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A heart-pounding new Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting that when Abraham Lincoln ran for president in 1860 he didn't campaign himself for his most important goals,as this was"deemed unseemly in the political climate of the 1860's",says he nevertheless won this contentious election wherein he garnered just 39.8% of the popular vote—and when running for reelection four years later,in 1864,saw the powerful mainstream Harper's New Monthly Magazine calling Lincoln a"Filthy Story-Teller,Despot,Liar,Thief,Braggart,Buffoon,Usurper,Fiend,and Butcher"—all of which has just been played out to near mirror image perfection 48-hours ago when top Trump ally US Attorney General William Barr appeared on the campus of Notre Dame University to deliver what can only be described as a declaration of war against his nation's godless socialist forces—and that aside from Barr decrying the ascendancy of secularism and vowing to do all he can to assure continued religious freedom for Americans—saw him outlining the boundaries of this looming conflict with the words"During the 20th century,the free society of the United States faced off against totalitarianism,standing up and defeating fascism and communism…In the 21st century,Americans face the question of whether citizens in a free society can maintain the moral discipline and virtue necessary for the survival of free institutions"—after which he warned Trump's enemies that they were going to lose this civil war for the soul of their nation by his declaring:"Modern secularists dismiss this idea of morality as sort of otherworldly superstition imposed by killjoy clergy…But,in fact,Judeo-Christian standards are the ultimate utilitarian rules for human conduct".[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传着一份令人心碎的新外交部(MoFA)报告,指出1860年亚伯拉罕·林肯(Abraham Lincoln)竞选总统时,他没有为自己最重要的目标进行竞选活动,因为"19世纪60年代的政治气候下,这被认为是不合时宜的"。报告称,尽管如此,他还是赢得了这场充满争议的选举,当时他只获得了39.8%的普选票。四年后的1864年,在竞选连任时,强大的主流《哈珀新月刊》(Harper's New Monthly Magazine 肮脏的故事讲述者、暴君、说谎者、小偷、吹牛大王、小丑、篡位者、恶魔和屠夫——所有这一切 48小时前,当特朗普的最大盟友美国司法部长威廉·巴尔出现在圣母大学校园,发表了一场只能被描述为是对抗美国无神论社会主义势力的宣战----除了巴尔谴责世俗主义的崛起并发誓要竭尽全力确保美国人民持续的宗教自由之外----他还概述了这场冲突迫在眉睫的边界"20世纪,美国的自由社会对抗极权主义,挺身而出,击败了法西斯主义和共产主义......21世纪,美国人面临的问题是,在一个自由社会中的公民是否能够维持自由机构生存所必需的道德纪律和美德"——在这之后,他警告特朗普的敌人,他们将为了国家的灵魂而输掉这场内战,他宣称:现代世俗主义者将这种道德观念视为扫兴的神职人员强加的超凡脱俗的迷信...但事实上,犹太教和基督教的标准是人类行为的终极功利主义规则.:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to this report,though the great masses of American people believe that their nation's future is decided by the fortunes of political parties who trot out before them various candidates for high office,nothing could be further from the truth—because in reality the United States has always been ruled over by powerful hidden powers wedded to a piece of paper called The Constitution Of The United States—a piece of paper so sacred and holy to these hidden powers,every person in political,military and intelligence even thinking of coming into power must pledge their very lives to protect it—not their nation,not their peoples,not anything else but a group of words written hundreds of years ago—and includes their President,who before being allowed to take office must say the words:"I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States,and will to the best of my ability,preserve,protect and defend the Constitution of the United States".



The two greatest past threats to this holy and sacred Constitution document these hidden powers pledged their lives to defend at all costs,this report details,were when godless Democrat Party forces tried to destroy it in the 1860's so they could keep intact their vile institution of human slavery—and in the early 1930's when powerful Republican Party Wall Street bankers attempted to destroy it so they could overthrow President Franklin Roosevelt and join the United States with the National Socialist German Workers'Party(aka Nazi Party).

这份报告详细描述了过去对这部神圣而庄严的宪法的两个最大的威胁,一个是在19世纪60年代,无神论的民主党势力试图摧毁这部宪法,这样他们就可以保留他们邪恶的人类奴隶制度;另一个是在20世纪30年代早期,强大的共和党华尔街银行家试图摧毁这部宪法,这样他们就可以推翻富兰克林·德拉诺·罗斯福总统,加入美国的国家社会主义德国工人党(National Socialist German Workers'Party)

In the 1860s,this report continues,these hidden powers protecting the Constitution placed Abraham Lincoln into power to save it—which he accomplished by igniting the greatest conflict the United States has ever seen called the American Civil War—and which,likewise,happened in the 1930's when these hidden powers used US Marine General Smedley Butler to smash the coup against President Roosevelt—who today remains the highest decorated Marine in US history—and exactly like President Lincoln,had pledged his life to protect this group of words.




By their having no allegiance to either of their nation's Democrat or Republican political parties,this report notes,the identification of who belongs to this mysterious hidden group protecting the Constitution with their lives has always been elusive because they could spring forth from either one of them—best exampled over the past half-century when,in 1976,a little known Democrat Party US Senator named Frank Churchsuddenly arose out of nowhere to force the entire US intelligence back into its constitutional boundaries it had grossly overstepped—and,in 1992,when virtually unknown US Attorney General William Barrsmashed an unconstitutional Democrat Party effort to persecute their Republican Party rivals.




Shortly after Senator Church forced the US intelligence community back into their constitutional boundaries,this report continues,he left power and died quietly with little fanfare in 1984—a fate expected to be followed by Attorney General Barr who,likewise,left power near immediately after his performing his duties to protect the Constitution—but instead of his dying,saw him quietly traveling around the United Statesgiving selected speeches and writing papers defending these holy and sacred words he vowed his life to protect.


That began shortly before he left power when Barr addressed a conference of governors on juvenile crime in Milwaukee-Wisconsin,on 1 April 1992,where he blasted public schools for no longer providing moral instruction and asserted that public schools had undergone a"moral lobotomy"he blamed on"extremist notions of separation of church and state"—that he followed six months later,on 6 October 1992,with a speech in Washington D.C.where he called for the imposition of"God's Law"in Americaopenly attacked"modern secularists"for ushering in cultural decline and declared that"the secularists of today are clearly fanatics"—with his exactly saying:"To the extent that a society's moral culture is based on God's law,it will guide men toward the best possible life".

199241日,巴尔在 Milwaukee-Wisconsin 举行的一次少年犯罪问题州长会议上发表讲话,抨击公立学校不再提供道德教育,并声称公立学校经历了一次"道德前脑叶白质切除术",他将其归咎于"教会与国家关系的极端主义观念"6个月后,即1992106日,他在华盛顿特区发表了一次演讲。在那里,他呼吁在美国实施"上帝的法律"——公开抨击"现代世俗主义者"引发了文化衰落,并宣称"今天的世俗主义者显然是狂热分子"——他的原话是:"在某种程度上,一个社会的道德文化是建立在上帝的法律之上的,它将引导人们走向最好的可能的生活。"

The essence of Barr's papers written after he left power,this report further notes,are encapsulated in his 1995 essay titled"Legal Issues In A New Political Order"—wherein he slammed no-fault divorce laws,legal abortion and removal of laws designed to restrain sexual immorality,obscenity or euthanasiaattacked the Supreme Court's ruling in Lee v.Weisman,a 1992 ruling that upheld the high court's decisions from 1962 and 1963 barring public schools from compelling children to take part in prayer and worshipblamed the moral decline of America on the rights movements of the 1960s,asserting that"a steady and mounting assault on traditional values spawned soaring juvenile crime,widespread drug addiction and skyrocketing venereal diseases"—and remarkably declared that"Traditional Judeo-Christian doctrine maintains that there is a transcendent moral order with objective standards of right and wrong that exists independent of man's will…This transcendent order flows from God's eternal law…the divine will by which the whole of creation is ordered".

这份报告进一步指出,巴尔在卸任后撰写的文章的精髓可以概括在他1995年题为《新政治秩序中的法律问题》的文章中,文章抨击了最高法院在 Lee Weisman 一案中的裁决,其中他抨击了最高无过失离婚的法律、合法堕胎以及旨在约束性不道德、淫秽或安乐死的法律的废除 1992年的一项裁决维持了最高法院1962年和1963年的裁决,禁止公立学校强迫儿童参加祈祷和礼拜活动。该裁决将美国的道德沦丧归咎于20世纪60年代的人权运动,称"对传统价值观的不断加剧的攻击,导致青少年犯罪率飙升、吸毒泛滥和性病急剧上升",并引人注目地宣布了这一点"传统的犹太-基督教教义坚持认为,存在着一种超然的道德秩序,它具有客观的是非标准,独立于人的意志而存在......这种超然的秩序源自上帝的永恒法则......整个创造物都是由上帝的神圣意志所组成的。".


Though Barr was out of US government power for nearly 30-years,this report concludes,Foreign Ministry analysts,who had been tracking his activities for decades,correctly predicted that the election of President Donald Trump would throw him back in—most specifically because Trump was under assault from one of the greatest un-constitutional attacks on America ever seen—and whose most pivotal moment of came on 17 May 2017 when Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate Trump—a moment made pivotal because Barr and Mueller were best friends who,along with their wives,hold daily Bible studies together—thus making it a foregone conclusion that Barr would be made Attorney General,once again,right before Mueller released his final report so both of them could defend the Constitution from the socialist Democrat Party forces trying to destroy it—and in further defense of the holy and sacred words on this document Barr vowed to defend with his life,now sees him having declared all-out war on these socialists to investigate their crimes and imprison them—and whose declaration of war against these godless socialists issued just 48-hours ago saw him facing down these socialist monsters and warning them of the war they've started with the searing words of what is coming next:


Secularists and their allies have marshaled all the forces of mass communication,popular culture,the entertainment industry,and academia in an unremitting assault on religion and traditional values…these instruments are used not only to affirmatively promote secular orthodoxy but also to drown out and silence opposing voices.


The forces of secularism are continually seeking to eliminate the laws that reflect traditional moral norms.


In the past,when society is threatened by moral chaos,the overall social cost of licentiousness and irresponsible personal conduct becomes so high that society ultimately recoils and reevaluates the path it is on—and then returns to the customs and traditions which reflect the wisdom and experience of the ages—in other words,religion helps frame a moral culture within society that instills and reinforces moral discipline.




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