest,time in nature,meditation,yoga,reading,deepening their self-love practice,or even creative expression,are lost in the densities of the collective.


Instead of having to clear your field several times per day,always know it is your ability to recharge through greater moments of restful rejuvenation that allows your Angels the time and space to clear your energy field for you.


If wanting more tangible support in this area,simply declare out loud:
"Thank you beloved Angels for clearing my energy field and upgrading my reality while I take the time to rest and recharge.Thank you beloved Angels.Thank you."


The other experience light workers are having involves a leap into greater faith while cultivating the courage to stand for their truth,even when it differs from the experiences of others.


As a brilliant cosmic set-up for healing the throat,heart and solar plexus chakras of those in the first wave of ascension,it is purposeful to have characters in your life hypnotized by headlines and lost in the fear,panic,anxiety,and uncertainty of our rapidly changing reality.


You are healing your throat chakra by having the right to express your viewpoint without needing to make others wrong in order for you to share what feels right to you.Your heart chakra opens and purges outdated densities while allowing other people's viewpoints to be equally as valid as yours,even if their experience grossly differs from yours.


Lastly,your solar plexus chakra receives healing and is upgraded as you sense exhaustion in the moment any interaction has reached its point of completion.Again,others don't have to agree with your decisions when what matters is simply the guidance of what is best for the unique evolution of you.


This can be helpful guidance and support when so many aligned heart-centered beings are not steeped in chaos or worry.In fact,for many there is an inexplicable relief or excitement as we are finally experiencing the very Ascension that we have spent lifetimes preparing to explore.


Many have felt alienated whenever sharing their experiences with those having a much more tumultuous time with the disruption of life's rhythm of conditioning.Again,it is not your job to convince other people of anything,but is always essential to represent your viewpoint as equal to the opinions others may share.


Even if others don't agree or validate the credibility of your perception,it's always a moment of profound growth when such transformation comes through the openness of your sharing,regardless of the response from others—even if their response is no response at all.


Together as One,united by our frequencies of light as the First Wave of Ascension,we break codependent patterns by returning to the truth of our experience,doing everything that is needed for our return to wholeness,while others learn how to rely on the light within themselves,now that we are no longer a space for others to drain.


In the coming weeks,I will be providing additional resources and'repeat-after-me'statements to assist the first wave in making these crucial shifts,so not to rely on humanity shifting before setting ourselves free.


Whether you are unsure if its okay to not be worried about coronavirus,despite the epidemic of concern consuming so many people,or find yourself too exhausted to transmute the energies many are purging,our focus remains solely focused on what each of us needs in order to get through the day and continue rebuilding our life force energy,allowing these huge evolutionary waves to carry us from one shore to the next,rather than topple us at every turn.


In service to your evolutionary needs,I will be posting Energy Updates more frequently,so you can focus on the highest spiritual priorities at hand while caring for yourself,your families and watching how this unprecedented event shakes out on so many levels.


Please do whatever you can to not look too far ahead.All the options you need in order to awaken to full capacity are always found by answering the question:
"What do I need right now?


While the answer may change from one moment to the next,this remains your best line of response to the fear-based patterning that our light is dissolving in all.


As always,on behalf of the Universe,I am with you every step of the way.


Victory of the light I AM now.


All For Love,






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    • 丫头
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      刚刚看了共济会的资料 不寒而栗 太恐怖了 怎么以前都不知道这些,好多明星都是他们的成员,这次都要抓起来吗?我从小就不喜欢追星,看来是有原因的。更恐怖的是春晚都被控制了

        • zhunbeizhuanbian

          @ 丫头 基本上都要被抓。

            • 丫头
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              @ zhunbeizhuanbian 还有好多公司 生产厂家 吃的用的 我的天全是共济会的。我也打过非典疫苗,当时学校说是检查有没有抗体,我有,好像没有打。忘了,只记得各大医院护士医生都来了,还喝草药。他们简直就是魔鬼。禽兽不如

                • zhunbeizhuanbian

                  @ 丫头 是我们促成改变的时候了,做我们能为之之事,觉察自己情绪,不要让他们带你走,发出光,稳定、平和,感恩成长,感恩相遇!

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                  @ zhunbeizhuanbian 中国人在他们眼中就这么讨厌吗 为什么要灭了我们

                    • zhunbeizhuanbian

                      @ 丫头 不光是中国人,而是人类,他们很多都是非人类。穿着人类的外衣。

                  • 呆呆兽
                    呆呆兽 1

                    @ 丫头 请问你在哪看的资料,我也想看一下

                      • zhunbeizhuanbian

                        @ 呆呆兽 这个网站就有很多,你自己搜索下,每天发布的大揭露里的关于贩卖儿童里都有。

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                          @ 呆呆兽 现在都可以看了 你想看什么打出来搜就可以了,真的看完心里好难受。好气愤 想杀了他们

                            • zhunbeizhuanbian

                              @ 丫头 都是从这来的,刚开始都是这样的,现在是你发挥自己权利的时候了,最后的阶段,他们已经没有多少阶段了,加入冥想,击败他们,给他们添上最后一要稻草。

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                            感受到我是矩阵下一个被牵线的木偶,执政官通过植入物牵引,扭曲,混淆我的自由意志,撩乱我的正常心智,通过现实困境麻痹我的自由意志,好恶毒,强迫我签订黑暗的灵魂契约 ,强迫我来地球