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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

September 11,2021 2021911


Any day now the alternative/real media community may find we are unable to publish our usual videos,commentaries,truths,or content of any consequence due to tyrannical censorship on the part of the globalist control freaks but we plod on because The Great Awakening is shaking the sleep walkers awake and revealing the nightmare many slept through.This is the road we must all take together.


Lin Wood comments on Telegram.


The excellent administrator of my Reply Channel tells me many are noting that my number of followers on this channel is steadily decreasing.


She also tells me that many are noting that a number of my messages posted on this channel are disappearing and cannot be found except on my Reply Channel.


Several have complained about being"blocked"when in fact,they have not been blocked.


Wow?Is Telegram taking lessons from the Twitter on suppression of free speech and shadow-banning???

!Telegram 是否在学习 Twitter 压制言论自由和禁止影子文件的经验?

Is Telegram actually Deep State controlled like Twitter???

Telegram 公司真的像 Twitter 一样被控制吗??

Asking for a friend.


P.S.Maybe you can help get answers to these questions from Telegram!

附注:也许你可以帮助从 Telegram 得到这些问题的答案!

Just sayin.'


Flood social media with this pic pic.twitter.com/kMBMHPjzhD

On this day back in 2o18,among other things,Q wrote:

2018年的这一天,q 写道:


Sep 11,2018 7:33:17 PM EDT 20189117:33:17 PM EDT

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI!!mG7VJxZNCI ID:000000 身份:000000 No.225 225

Rats running.老鼠在跑

Timing is everything.时机就是一切

Enjoy the show.好好欣赏吧


Why might the news prompt the deep state to want to shutter the headlines and prevent the world from hearing what will happen next?This?



Arizona Secretary of State candidate Demands State Legislature to"decertify"2020 election results


Will there be an economic crash?Perhaps,but we won't burn.Not this time.The biggest difference will be that going forward,the political elite/banksters will not benefit or profit.They have been left out in the cold by the new Quantum Financial System.Unhackable.Incorruptible.Consciousness.


We have already discussed the long term agenda of the dark and some of the reasons for 9/11 attacks twenty years ago today.There were many.The agenda has been apparent to a great deal of people,while others were perhaps so traumatized they couldn't face the grotesque possibility of an'inside job'.Now we have no choice.We need to deal with it.Once we rip off the Band-aid and get some air to the festering goo beneath,we can sort out the pathology and heal.


Some folks tell us Stage 6 of the sub-Humans'plot has begun.What can we argue about and use to divide us?Ultimately,we,the"unclean"must be eliminated from"their"planet.I thought we would be at Step 9.They are exterminating people with the jabs.WE are the Humans.THEY are not.



Millions of people understand what is happening and they're not going to stand for it.


Europe this weekend:150 000 protested in Netherlands??121 000 protested in France??15 000 protested in Greece??5000 protested in Lithuania??2000 protested in Austria??1500 protested in Switzerland??Protests in 120 Italian cities??Nothing about this on the news...

This is the news I came home to yesterday.Last I heard,no cause for the fire had been determined.One might imagine what many people thought when they saw black smoke billowing through the skies of New York the day before 9/11.They can replay the trauma at any time via headline or an event,related or not.Trauma-based mind control is their specialty.


Smoke billows from fire atop roof of Queens hospital 


The following encapsulates the spirit of where we are in this movement now.It's not only the MAGA movement—although that is paramount to free the rest of the world—but all patriots in all nations need to realize that the power lies with us,the People.WE are in control.It's time for MEGA.Make Earth Great Again.

以下几点概括了我们现在在这场运动中所处的位置。这不仅仅是 MAGA 运动ーー尽管这对于解放世界其他地区至关重要ーー而且所有国家的所有爱国者都需要认识到,权力在于我们,即人民。我们掌控着一切。现在是 MEGA 的时候了。让地球再次伟大。

Simon Parkes featured this message from Lin Wood on his blog:


The government in our country is We The People.


We The People tell the"elected"officials what WE want them to do.They do NOT tell us–We The People govern them.They work for us.


It is 1776 again in America.


We The People do not need to go to war for our freedom by firing bullets.


We The People need to go to war with our dollars,our voices,and our prayers.


The time has come for Patriots to strike back.We demand election integrity and audits of 2020.We demand the right to be treated for Covid with the treatments of OUR choice.We demand the right to control our borders.We demand that our Bill of Rights be honored without exception.


Let the enemy know that enough is enough.It is time to go to war to regain control of our country.We The People are the government.Rise up with your dollars,your voices,and your prayers.


Let the enemy know that we are fully engaged.


We have been waiting on President Trump.He has been waiting on us.


Let President Trump know the will of We The People.He will then lead us as our President to carry out our will.


This is America.


We have had enough.


Enough is enough.


Rise up and let your voices be heard.


God bless each one of you and God bless the U.S.A.


Lin  2021年9月11日:9/11在后视镜里|星际飞船地球  2021年9月11日:9/11在后视镜里|星际飞船地球  2021年9月11日:9/11在后视镜里|星际飞船地球




When President Trump spoke the following words,he told the honest truth,and he and his team upheld their promise.He said,"We are going to take back your country for you,and we will make America great again".That is what they did.It may not look like a done deal yet,but we're almost there.The heavy lifting has been done,as they say,and now it is time for We,the People to do our part.


Then,President Trump and the Earth Alliance can complete their role in The Plan and GET THIS DONE.


This address gives me chills every time I hear it.He laid it out;the past,the present,and the future.


This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected 


They prepped the way for Americans to get up off their knees and take control of their government;to form a new and better government.We need and want a government envisioned by the founding fathers;for,of,and by the People.It was never intended for the control to be usurped by a crime syndicate headed up by a few psychotic families who believe they are royalty and born to rule the masses.


We are now at the stage when the People must innerstand that they have the reins and the whip.A little tap here,a little sting there will keep the horses on the right path should they begin to stray.We sign their paycheques,after all.They are supposed to work for US although they have convinced the world it's the other way around and turned us into slaves.


A new consciousness is birthing and if and when"service to others"becomes automatic,no whips will be needed.Until that time,we need to be vigilant,active,savvy,and stand on guard for ourselves,our families,and our communities.It begins at the community level.


What can the People do?Ideas are flowing.Link to Telegram.

人们能做什么?思想在流动。链接到 Telegram

Patriots!!Get the$$together with others and rent every billboard across the country.

We The People


Trump Won

Fight back

Strike for freedom



…or any phrase you come up with!I personally think it should pack a punch.Call out your crooked politicians.I'm in Georgia…why don't we have some Kemp bashing billboards yet?? come and get it commies


In this Stew Peters interview,a nurse comes forward anonymously and tells us what she has experienced in her hospital with respect to the scamdemic,diagnoses,culture from hospital administration,treatments,death toll,etc.She tells her patients not to get a second jab.It might be a real eye-opener for some.

在这次 Stew Peters 的采访中,一位匿名的护士走上前来,告诉我们她在她的医院里所经历的骗子学术、诊断、医院管理、治疗、死亡人数等方面的文化。她告诉她的病人不要再打第二针。对某些人来说,这可能是一个真正的大开眼界。

NURSE SOUNDS ALARM:Hospital Filling Up…"Vaccine Nightmare"


We talked about whether non-vaccinated people are discriminated against in hospitals or not.It appears Candace Owens certainly was.


Candace Owens releases video IDENTIFYING that she was BANNED FROM COVID TEST in Aspen,Colorado because of'WHO SHE IS'..


2021年9月11日:9/11在后视镜里|星际飞船地球She was DENIED HEALTH CARE,because of'who she is'..


This is where the deep state globalists wanted to take it:Link to Telegram.

这就是深层国家全球主义者想要采取的措施:链接到 Telegram

I believe the tide is turning and we will see the narrative on all fronts get much stronger in opposition to the tyranny,the dictators,and the communist agenda.The People largely get it now,and it has to stop.


Not all countries are following the agenda any longer.Denmark,for example.


'We will fight them to the gates of hell': McMaster on Biden's new vaccine requirements ⬇ https://t.co/EpMbqSgzmp

Doug Ducey is putting on a good front.We'll see what happens.

Doug Ducey 表现得很好我们拭目以待。

AZ Gov.Ducey Faces Reporters&Sends a Defiant Message to Biden Over New Mandates:'Governors Don't Report to Joe Biden'

AZ 州长杜西面对记者,向拜登发出挑衅信息:州长不向乔·拜登汇报

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Senate and House Republicans Stand with Governor Ducey in Opposing Biden's Unconstitutional Vaccination Mandates#AZSenate #AZHouse @FannKfann @AZHouseGOP pic.twitter.com/umZ75Qq4K2

Lest we forget…


The Texas Medical Board and Pharmacy Board issued a statement reminding doctors and pharmacists it's still acceptable to prescribe medicine the old way,i.e.using your professional discretion to write off-label prescriptions rather than following outside guidance.


Thanks Karla C for bringing this to my attention.

谢谢卡拉·c 让我注意到这件事。


资料来源:点击进入联合声明-再药物或-治疗- covid19.pdf

Link to Telegram

链接到 Telegram

Things change fast from day to day.I got a video of our"sick"friend yesterday—energetically mowing the lawn—6 days after he thought he was going to die of pneumonia.I told his wife she's a shitty nurse because she is supposed to ensure he is resting but his O2 levels were so high that he was hardly using the oxygen at all and he felt marvelous.That's what happens when you treat yourself with Hydroxychloroquine,Ivermectin,Vit C&D,and anti-inflammatories and leave the hospital.Sad but true.Be your own health advocate and you will probably thrive.


Today,I asked if he was going to clean out the garage and found out he is completely off the oxygen and making pancakes.They got the other woman in hospital on the same HCQ/Ivermectin/C+D etc.and her oxygen levels have gone way up.What else can we say?If hospitals are not using this protocol,they are practicing quackery,at best,and murder,at worst.

今天我问他要不要打扫车库,结果发现他已经完全没有氧气了,还在做煎饼。他们用同样的 HCQ/伊维菌素/C+D 等药物让另一名女性住院,她的血氧含量也升高了。我们还能说什么呢?如果医院不采用这种方法,他们就是在进行江湖骗术,往好了说,就是谋杀,往坏了说。


The royal pervert is in the news cycle again,in case you haven't heard.



Prince Andrew Windsor,Duke of Edinburgh and child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein

安德鲁·温莎王子,爱丁堡公爵,儿童贩子 Jeffrey Epstein

Exclusive:Prince Andrew is served with legal papers at his home in Britain and sued for sexual assault by Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts,who claims she was forced to have sex with him as a teen 


Food shortages imminent?


I have boycotted Tyson Foods for a long time.How about you?What many people don't understand goes back to the monopolizing of our world by cabal companies.If the cabal agenda was to engineer severe food shortages world wide,they would simply tell their cronies in the food distribution system and they would gladly stop or reduce production and ship next to nothing to the grocery stores.


We've already heard they are bribing and blackmailing farmers to plough under their crops or leave them rotting in the fields or they're abandoned in shipping terminals after truckers drop them off.They are not sending anywhere near as much food to market to their retailers.It's easy for the globalists to do this.They're masters at it.


I don't know if there will be food shortages but I hope everyone stocked up anyway.Just in case.


If too many snoozers still believe everything is fairly okay in the world and they refuse to acknowledge the severe problems or do anything about them,it might take a food shortage to get their attention.We'll have to wait and see.


BOYCOTT https://t.co/7qqLwlkeL8

Okay this is no longer"woo-woo".It's just fact,and it's real.It's happening,and you can see it with your own eyes.Gina Hill examines the"earthquake"in Mexico more closely in this video.I agree that it was"unnatural".Something else was definitely going on.Nothing is ever what it seems and one day we'll find out what was really unfolding.We hope the people of Mexico are okay.They've had a rough week.


Strange Colored Lights seen during Mexico Earthquake 7.0 



As we said,we're gonna need a bigger GITMO.They talk about the expansion in the video below.That would stand to reason since we've heard there were far more traitors infiltrating the system than they first thought;the ones who were blocking the financial system,for example,and had to be arrested.

正如我们所说,我们需要一个更大的 GITMO。他们在下面的视频中谈到了扩展。这是显而易见的,因为我们听说有更多的叛徒渗透进这个系统,比他们最初想象的要多得多,比如那些阻碍金融系统的人,他们必须被逮捕。

Scott McKay,Michael Jaco and David Nino Rodriquez chat up a storm and we are like a fly on the wall,just listening to their candid discussion which was very interesting on many levels and covered many topics in this round table.1 hr.20 min.



A patriot in Brazil shows us a magazine cover with a startling image:the Statue of Liberty in Muslim garb.See the video and translation from Portuguese here on Telegram. If you look at its track record and previous issues,it claims to address the far left issues and has images of Obama and Condoleeza Rice,etc.

一位巴西的爱国者向我们展示了一份杂志的封面,上面有一幅令人吃惊的图片:身着穆斯林装束的自由女神像。在 Telegram 上可以看到视频和葡萄牙语的翻译。如果你看看它过去的记录和以前的问题,它声称要解决极左问题,还有奥巴马和赖斯等人的照片。


We know that incredible days lie ahead for Humanity.Romana Didulo tells us,"We've got this."She has quite a mandate.Evergreen and Phoenix?Link to Telegram.

我们知道,人类面前还有不可思议的日子。罗曼娜·迪杜洛告诉我们,"我们有这个。"她的任务很重。常青和凤凰?链接到 Telegram

Q&A,time in Province/Territory?


Q:Queen Romana,will you be staying in our Province/Territory for some time after EBS?

:罗曼娜女王,EBS 之后你会在我们的省/地区停留一段时间吗?

A:Yes.After EBS,I will be touring Canada to install the 3–5 Provincial Representatives for each Province/Territory,meet and greet We The People/implement our local projects.

A:是的。完成 EBS 后,我将访问加拿大,为每个省/地区安装3-5个省级代表,与我们的人民/实施我们的地方项目见面和问候。

After that,I will spend some time with our Intergalactic Federation of Worlds of Light beings,Brother"Evergreen"and Sister"Phoenix".


Then,I will return to Canada before traveling the world to help and guide other Countries.


Her next post


Brother,"Evergreen"and Sister"Phoenix"are part of the Team who have been sending the Pissositos to the Spa!


Nothing to do with McCain or HRC.



I watched part of the Canadian debate the other night but what's the point?People I'd never heard of were included and Maxime Bernier wasn't even there.It was obvious it was scripted and very unnatural.Pure theatre.


They took questions via telephone from the press,however Rebel News had ten[10]reporters waiting on the line and they refused to take their calls.They spoke with every other media source imaginable and blocked every alternative one.There's no point in holding an election for the People's benefit.It will be hijacked like all the others.


I heard Kamel Toes made a speech today.Maybe they dragged out a clone or a masked actor.Did she laugh?

我听说 Kamel Toes 今天做了一个演讲。也许他们拖出了一个克隆人或者一个蒙面演员。她笑了吗?

That concludes our update for this solemn day in September,but also a day of celebration because against all odds,we,Humanity,are still here,and the dark ones are being flushed down the drain.


Ciao for now and thanks to the crew for all the brilliant material in the comments every day.


Stay safe everyone.~BP