Sorcha Faal|俄罗斯发射紧急卫星,美国军方为西海岸灾难性地震做准备

2019年12月25日20:07:14Sorcha Faal|俄罗斯发射紧急卫星,美国军方为西海岸灾难性地震做准备已关闭评论 1.1K7647字阅读25分29秒

A highly-classified"Of Special Importance"new Ministry of Defense(MoD)report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the emergency launch earlier this afternoon of a new-generation Elektro–L series meteorological satellite was ordered after a Meteor-M satellite monitoring atmospheric and sea-surface temperatures was hit and partially disabled by a micrometeorite a few days prior on 18 December—an emergency launch deemed vital to national security as the now partially disabled Meteor-M satellite had been monitoring weather activity throughout the Pacific Ocean coastal regions of North America from Southern California,thorough Canada and into Alaska—with special observation emphasis being placed on the United States Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake located in the western Mojave Desert region of California who are still recovering from the over$5 billion in damage inflicted on it by a series of powerful earthquakes that began on 4 July—and last week saw this sprawling desert facility,where some of the US military's most advanced weapons are tested,being pummeled by another series of earthquakes—which,in turn,severely affected operations at the nearby beyond secretive Tonopah Test Range in Nevada,located near the infamous Area 51 facility,to such an extent,"dozens of mystery objects were suddenly popped out of their hangers"—all occurring at the same time a still unexplained massive geological fault shift is occurring all along the western coastal regions of North America moving from north to south that began on 15 December when a 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck south-central Alaska—that was followed on 18 December when a 5.2 magnitude earthquake shook southeast Alaska near the Glacier Bay National Park—both of which were then followed by yesterday's 23 December pummeling of Vancouver Island off the western coast of Canada by five earthquakes,the two largest of them being 6 magnitude—a continent-wide seismic event heading south towards a California that's recorded more than more than 100,000 aftershocks since the 4 July earthquakes that nearly destroyed Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake,and is now being said has caused a major fault line in California to move for the first time in 500 years—the pressure of which has now been extended to the feared New Madrid Seismic Zone in the middle of America where 20 earthquakes have been recorded over the past two weeks.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

今天在克里姆林宫流传的一份高度机密的新国防部报告称,今天下午早些时候紧急发射一颗新一代 Elektro-l 系列气象卫星是在1218日前几天一颗监测大气和海面温度的 Meteor-M 卫星被一颗微小陨石击中并部分失效后订购的,这次紧急发射被认为对国家安全至关重要,因为现已部分失效的 Meteor-M 卫星从南加利福尼亚一直在监测北美洲太平洋沿海地区的天气活动,美国海军航空兵基地中国湖位于加利福尼亚州西部的莫哈韦沙漠地区,74日开始发生一系列强烈地震,造成50多亿美元的损失,目前仍在恢复中,美国军方的一些最先进的武器在那里进行测试,受到另一系列地震的连续打击ーー反过来,这些地震严重影响了附近内华达州托诺帕秘密测试场以外的行动,该测试场位于臭名昭著的51区设施附近,程度之深,1215日,阿拉斯加中南部发生4.1级地震,1218日,阿拉斯加东南部冰川湾国家公园附近发生5.2级地震,紧接着昨天1223日,加拿大西海岸外的断层温哥华岛发生5次地震,其中两次最大的地震为6级ーー一次全大陆范围的地震,向南移向加利福尼亚,自74日的地震几乎摧毁了海军航空兵基地中国湖以来,已经记录了超过10万次余震,现在据说已经导致加利福尼亚的一条主要断层线500年来首次移动ーー其压力现在已经扩展到美国中部令人恐惧的新马德里地震带,在过去两周里,那里已经记录了20次地震。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词

Sorcha Faal|俄罗斯发射紧急卫星,美国军方为西海岸灾难性地震做准备

US military suddenly removes from hangers at Tonopah Test Range their most secretive aircraft weapons(above)as catastrophic earthquake fears grow.


According to the portions of this highly-classified MoD report permitted for general discussion within selected Kremlin ministries,on 3 July 2019,the very day before the 4 July 2019 powerful earthquakes struck that nearly destroyed the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake,US Navy hovercraft forces stormed the beaches of Oregon and Washington in preparation for what they called"The Big One"—and about which US Navy Captain Dennis Jacko stated:

根据这份高度机密的国防部报告的部分内容,201973日,也就是201974日几乎摧毁海军航空武器基地中国湖的强烈地震发生的前一天,美国海军气垫船部队突袭了俄勒冈州和华盛顿州的海滩,为他们所谓的"大地震"做准备——美国海军上尉丹尼斯·杰科(Dennis Jacko)对此表示:

Exercises and training like this helps prepare our Sailors and local government agencies to work together seamlessly so that in the event of an earthquake or tsunami,we are ready to help in any capacity required.


Amphibious ships are a key component of this capability,with tremendous cargo and medical facilities that are flexible enough to provide support anywhere along the coast.


Sorcha Faal|俄罗斯发射紧急卫星,美国军方为西海岸灾难性地震做准备

US military conducts massive drill(above)for"The Big One"on 3 July 2019.


Following the advice of the old Russian proverb"It might be a coincidence but let's find out",this report continues,the MoD ordered a Meteor-M atmospheric satellite to be placed into continuous orbit over the Pacific Ocean western coastal regions of North America to discover why the US military staged a massive drill to deal with a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami the day prior to one of their most secretive bases being struck by powerful earthquakes—specifically to ascertain the linkage between low pressure weather systems and these earthquakes—and was alarmingly warned about a decade ago when scientists discovered"a definitive connection between fault slip and changes in atmospheric pressure"—an astounding finding published in the journal Nature that described how low-pressure accompanying typhoons sparked small earthquakes along the fault between the Philippine Sea Plate and the Eurasian Plate—and was further confirmed as being true by scientists at the School of Earth and Space Exploration-Arizona State University,whose research of barometric pressure change and southern California earthquakes determined that"each earthquake in the catalog is associated with the smoothed barometric pressure change over the two days prior to that event,measured at the weather station nearest the event location".

根据俄罗斯古老谚语"这可能只是一个巧合,但让我们来看看"的建议,这份报告继续写道,国防部命令一颗流星-m 大气层卫星进入北美西部沿海地区太平洋上空的连续轨道,以发现为什么美国军方在其最神秘的基地遭受强烈地震袭击的前一天举行了一次大规模演习来应对灾难性地震和海啸ーー特别是为了确定低压天气系统和这些地震之间的联系ーー十年前,科学家曾令人担忧地警告过这种情况-发现了"断层滑动和大气压力变化之间的确切联系"ーー这是发表在《自然》杂志上的一项惊人发现,描述了伴随台风而来的低压是如何在菲律宾板块和欧亚板块之间的断层上引发小地震的ーー亚利桑那州立大学地球与太空探索学院的科学家们进一步证实了这一点,他们对大气压力变化和南加州地震的研究确定,"目录中的每一次地震都与事件发生前两天平滑的大气压力变化有关,在事件发生地点最近的气象站测量。"

Sorcha Faal|俄罗斯发射紧急卫星,美国军方为西海岸灾难性地震做准备

Scientists alarmingly discover low-pressure weather systems can trigger earthquakes.


In the hours just prior to the Meteor-M atmospheric satellite being hit and partially disabled by a micrometeorite on 18 December,this report concludes,it was monitoring a massive low-pressure area gathering strength in the southern California and southern Nevada regions where the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake and Tonopah Test Range are located—and when the Coriolis force of this low-pressure area began exerting extreme downward pressure on the ground below it,saw Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake being struck with a series of earthquakes and the Tonopah Test Range emptying its hangers and shockingly exposing to satellite view America's most secretive space weapons—and to the peoples living in this region,sees today southern California being deluged with flooding rains and mudslides—and southern Nevada preparing for a massive rain-snow event—but none of whom are aware of the potential earthquake catastrophe that looms right under their feet and which preparations for should be made—most particularly for those believing in the prophecies of the late and revered Bulgarian blind mystic Baba Vanga—who aside from accurately predicting such historic events as 9/11 and Brexitwarned that 2020 will be a year of cataclysmic earthquakes and tsunamis—as well as her further warning that 2020 will see President Putin killed by assassins and President Donald Trump will fall ill with a mysterious illness which will leave him deaf and with a brain tumour while the European continent could reach"the end of its existence"at the hands of"Muslim extremists"and Russia itself is struck by a meteorite.

1218日流星-m 大气层卫星被一颗微陨石击中并部分失效之前的几个小时,这份报告得出结论,它正在监测南加利福尼亚和南内华达地区一个巨大的低气压的聚集力量,那里是海军航空兵基地中国湖和托诺帕测试靶场所在地----当这颗低气压的科里奥利力开始对其下方的地面施加极大的向下压力时,海军航空武器基地中国湖遭遇了一系列地震,托诺帕试验场倾空了衣架,令人震惊地暴露在卫星视野之下,美国最神秘的太空武器ーー以及生活在这一地区的人们,今天看到南加州被洪水和泥石流淹没ーー内华达州南部正在准备一场大规模的雨雪灾害ーー但是没有人意识到潜在的地震灾难正在他们的脚下逼近——我们应该做好准备,尤其是那些相信已故、备受尊敬的保加利亚盲人神秘主义者巴巴·万加预言的人,他们除了准确地预测9/11和英国脱欧等历史事件之外,还警告说,2020年将成为历史-今年将是灾难性的地震和海啸之年,她还进一步警告说,到2020年,普京总统将被刺客杀害,唐纳德·特朗普总统将患上一种神秘的疾病,这种疾病将使他失聪并患上脑瘤,而欧洲大陆可能在"穆斯林极端分子"的手中"走向生命的尽头",而俄罗斯本身也将被陨石击中。

Sorcha Faal|俄罗斯发射紧急卫星,美国军方为西海岸灾难性地震做准备


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