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Operation Disclosure|By James O’Brien,Contributing Writer


Submitted on December 16,2021


We boarded our ships for the‘new world’on 12/21/12.


On 12/21/21 the first bird sightings appear from the crow’s nest,signaling the imminent proximity of land.


It’s been a 9 year cycle and much has transpired since the 12/12 graduation.


We have witnessed the most consequential US election in history in 2016.


We have witnessed the“dark team”empty all of their weapons in an attempt to steal the 2020 election,while simultaneously instituting a worldwide medical/political tyranny with their Covid bio-weapon.

我们目睹了“黑暗团队”掏空所有武器企图窃取2020年大选,同时用他们的 Covid 生化武器在全世界制造医疗/政治暴政。

And yet,all of this has been done in absolute vain to prevent the Great Awakening,which only continues to pick up pace,until it hits escape velocity.


Lightworkers the world over can celebrate 12/21/21—for it is indeed a significant passage.A flip of the 2 and 1.


Do you feel a flip coming in the world?


In 2012 we got our graduation diploma.It meant a lot,and did signal the completion of a great phase,but much work was yet still ahead.We had finished the school curriculum,but now we had to go out into the‘real world’and find meaningful work.


At the close of 2021,we finally get hired onto our dream jobs,to keep this extended metaphor going.


But now,we will work for God.


For those of us who have said,in prayer,like Martin Luther King,that we“just want to do God’s will”we will now find out what that means when it is put into action in 2022.


Expect the unexpected,in the best possible way.And be at peace with wherever the day finds you,because it could be anywhere.“A warrior must cultivate the feeling that he has everything needed for the extravagant journey that is his life.What counts for a warrior is being alive.Life in itself is sufficient,self-explanatory and complete.Therefore,one may say without being presumptuous that the experience of experiences is being alive.”


–Carlos Castaneda


With any great change,even one such as going bankrupt,it happens gradually and then all at once.It should be clear to everyone that the old world is going bankrupt,gradually from one perspective,but at the speed of light from another.‘The Cabal’cannot put the genie back in the bottle anymore,because the bottle has shattered,and the glued-back version of the old container they are working with doesn’t have the strength to hold even a third-rate genie inside,let alone the supernatural force that an awakened humanity represents.‘The Storm’that is coming is an energetic wave that will sweep across all of humanity as a collective in the same moment.Because it cannot be predicted by anyone on“the ship”—neither its exact timing,nor what it will be like to experience when it arrives—we can only prepare our ships to ride it out.


If you’ve done the work you will embrace the energies and not fight them,and even perhaps greatly enjoy them.Others may struggle in tremendous fear.Still others will be shocked,but adapt quickly.


Many in this community will be like unto the lead ships in a fleet,and the first to spot land and guide others in the right direction.All true direction comes from within,and the resources that are there have been placed there by God,so no one should be overly concerned about“what will happen”to their friends and loved ones.They will be where they need to be and where they have chosen to be.


We are energetic beings,so even if there has been a tampering within one’s system via vaccines,poisons,and other forms of control,there is nothing that cannot be transmuted in a flash if the healing energy is of a high enough order and in alignment with Source.


Do not ever forget who wins this Dark to Light 5D Chess Game.


God wins.


The markers are not there to get you to date-watch and obsess over time frames,but rather to let you know that there has always been a destination,and an inevitable one at that.


The ships of yore navigated by the constellations and that is still an effective technique.Hence,the significance of 12/21/21.


No one sails around on a ship of discovery forever.Either you capsize or you eventually find land.There are some,it is true,whose ships will not make it through this energetic storm.But that is neither here nor there.The old wineskins must dissolve and make way for the new wine.


“No one pours new wine into old wineskins.Otherwise,the wine will burst the skins,and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined.No,they pour new wine into new wineskins.”


An EBS without the new consciousness that this energetic shift will bring,would not serve its intended purpose.It would appear to some as a hostile takeover from one side.With the energetic shift,however,the world as one will see things in a new light.It will indeed be like a light switch suddenly turned on from within for many people.“In a moment,in the twinkling of an eye,at the last trumpet.For the trumpet will sound,and the dead will be raised imperishable,and we shall be changed.”

如果没有这种能量转变带来的新意识,EBS 就不会达到预期的目的。在一些人看来,这似乎是来自一方的敌意接管。然而,随着能量的转变,世界将以一种新的眼光看待事物。对于许多人来说,这的确就像一个突然从内部打开的电灯开关。“一会儿,一眨眼,最后一声号角响起。”。因为号角必响,死人必复活,不朽坏,我们也必改变。”

This is not something to wait for.Simply be ready for it whenever it may come.At the very least,it will prepare you for the transformation of your death,which you know for a fact is coming.


And yet,you also know,through the demonstration of Christ,that death is not the end,simply another beginning.


In the new world,individuals will“die”consciously and with intention.They may even make“a party”out of it,with friends and loved ones,as a celebration of the life lived in that temporal frame.


And yet I tell you,we have not even begun the great celebrations of living and the revivals of Spirit which are on the way,so stick around…


The Best is Yet to Come.


Those birds are on flight to our ships at this very moment…to welcome our vessels and beacon us forward to the new land…


And they are Birds of Paradise.



Parting the Washington Sea




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