X22报道|第2815集: 经济脱离中央银行正在发生,人民觉醒,联合起来结束国家的深层控制

2022年7月5日11:38:55最新动态X22报道|第2815集: 经济脱离中央银行正在发生,人民觉醒,联合起来结束国家的深层控制已关闭评论2981字数 1523阅读5分4秒阅读模式
X22报道|第2815集: 经济脱离中央银行正在发生,人民觉醒,联合起来结束国家的深层控制

Ep. 2815a – The Economic Shift Away From The [CB] Is Happening, In The End The [CB] Won’t Exist

Ep. 2815a – 远离[ CB ]的经济转移正在发生,最终[ CB ]将不复存在

Ep. 2815b – People Awake & United Ends The [DS] Control, The Swamp Is Being Drained

Ep. 2815b – 人们觉醒了,联合起来结束了[ DS ]的控制,沼泽正在被排干

X22 报告发表于2022年7月4日


Countries are being brought to the precipice, the people are now pushing back at what the [CB] is doing. The resident is trying to blame the high fuel costs on oil companies, this has failed again. The economic shift is happening, in the end the [CB] will no longer exist.



The [DS] is trapped in their own agenda, nothing has worked to convince the people that Trump is bad, actually is has had the opposite effect. The people are now coming together under Trump. The people are awake and are coming united under a patriot, the [DS] has lost control. The swamp is being drained and the people will drain the criminal syndicate in government. The people are taking back control and the [DS] is panicking, Biden will be removed, a change of batter is coming and the [DS] is ready to push chaos, countermeasures are already in place and everything they try will fail.



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