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特朗普将获得第二个任期,在他的任期内,他将使美国达到 NESARA 的标准。一旦 NESARA 实施,它是强制性的,在几个月内举行选举,在这个时候,小约翰·肯尼迪将加快竞选美国总统,他将赢得。



作者:Sharon Stewart


Me:Ivo,would you like to repeat what you and Athena were telling me last night while I was in the bathtub?By the way,I don't have a keyboard in the bathtub,nor do I have a recorder with me.


Ivo:You have your memory.


Me:Like I said,I don't have a keyboard nor do I have a recording device.I'd like to think that taking this Zeolite will restore my memory,as well as other things that have been affected by the mercury in my amalgams but time will tell.Right now I'm just more moody than ever which is a sign of detoxing,and I still feel out of sorts.


For those people going through ascension,please remember to get some physical exercise even though you may not feel like it.I went through dark night of the soul and ascension for 20 years and turned into a couch potato.You have to keep walking.Exercise makes you feel better and helps you sweat out toxins.Don't do what I did and give in to your urge to not move your body.It has to be cared for as well,even while experiencing horrendous ascension symptoms.


Now,Ivo would you like to tell us what you told me last night please?


Ivo:I said that Trump will get a second term in office,and during his tenure he will bring America to NESARA standard.Once NESARA is implemented,it is mandatory that an election be called within a few months,and at this time John F.Kennedy Jr.will step up to run for President of the United States,and he will win.

伊沃:我说过,特朗普将获得第二个任期,在他的任期内,他将使美国达到 NESARA 的标准。一旦 NESARA 实施,它是强制性的,在几个月内举行选举,在这个时候,小约翰·肯尼迪将加快竞选美国总统,他将赢得。

We told you that JFK Jr.is still alive and he's working with the Alliance in some undisclosed location or locations.They're grooming him to be the first president of the NESARA compliant United States.

我们告诉过你小肯尼迪还活着他和联盟在某个秘密地点合作。他们正在培养他成为符合 NESARA 标准的美国的第一任总统。

Me:That's pretty amazing.And if memory serves me correctly,he's a Liberal or his family are Liberals,anyway.


Ivo:The creators of the two party system were the cabal and it will fall away after their demise,which is occurring now.


Me:So Trump and Kennedy getting elected seems to be a foregone conclusion,then.What's the point of politics if we already know?


Ivo:I am telling you the future.The political system will be re-opened to any candidate who wants to run and debates will be conducted on that basis.The two party system will be abolished.There will be many applicants for the position but Kennedy will take it.


Me:Out of some feeling of pity because his father was killed?


Ivo:No,because he will qualify as the most level headed candidate.


Me:We could use that.After the side shows we've had the last few were just a joke.


Ivo:Because they were not really running the country.Trump is running the country with the aid of the Alliance.He makes his own decisions and at times the Alliance does not like them.But he feels he has to do this for himself at times.


Me:Selfishness,just what you want in a president.


Ivo:Your people got the best they could with him.As they say,ironically,Rome wasn't built in a day,and so the new Atlantis will not change overnight.I have told you before,the Light is the important factor.To the extent that the people hold their light,is the extent that the country will change.When you do not hold your Light,when you continue in the old third dimensional behaviours,you are aiding the deep state.It is that simple.


Me:Yup.So stop with the attacking,attack thoughts,arguing with others,hating,thinking you're separate,stop with the egotism,and all the other ego behaviours we've gone through in our videos.Anchor your light,don't feed the darkness.It's up to each person to choose what they want to be in a day:dark or light?Which side do you want to win?Dark or light?It's up to you.You're that important.It's possible to spread news about the Storm and be grateful for what is happening rather than attacking the Cabal.This only shows you have a need to attack someone,and it feeds the dark ones the loosh they require to keep fighting the light.Your reaction is telling.Not even the GFL hate the Cabal.They probably feel sorry for them,misguided beings that they are,but they're still not going to allow them to continue to spread their poison here.

:是的。所以,停止攻击,攻击思想,与他人争论,憎恨,认为你是独立的,停止自我中心,停止我们在视频中经历的所有其他自我行为。锚定你的光明,不要喂养黑暗。这取决于每个人在一天中选择他们想成为什么:黑暗还是光明?你想赢哪一方?黑暗还是光明?这取决于你。你就是那么重要。我们可以传播关于风暴的消息,并对正在发生的事心存感激,而不是攻击阴谋集团。这仅仅表明你需要攻击某人,而且它喂养黑暗势力,让他们继续与光明战斗。你的反应很能说明问题。即使是 GFL 也不恨阴谋集团。他们可能会为他们感到遗憾,他们是被误导的人,但他们仍然不会允许他们继续在这里散布他们的毒素。

Ivo:My love,your planet will come through it all.However personal experiences are still to be decided.Your frequency decides whether these will be negative or positive,so do not fear and make them positive.The higher your frequency,the less involvement you will have in current events.You can sit and watch from the side,and send them Light



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