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The Orsini family of Rome,Orsini-Rosenberg family of Austria,and Roseneberg family of Bohemia and Bavaria control Rosicrucianism which is a secret society of alchemists.These families all use the rose on their coat of arms.The Rosicrucian Order is also called the Order of the Rosy Cross.Alchemy is the manipulation of the human psyche and biology through chemicals.The FDA,American Chemical Society,and most food and drug companies are controlled by Rosicrucians.The Merck family are German businessmen who founded the chemical and pharmaceutical company Merck Group.The Merck family also founded Merck Finck&Co.a private bank in Germany and Prince Alois Konstantin of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg was a recent director of this bank.The Merck coat of arms of Darmstadt includes a man holding three roses.The Orsini family were behind the Ebola propaganda and had deadly Ebola vaccines developed as the solution to the fake Ebola.The creator of the Georgia Guidestones which aim to regulate the population of humanity used the name RC Christian as an alias and was really Robert C Cook an American geneticist involved in population control and eugenics.RCC like Roman Catholic Church and like Rosy Cross.The Rosicrucians made a YouTube video placing a time cube with MM and 16 on it.MM for 2000 and 16 together meant 2016.They intended to unleash a fake outbreak in 2016 to bring down the United States and target society with their deadly vaccines.The depictions shown of the Ebola virus under a microscope look like an two eights.8+8=16.The Japanese movie called Virus used a virus called MM88 designed by an American eugenicist.Using movies,media,and numbers like this are a form of sorcery designed to subliminally manifest their agendas.Once this was all exposed the Ebola propaganda ended within the week.They are behind Zika propaganda as well.

罗马的奥西尼家族,奥地利的罗森堡家族家族,以及波希米亚和巴伐利亚的罗森博格家族控制着炼金术士的秘密社团。这些家庭都把玫瑰挂在他们的盾形纹章上。蔷薇十字会也被称为玫瑰十字会。炼金术是通过化学物质对人类心灵和生物体的操纵。美国食品和药物管理局、美国化学学会和大多数食品和药品公司都是由蔷薇十字会控制的。默克家族是德国商人,他们创立了默克集团化学和制药公司。默克家族还在德国创立了私人银行默克芬克公司(Merck Finck&co.),洛温斯坦-韦特海姆-罗森伯格(Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg)的阿洛伊斯康斯坦丁王子(Prince Alois Konstantin)最近担任了该银行的董事。达姆施塔特的默克纹章包括一个拿着三朵玫瑰的男人。奥尔西尼家族是埃博拉病毒宣传的幕后推手,他们开发了致命的埃博拉疫苗,以此作为虚假埃博拉病毒的解决方案。旨在规范人类人口的佐治亚引导石的创造者使用 RC 克里斯蒂安这个名字作为别名,实际上是罗伯特 c 库克,一个美国遗传学家参与人口控制和优生学。就像罗马天主教堂和玫瑰十字架。蔷薇十字会成员制作了一个 YouTube 视频,上面放置了一个时间立方体,上面有 MM 162000年和16年加起来就是2016年。他们打算在2016年发动一场假的疫情爆发,以摧毁美国并用他们的致命疫苗攻击社会。显微镜下的埃博拉病毒图像看起来像是两个八。8+8=16.日本电影《病毒》使用了一种由美国优生学家设计的名为 MM88的病毒。使用电影、媒体和像这样的数字是一种巫术形式,旨在潜意识地显示他们的议程。一旦这一切都暴露出来,埃博拉病毒的宣传在一周内就结束了。他们也支持寨卡病毒的宣传。

Vaccines are one of the most destructive tools these tyrants and psychopaths use on humanity and they are primarily designed to target the nervous system and weaken a persons nervous systems and electromagnetic field.This enables them to target people more effectively with destructive radio frequencies.The Orsini and Rosenberg families were also responsible for the Black Plague.They hired people to poison well water in order to spread the disease.The song Ring O Roses goes back to the times of the Black Plague.They used rose petals to mask the smell of death.I also found two people with the name Rosenberg that work in high level positions at Bayer today.The Colonna family of Rome work closely with the Orsini family and are also involved with pharmaceuticals.Stefano Colonna developed the Julia-Colonna Epoxidation which is used by Bayer and Evonik today.The Julia-Colonna Epoxidation is used for binding toxic chemicals with human enzymes.These families oversee chemical companies like Bayer,Evonik,Merck,and Serono and they use Rosicrucians to infiltrate and manage food and drug companies.Prince Domenico Napeoleone Orsini,Prince Benedetto Orsini,and Prince Raimondo Orsini are the heads of this family.Prince Dominique Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg and Prince Alois Konstantin of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg are Austrian-German members of this clan.Prince Alois Konstantin is a Commander in the Roman Catholic Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.Rosenheim uses the rose on its coat of arms and is a city in Bavaria where the Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg family ruled.The billionaire Anton Kathrein Jr.owns Kathrein-Werke an antenna systems company founded in Rosenheim.Kathrein-Werke is involved with attacking people with radio waves and hacking the human physiology and biological systems.

疫苗是这些暴君和精神病患者对人类使用的最具破坏性的工具之一,它们主要是针对神经系统,削弱人的神经系统和电磁场。这使他们能够更有效地用破坏性的无线电频率锁定目标。奥西尼家族和罗森堡家族也应对黑死病负责。他们雇人在井水中下毒以传播疾病。歌曲《玫瑰花环》可以追溯到黑死病时期。他们用玫瑰花瓣来掩盖死亡的气味。我还找到了两个叫 Rosenberg 的人,他们现在在拜耳公司担任高级职位。罗马的科隆纳家族与奥西尼家族密切合作,也参与制药。斯特凡诺·科隆纳开发了朱莉娅-科隆纳环氧化反应,现在被拜耳和赢福公司使用。Julia-Colonna 环氧化反应用于与人体酶结合有毒化学物质。这些家族监管着拜耳、Evonik、默克和 Serono 等化工公司,他们利用蔷薇十字会人员渗透并管理食品和制药公司。多梅尼科·纳比奥利昂·奥尔西尼王子、贝内德托·奥尔西尼王子和雷蒙多·奥尔西尼王子是这个家族的首领。罗森堡王子多米尼克·罗温斯坦-韦特海姆-罗森堡和罗温斯坦-韦特海姆-罗森堡王子阿洛伊斯·康斯坦丁是这个家族的奥地利-德国成员。王子阿洛伊斯·康斯坦丁是耶路撒冷罗马天主教耶路撒冷圣墓骑士团的指挥官。罗森海姆将玫瑰作为纹章,这座城市位于洛温斯坦-沃特海姆-罗森堡家族统治的巴伐利亚州。亿万富翁小安东·卡特里恩拥有一家在罗森海姆成立的天线系统公司。参与了用无线电波攻击人类和黑客入侵人体生理学和生物系统的行动。

The House of Orsini are an ancient bloodline of Rome claiming ancestry from the Julia-Claudian dynasty similar to the claims from the Colonna family.The House of Orsini are Vatican royalty and share a portion of ownership over the Holy See.The name Orsini derives from the Latin word Ursa which means bear and this is why the Orsini-Rosenberg family use bears on their coat of arms along with the rose.The word Ursa really goes back to Syria and the Akkadian language and the word Arsu.They are covering up this etymological connection since it was first exposed.Many of the bloodlines of the Black Nobility were Urartian-Assyrians or Scytho-Assyrians that settled in Rome later on.Their blood lineages go back to Assyro-Babylonian nobility and Scythian clans north of ancient Iran and Syria.Luigi Ursino has been a top Ndrangheta mafia boss and member of La Provincia.The Orsini family likely have ownership over Camorra and Sacra Corona Unita mafia clans as they ruled all over the regions of Naples and Apulia.The Orsini and Rosenberg families have part ownership over the Israeli Mafias including the criminal operation run by Zeev Rosenstein who is an international ecstasy trafficker operating out of Israel.Zeev Rosenstein also operated in the United States and provided ecstasy to Gambino associates.Ecstasy is a synthetic drug created by chemists which were called alchemists in ancient and medieval ages.The Rockefeller Foundation held an international meeting in Bellagio,Italy and established their child immunization program to promote vaccinating children.The Italian actress Isabella Orsini is an unofficial relative of the House of Orsini and because she is of nobility she married with the Belgian House of Ligne.Isabella Orsini's godfather is also the multi billionaire and former four term prime minister of Italy Sivlio Berlusconi.The House of Orsini produced three popes and dozens of high level cardinals for the Roman Catholic Church.They owned various castles and several titles of lordship in the Papal States and Italy.The Orsini and Rosenberg families are a destructive plague on humanity.

奥尔西尼家族是一个古老的血统罗马声称祖先从朱莉亚-克劳迪亚王朝类似的索赔从科隆纳家族。奥尔西尼家族是梵蒂冈皇室,在罗马教廷拥有部分所有权。名字 Orsini 来源于拉丁语 Ursa,意思是熊,这就是为什么罗森堡家族家族使用熊的纹章和玫瑰一起。Ursa 这个词可以追溯到叙利亚,阿卡德语和 Arsu 这个词。自从这个词首次出现以来,他们就一直在掩盖它的词源联系。许多黑人贵族的血统是后来定居在罗马的乌拉尔-亚述人或斯基托-亚述人。他们的血统可以追溯到古代伊朗和叙利亚北部的亚色罗-巴比伦贵族和斯基台氏族。路易吉·乌尔西诺是恩德朗盖塔黑手党的头目,也是 La Provincia 的成员。奥尔西尼家族可能拥有卡莫拉和圣冠联盟黑手党家族的所有权,因为他们统治着那不勒斯和 Apulia 的所有地区。奥尔西尼家族和罗森伯格家族对以色列黑手党拥有部分所有权,其中包括在以色列境外经营摇头丸的国际贩运者泽夫·罗森斯坦经营的犯罪行动。泽夫·罗森斯坦也在美国开展业务,并向甘比诺的同伙提供摇头丸。摇头丸是由古代和中世纪被称为炼金术士的化学家合成的毒品。洛克菲勒基金会卫生组织在贝拉焦召开了一次国际会议,并建立了他们的儿童免疫计划,以促进儿童接种疫苗。意大利女演员伊莎贝拉·奥尔西尼是奥尔西尼家族的非官方亲戚,由于她的贵族身份,她嫁给了比利时里尼家族。伊莎贝拉·奥西尼的教父也是意大利亿万富翁和前四任总理西夫利奥·贝卢斯科尼。奥尔西尼家族为罗马天主教会产生了三位教皇和数十位高级红衣主教。他们在教皇国和意大利拥有各种各样的城堡和几个封号。奥西尼家族和罗森堡家族是人类的毁灭性瘟疫。



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