X22报道|第3028集: CBDC 区块链势头增强,两级司法系统暴露

2023年3月25日15:24:09最新动态X22报道|第3028集: CBDC 区块链势头增强,两级司法系统暴露已关闭评论367字数 1280阅读4分16秒阅读模式


X22报道|第3028集: CBDC 区块链势头增强,两级司法系统暴露

Ep. 3028a – [CBDC] Block Is Gaining Momentum, The Economic Crisis Will Bring It Home


Ep. 3028b – Two-Tier Justice System Exposed, Phase II Narrative Has Begun, Justice For All




The people around the world are fighting back, the criminal leaders are panicking. The banking system is ready to implode. The [CB] is now pushing everything they have to get everyone on the [CBDC], the people are pushing back and the momentum is building.



The [DS] has lost the narrative. The DA failed, which means Soros has failed. Trump has turned it all around and now he is moving into the next phase of the plan. The patriots are now putting all the pieces together, these pieces are the weapons and ammunition that will be needed to go after the [DS]. The country is coming together and the enemy is the [DS], there will be Justice for All.



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