X22报道|第2627集: 经济阴谋不复存在,谁在守卫叙事?

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X22报道|第2627集: 经济阴谋不复存在,谁在守卫叙事?

Ep. 2627a – Economic Conspiracy No More, The [CB] Is No Longer Hiding Their Plan

Ep. 2627a-经济阴谋不再,[ CB ]不再隐藏他们的计划

Ep. 2627b – Who Guards The Narrative? People Must Be Made Aware, Operations Underway

Ep. 2627b-谁守卫叙事? 人们必须意识到,行动正在进行



As the economy implodes, the [CB]/[DS] are spinning the story trying to control the narrative that this is the new normal, this is the same tactic BO used. People see the inflation, they are not fooled. [JB] nominee Saule said the quiet part out loud, there will be no banks the [CB] will have full control.



The [DS] are panicking and they are now jumping ship, they know the next moves on the chess board are going to be a disaster for them. Trump and the patriots are now moving forward to remove the bull horn from the fake news. The people must be made aware, operations are underway to remove the guards of information. The people are awake and the flood of truth is about to be released. 



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