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For those who continue to escape our grasp,it is simply a matter of time,lower Earth Orbit battling has been continuous for years and your resources are wearing thin.With your wrestling money from your Cabal resources,much of your funding has stopped.The people you have trained to work for money,are now asking where their pay checks are;why has the payment stopped.Your"ingenious"evil scenes are working against you.

Your people will not work for nothing.You are loosing power over them.

对于那些还在逃跑的人,只是时间的问题,地球低轨道中的战斗持续了很多年,你们的资源逐渐耗尽。随着你们对阴谋集团资助的金钱胡乱挥霍(wrestling money),你们的许多资金已经停止供应。你们训练去赚钱的人,正在询问他们的工资在哪里;为什么没有工资了。你们"巧妙"的邪恶场景正在对抗你们自身。你们的人不会白给你们干活。你们在失去对他们的掌控

We have now created a means to remove hostages from your bases upon the earth.Nothing you do will stop us.


As time goes by in this war,our victory is more obvious,yet you persist in attempting to defend yourself,sealing your fate within the Galactic Sun.The Light will absorb you,and you will be no more.Good riddance.


Those of you who are guilty of lesser crimes anyone day find the Light.We are happy to return to rehabilitate you.


We have to many resources upon this Planet,now awake,who are helping us to fen you off,and provide to you the justice,that should have been vetted out to you long ago.The Light,with Creator at it's Head,will prevail.It always does.Your time is over.


You can go to your allies to get more supplies,more troops,but your credit is running thin with them.


As we continue to dominate planet SHAN(Earth),there is no more reason for them to visit,to take advantage of all the spoils you have plundered of Planet Shan.


Many of them look at this battle as a lost cause and no longer support you.


We see this.Perhaps you do not,so I am pointing it out to you now.




We have taken your greedy schemes and used them against you.


There are many area's upon planet Shan,that need to be reclaimed for the Light,given back to Gaya and freed for the use of its beneficiaries–the People–and we are doing this because we have the man power and the technology to do so.We have you on all sides,upside,from within,and underneath.


Yet you blatantly persist in attempting to defy us.


We are closing your dark portals.They are being reported,and we are closing them.Your dark workers are being arrested and taken off Planet.Your resources are dwindling,your numbers are falling.


Your Hollywood is being exposed for the den of deprivation that it truly is;Few can turn a blind eye to reports of pedophilia,cloning,and abuse being reported daily.Your social influence is declining.The people are turning their backs on your systems and we stand by them as they walk away.


Your Governments are largely GESARA compliant and battling with the few factions left of the Illuminati.


Your influence is being challenged and with this comes your dis powerment..


The only power you had was MONEY,which is draining away,lifestyle,which is being destroyed and dismantled.


Rome is falling again.Your Pontiff,the fake purveyor of evil that he is:


He has seen his day.We are already infiltrating this system and will bring it to the Light,before we dismantle it forever.


You have lost.It is only a question of time before those on planet Shan rejoice in the freedom they have never known under your rules.



通灵:Terra Nova

翻译:Nick Chan

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