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March 30,2021



The betrayal on Earth runs high and deep-meaning many'higher'realms as well as lower realms are involved.As many people know by now a very low percentage of humanity controls nearly all supplies,power and especially money.Except for a few'fakes'among the rich people,many have at some point in their life or reincarnations joined the betrayal.


So basically the situation on Earth is this for thousands and thousands of years:A few people get all the energy(in forms of money,fun,even love etc.)and fund/live their wildest dreams while everyone not joining the betrayers will be raped of that energy(mostly still unknowingly).If one of the cabal's energy sources finds out that he/she is betrayed of his/her energy for the funding the fun for the cabal or is seen as uncontrollable,then that victim will become a targeted individual for the cabal.


They suddenly want to get rid of the one woken up and want to torture him/her even harder while at the same time taking all further ways from him/her.What that means is,the cabal try to isolate the victim and drive him/her insane(very effective for them as the victim continues to suffer and no one believes him/her anymore)or at least hinder him/her from waking up other hostages very fast.A good example is shadow-banning on the internet which was pretty much invented by them and the same mechanism is applied in the real world to some degree although it is hard to believe for some.As they have access to Zeta-Reticulan technology and more,these mechanisms are still very much unbelievable for the innocent.

他们突然想要摆脱那个醒来的人,想要更加严厉地折磨他/她,同时想要从他/她身边夺走更多的东西。这意味着,阴谋集团试图孤立受害者,使他/她发疯(对他们非常有效,因为受害者继续遭受痛苦,没有人再相信他/),或至少阻止他/她很快唤醒其他人质。一个很好的例子就是互联网上的影子禁令,这几乎是他们发明的,同样的机制在某种程度上也适用于现实世界,尽管有些人很难相信。由于他们可以使用 Zeta-Reticulan 等技术,这些机制对于无辜的人来说仍然是难以置信的。

If that targeted individual still spreads the truth,they hunt all their meanest hordes onto them,all those part of the negative alien agenda are then coming to the victims one after another to completely destroy their lifes.In heavy cases they try to push the victims out of their bodies or kill them(killing is not very effective though as they usually do not suffer anymore for them after that)if they cannot stop them from telling the truth.


There are already several articles on this blog going into detail on the brutal attacks towards lightworkers and Starseeds which the cabal establishes in those cases.


Many humans actually joined the hostage-takers in some point of their reincarnations knowingly because they did not want to be on the victim side anymore or be tortured any longer.They got in pact with the cabal,especially with the Zeta-Reticulans if their knowledge allowed,and became part of the raping system,harvesting and stealing the energies of the innocent.Like a huge chain-letter,these people are from then on bound by their life to hurt and betray the innocent,they actually'earn'the comfort that they take from their victims.These humans will kill(and they actually do kill others slowly anyway)to hide their betrayal.They run towards the targeted individual all day long and try to hinder him/her to wake other humans which are considered their food.The result is enormous amounts of psychological terror issued towards targeted individuals by virtually all humans/alien forces who joined the betrayal(some of them even working subconsciously against the targeted,full-time).

事实上,许多人类在转世的某个时刻明知故犯地加入了人质劫持者的行列,因为他们不想再站在受害者一边或再受折磨。他们与阴谋集团,特别是 Zeta-Reticulans 的协议,如果他们的知识允许,并成为强奸系统的一部分,收获和窃取无辜的能量。就像一封巨大的连锁信,这些人从那时起就被他们的生活束缚着去伤害和背叛无辜的人,他们实际上"赢得"了他们从受害者那里得到的安慰。这些人为了掩饰自己的背叛,会杀人(而且他们确实会慢慢地杀人)。他们整天跑向目标人物,试图阻止他/她唤醒其他人类,这些人类被认为是他们的食物。其结果是,几乎所有加入背叛行动的人类/外星势力(其中一些人甚至在潜意识里全职对付目标)都对目标个人发出了大量的心理恐惧。

Everything a human lacks in fulfillment of their absolute dream lifes is that form of engineered discomfort taking place.The difference between what the innocent rightfully would use for own their life and what they were betrayed by is then exactly the amount being used by the cabal to fund their wildest dreams.That kind of life-energy which is harvested by the cabal from all innocent humans on Earth was oftentimes called loosh,spiritual light or consciousness energy by some.Some,including the cabal,even openly tell their woken up victims that they eat their very soul.So it is one of the highest energy forms they are after,the first energy form that is used for individuation of some sorts-forming of the souls.But it is all the same energy they talk about and Earth is just set up by the cabal for one purpose:to siphon this energy from all lifeforms who are stuck and have been captured here.


In old scriptures the spiritual masters talk of 94 to 99%of that energy being taken from the usual human.Just imagine how much better your life would be if you got to access the remaining 99%percent of your own energy finally.That is how much the defeat of the cabal will matter,that is how much humanity will earn on breakthrough and the Event.That is of course just the facts for those humans who are ensouled to a reasonable degree and the cabal knows that.Also,that is why it is so easy for them to recruit those smaller ones or those just having the'spark'of the soul in them-they never even had a chance to get through and will join the betrayal fast.Even bigger ones might join though as they're convincingly told(and even'shown')the most outrageous lies like having to give'back'their body if they do not join,etc.


The funny thing is though that few people actually are ensouled to a degree high enough to keep their own body stable'on their own'-meaning without the'help'of the cabal or in our lucky times the Lightforces stabilizing.Nevertheless there are majority-descisions established on Earth-which leads inevitably to the rape of soul energy because descisions are of course made by those who are the not very ensouled majority then.And the art of measuring the size of the soul was buried with'failed'civilisations(pretty much with Egypt for the last time)and is not even known officially anymore.Nowadays they all think all humans are equal and have the same rights and size of life energy or soul while humans are absolutely not the same.You see where this all leads to with the story of Jesus,pretty much the most prominent higher soul who incarnated on Earth.The majority decided to hang him onto the cross.That is pretty much still the way the cabal treats bigger souls on Earth just that 2000+years later it is much more covert,organised and established through our'perfectly normal'system-so noone sees the rape anymore.That is exactly what the Starseeds-very big souls who incarnated on Earth-are laying open at the moment.


Of course the victims and innocent are not even allowed to leave although the cabal oftentimes tries to establish the notion that it was just a game or in any form legal what they do.If they knew what judgements come through higher courts which arrived with the Lightforces if they are seen to actively torture high souls.


Almost all suffering on Earth is the result of them stealing other humans'or lifeforms'life energy.Usually most of the suffering would not come into place with enough life-energy present,as it serves as a protective shield against pretty much all misery for the owner.It is like an energy which is a lifeform's guarantee for living a great,fun and fulfilling life.If it is taken away bad circumstances develop,strange and hurtful coincidences suddenly occur,many things do not work out as the victim would like them to work out.This life-energy or rather the lack of it influences the quality of life of the owner in ways that surpass most humans'wildest imaginations so far.


In relation to the last two posts,the strange thing up to now is that the Starseeds did not yet receive any form of funds-support or serious help at all-and many are complaining about that.This is of course connected to the infusion of such mentioned energy for targeted individuals.It is the most basic life-support in such painful situations.


So all those factions on Earth who are deemed positive and are not part of the cabal could do absolutely nothing to help liberation in forms of such a support towards Starseeds and higher lightworkers yet.That is definitely something we have to digest carefully.Those factions have been told and have been asked for support,yet absolutely no support in funding so far.


That means either they have long joined the cabal covertly while still pretending to be positive or they have been heavily infiltrated,hindering the transfer of money,important for the lightworkers to survive and to help in liberation of Earth via their missions.Some might just have the problem that if they fund lightworkers,negative results will take place for either the faction or the receiver of such help.


Nevertheless the result is devastating,as the cabal then obviously controls resources partly important to survive on Earth to seemingly 100%.


If it all has to wait until compression breakthrough that would mean that there was not a single'positive'faction on Earth who stayed in control of money flows at all(and we're just talking of moderate money flows here even).And lack of money is definitely life-threatening on Earth-one should think that humans know that(especially in positive,initiated factions)and could have prepared for delivering such help in these times.That of course also means that the invasion and cabal influence is much higher than many thought and hoped for in these terms.




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