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Teri Wade|放手..

All thoughts,emotions and words that we use are emanating through the vibrations we are emitting.It's all coming and emitting from you vibrationally.When we let go of all attachment/belief systems etc.you are giving your higher self permission to clear your path for you.It's kind of like opening the floodgates.


Meaning,your higher self is clearing the old patterns which in turn brings in the new patterns of experience,memories of a new way of being this is the beginning process of DNA activation.This is an ongoing process there is no end to our expansion of consciousness.


There are many levels to this expansion.You'll go through many changes,you'll see things differently and you will apply only what you know only to come to the realization that we humans live in a very restricted reality.We all will see clearly one day that everything is consciousness.That attainment we all desire is your consciousness,the expansion of it.


When the human being is ready to awaken you will be there and when you're not ready it doesn't matter how much you want it you will go through all the processes till you are ready.No one gets a free pass down here.There are no shortcuts cause what's happening to us is just too important.Meaning,the law of cycles(processes)and the law of hierarchy which is ultimately Ascension.


The 3D you is not the one guiding this you might think you are but you are not the one running the show.I believe this is where attachments come into play.Meaning,a desire to control external outcomes.What I'm saying is when you release all attachment you become humbled and you start to surrender your little self to this new higher identity and it's not an easy thing to do.Look around our world there are still so many people asleep...I call them the resistors.


This is the beginning process of your door opening and surrendering to the guidance of your higher self.Ego is a major player in this and that is a major hurdle for many to get over.Basically,you are stepping aside and surrendering to this higher consciousness.You will start understanding that this surrendering brings you into more of a vibrational harmony.Synchronicity is a major example of vibrational harmony.


Remember,being humbled is not a state of feeling less than,it's a state of acknowledgement.We are acknowledging that we are not in control and that the Divine is doing this thru us whether it be Ascension or the release of addictions.We are not the ones in control.When we let the need to control outcomes in the external world we start to develop qualities and virtues of the angelic realms so to speak.That higher vibrational reality...To receive is to let go.When you let go of one level it's clearing the path for the next level for you to experience this should make sense.

记住,谦卑不是一种感觉不足的状态,而是一种承认的状态。我们承认我们不在掌控之中,神圣通过我们来做这件事,无论是扬升还是上瘾的释放。我们不是掌控一切的人。当我们需要控制外部世界的结果时,我们开始培养天使界的品质和美德。那更高的振动实相......接受就是放手。当你放开一个层次时,它为你体验下一个层次扫清了道路Teri Wade|放手..

The beginning process of letting go in this lower realm will initiate the bringing forward of freedom,peace and abundance beyond this world,a realization that's beyond your comprehension these are the next levels.



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