Nyla Nguyen|选民欺诈、Q-anon、柏林抗议、澳大利亚更新、打击黑暗势力和实体附体

2020年9月1日09:57:16新人阅读Nyla Nguyen|选民欺诈、Q-anon、柏林抗议、澳大利亚更新、打击黑暗势力和实体附体已关闭评论3543字数 832阅读2分46秒阅读模式

By 3D to 5D Con Consciousness 



The demon rats have plans to cheat with voter fraud,find out how they are planning to do that.Q-anon is hitting the mainstream.Is it real or is it a psyop?There's a historical protest in Berlin today and I'm also covering upcoming protest in Australia.I'm also exposing how the Dark Ones fight in this spiritual war.Find out how to protect yourself from entity attachments and ward them off.

Nyla Nguyen|选民欺诈、Q-anon、柏林抗议、澳大利亚更新、打击黑暗势力和实体附体

这些恶魔老鼠计划用选举欺诈来作弊,看看他们是怎么计划的。Q-anon 进入了主流。这是真的还是心理战?今天柏林有一场历史性的抗议活动,我也在报道澳大利亚即将到来的抗议活动。我也揭示了黑暗势力是如何在这场精神战争中战斗的。了解如何保护自己免受实体附体的伤害,并避开它们

[OpDis Editor Note:Nyla Nguyen provides her opinion on various topics relating to Deep State Cabal corruption and also topics relating to health and spirituality.

[OpDis 编者按:Nyla Nguyen 就与深州阴谋集团腐败有关的各种主题以及与健康和精神有关的主题提供了她的意见]



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