This is simply comprehensive and much more like a GCR(Global Currency Reset)with RV revaluation of the money system.

这是简单的全面,更像一个 GCR(全球货币重置) RV 重估的货币系统

Who is going to do it and run it?


Who can be trusted?


Who's telling Deep State propaganda?


How are we going to stop the corruption?


I came up with this idea,by making the QFS aware of the Bank's capabilities and that we can transfer money directly to people in many countries without the intervention of Banks or Governments.


All wars have been started by the bankers to expand their own agenda of trickery and deceit.


Despite the bankruptcy of the world and economy,the stock market is celebrating boom,as companies with free money bought their own shares during the collapse of the real economy as a result of the Corona Hoax Agenda by the Cabal.


Rising gold and silver in value means that the money is worth nothing,not that it's going so well.


The production of goods is now almost entirely free,with perhaps only the raw materials being paid for to keep the lie of the Fake Economy alive.


The EU founded by the Nazis,claiming that they did not let any more wars happen after 1945,that they were the guardians of Nazi states after the visible hostilities of second world war,the silent war continued,by MK Ultra and creating a sham reality.

由纳粹建立的欧盟声称他们在1945年之后不允许任何战争发生,他们是二战后纳粹国家的守护者,无声的战争继续着,由 MK Ultra 制造的虚假现实

The war on terror started by the Cabal after 9/11 must have divided the world further and connected Cabal states must have participated in the Genocide against sovereign peoples,whether Muslims or any other religion.


Following a roadmap,deliberate hatred of murder and manslaughter was committed on a large scale,with the cooperation of false peacekeepers such as the EU,NATO or the UN.


Countries that have undergone regime change have been put in power by corrupt politicians as traitors to their own people to serve the Cabal(Specter,Committee 300,Bilderberg)at the expense of the population.


The tool GESARA,can never and will never be executed by the Cabal supporters,because it is against their own interests.


The framework for GESARA is now ready to be implemented,with the banks already connected via the AIIB to the QFS with the CIPS protocol replacing the corrupt Swift system of the FED owners.


The population's biggest enemy is the MSM,which continues to propagate the Cabal lies to the population in the interest of the Cabal Satanists.

人们最大的敌人是 MSM,他们继续向人们宣传阴谋集团谎言,以维护阴谋集团撒旦教徒的利益

Although the population feels 100%that nothing is right,they are put away like mad by a minority in power.


People just see that the lies told by MSM are wrong and look for the truth,and why it could have come to this.

人们看到 MSM 说的谎言是错误的,寻找真相,以及为什么会发展到这个地步

There are more people with good intentions and intentions like Cabal Satanists in all countries.


What all people have in common,they need a regular haircut.


With a hairdresser you have social and informative communication about things that occupy people in their daily lives.


If you also get coffee or tea at the hairdresser's and have the opportunity to relax and wait for the haircut or shave,where you discuss local and regional issues or wishes,this is a great opportunity to connect people.


As a project I would like to make an offer to all hairdressers of the former Yugoslavia to join this project.


The hairdressers who want to participate get a salary through the GESARA organization,and get all expenses or furnishing of their business paid,but cut and shave their clients for free.

想要参加的理发师可以通过 GESARA 组织获得一份工资,他们的生意的所有费用或装修费用都可以得到支付,但是他们的客户可以免费理发和刮胡子

In this way,it becomes a social meeting place where policies for their own region are established,which are then adopted or rejected by municipalities through a referendum,democratically implementing the interests of the people by the people.


What are now countries in Yugoslavia are once again becoming part of a larger whole in which local self-government completely disenfranchises the Cabal governments politically and can appoint appointed governors to regulate their affairs,without this governor ever being able to dictate to the people what is currently the case.


Nobody wants to massacre each other or slaughter each other,but live as equal people with each other in peace and happiness.


By becoming aware of who has done what in the past with what intention,one can enter into dialogue with each other in order to heal the wounds committed by injustice.


I am quoting this story because I see the possibilities that can be done,and do not have to confine myself to Yugoslavia.


The idea of creating a framework that supports transition and world peace but eliminates the Cabal Powers.


Who's going to do it?The people at local and regional level in every country in the world


With the QFS no current criminal Politicians,Police,Army,Drug Trafficking,People Traffickers can be committed any more as this is visible to the QFS,and automatically blocks the accounts.

由于 QFS 没有现有的犯罪政客,警察,军队,非法毒品贸易,人贩子可以犯任何更多的,因为这是可见的 QFS,并自动封锁帐户

A universal basic income will undo or eliminate the exploitative practices of countries and multinationals.


People can live,learn and become happy,because of the wealth they are going to get.


Connecting on a human level instead of the Cabal 1.5 meters away to a Covid 19 Hoax that had to enslave the world's population.

连接在一个人的水平,而不是阴谋集团1.5米以外的一个Covid 19骗局,必须奴役世界人口

The second wave of the fake Covid 19 that is predicted,is committed by the telecom with the 5G technique,the 1.5 meters is there to be able to determine human location exactly,where each individual is a victim of an open prison of the Cabal.

预测的第二波伪造的 Covid 19,是由电信公司用5G技术实现的,1.5米的距离能够精确地确定人类的位置,在那里每个人都是阴谋集团开放监狱的受害者

The current MSM declare concerned population for not normal,the proponents have or interest in this Genocide,or are too stupid or stupid to understand that it will cost their lives.


That's why it seems time to let the pylons start a storm when the time is ripe,also holding telecom companies liable and making a per capita claim that will mean their downfall.


The plagued and oppressed population will regain their freedom if they do it themselves,no one can do this that does not benefit or interest themselves,individual self-determination will have to be activated by the population if they are offered a perspective.


Perspectives are created by the freedom of life thanks to transition and the QFS that we as GESARA are going to experience should also be given shape.

由于转变,生活的自由创造了观点,我们作为GESARA即将经历的 QFS 也应该被赋予形式

I all countries in the world are going to stand up people who are going to set an example for their own region,which will make the group grow bigger and bigger.


By sharing this progress with each other through the connected hairdressers there will be honest reporting all over the world,without advertising unnecessary unhealthy junk that nobody needs and doesn't want to waste their time with the imposed junk of unhealthy unnecessary products.


The time to get moving is now,by doing it yourself and organizing it,with the support of the wealth packages that will be made available to the world's population.


We can reverse the deliberate migration misery for all peoples,allowing everyone to preserve and cherish their own culture and way of life.


Africa for Africans,Arab countries for Arabs,Europe for its own inheritance and culture.


For Antfa,BLM and other left-wing idiots an educational program to reset the MK Ultra indoctrination,of which they are not aware that they have been victims.

对于 anifaBLM 和其他左翼白痴一个教育计划,重置 MK 极端灌输,他们不知道他们已经成为受害者

Unscrupulous people without soul or conscience(Satanists and politicians,and system rats),are placed outside the new society.


Nobody is waiting for a moron and professional mongrel like Guy Verhofstadt who will tell the people what they are allowed or not allowed to do,for the problems that politics itself has caused by order of the false Cabal and her companies against the world population.



Reform of the EU is therefore not possible,but a new organisation can be set up to democratically serve the commercial interests of member countries with elected representatives.


The redistribution of wealth by a corrupt organisation is no longer possible with GESARA and the QFS.


Because until now the population has always been the victim of the administrative predators of politics and finance.


Police and army,don't take any more orders from your corrupt government to ruin your own life and that of the population.


Become one for defending your own interests and those of the population,not those of Satanists and Cabal politics.


It is the people you serve,not the crooks and paedophiles who control you,and we are deliberately kept in lawlessness.


Because laws apply to everyone,it is a guarantee for a safe society,which will now be universal for the whole world population with the arrival of GESARA.


No man or company can invoke immunity if he or she commits crimes of any kind.


All planned Genocide projects,Chemtrails,HAARP,CERN and GMO food will stop,under the new universal laws.


We the people are going to make sure that this will happen,because the Cabal rats won't do it for us.


Unbridled economic growth is not necessary,and even undesirable,to prevent further over-exploitation of the earth and our health.


Satisfaction with joy of life,happiness and love is priceless,and that should be our goal,then we can also perform better if there is no more pressure on us from the slave-drivers of the past.


All the malice that now comes to light disqualifies the present swamp being in politics,royal houses,governments and corporations.


Proposals,aid or projects can be submitted by e-mail,with each country having its own entry counter and E-mail.


Requests can be made on(如欲查询有关资料,请浏览,which will be processed once the first occupation has been organized.)


Changing the World we do together without the current political CABAL vermin.




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