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圣哲曼|积极的动态已经启动JJK:Why can we be sure that everything on the upper earth is going to be good and light and that it won't blow up in our faces after all?


MASTER ST.GERMAIN:The positive and luminous dynamic has been set in motion.No one can stop this process,which also means that certain events that will take many people off this earth are inevitable.The chaff must be separated from the wheat before the New Earth can come into being.


People who cannot or do not want to go along with the light vibration will find a suitable environment in which to act out their destructiveness.THIS earth will no longer offer THIS environment.


JJK:If the surface of the earth is reshaped,then it will be"over and under".Isn't there a danger that many people will be hit by shocks and traumas again?


MASTER ST.GERMAIN:This scenario concerns people who take the destructive side.They are confronted with their own decision,which means they reap what they sow.


For these people,progress and learning without suffering and far from painful experiences is still impossible.


Arrangements have been made for each individual person–and so everyone will find themselves where they are expected to be.


Evacuation of the Upper Earth


Your brothers and sisters inside the earth and your brothers and sisters from extraterrestrial territories have prepared everything for a possible evacuation of the upper earth.


The events will have to be of a certain intensity so that the miracle of transformation can take place both on the outside and inside of every living being.The souls will remain unharmed and those who are destined to it will continue their transformation in the existing body.


Everything possible and impossible to think can happen and will be realized at the hour that is approaching.


JJK:So spaceships will come and"save"us after all?


MASTER ST.GERMAIN:Those concerned,yes–and that is already happening today.But those who wait for their rescue on the outside will wait in vain!A probable evacuation is no reason to be idle or wait for a miracle.Because for the transition into the 5th dimension a person must be ready with all his heart and have the energetic prerequisites.


Whoever now neglects his transformation work will then be unprepared and face considerable difficulties in adapting.The transformation work facilitates the transition into the Fifth dimension.


To unravel the dense web of the 3D matrix is the task of ANYONE who has seriously contemplated its ascent.


JJK:That means:Help yourself and God will help you!


MASTER ST.GERMAIN:You have all the tools of transformation at your disposal today.A rich table of gifts has been prepared for mankind.Countless possibilities and multiple keys of transformation have been given to you.It is for you to use these gifts of heaven.We,from the light planes of being,have been observing for years that more and more people are entering into their themes.


At the same time,we observe that many who have already gone a certain way are getting out or giving up.


I invite these people today to take up the spiritual trail again before it fades away completely.Because a path that is not used will eventually become invisible.One factor is decisive in all endeavours:perseverance!


The path of knowledge is a marathon


In the end,the winner is not the one who has the better ideas or the quicker start,but the one who overcomes all circumstances,the one who remains faithful to the path of light and the one who holds out until the end.


The path of knowledge is not a sprint,but a marathon.You will gain the necessary stamina with every piece of clarification work and with every shadow you release into the light.


Set one foot after the other,go your pace and,if you need a break,rest.But never lose sight of your path and never lose the will to follow it to the end.For this alone you were born.


You did not get stranded in this time or descend to this earth by mistake.You have been on this planet many times and you are also in the right place here today.Today you continue what you began eons ago.Now you have to live your life and reach the end of your incarnation cycle.


"I can't,because…"does not give your orders any validity and does not give you credit!


Beloved human,


take care of yourself by inwardly moving further and further away from this matrix and at the same time coming closer and closer to the light of God.Consciousness work means to remove obstacles that block your view of the essential.


This world wants to bind you and the powers of the cold light want to dispose of your genius–as a creative,inspired and unconditionally loving person.


Your humanity is their elixir of life and they feed on it until there is nothing left.Then the human being has become a"manoeuvrable"bio-robot,it exists,but life is extinguished.


Preserve your humanity–and where you lack it,expose yourself to the necessary healing processes with complete devotion.Surrender yourself completely to the light of God,this creates self-confidence and trust in God–and form from yourself the person you really are.


Every healing is the result of a process of knowledge,every illness is the consequence of ignorance.Therefore,beloved one:with a little practice,bravery and perseverance you will master this time.


In the end,the one who has remained steadfast and has persevered will win.


The way is the goal and the goal is the way.That is the key to a successful human life and to your perfection in God.


I am with you.


I love you infinitely






传导:Jahn Kassl

翻译:Nick Chan

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