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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

July 1,2021 202171


July the first.I can scarcely believe half the year has gone already.


From time to time it occurs to me that if I sat down with someone who knew nothing about what has happened on this“planet”to explain it,I would fail in the first five minutes.It’s unbelievable on so many levels.It’s the opposite of what we’ve been raised and trained to think.How do you ease someone into that?


As we’re ready,more people come forward to explain their experiences,theories,and offer proof but I’m still not yet able to wrap my noggin around it all.


What if we began by saying that where we live is like a holodeck on Star Trek?A simulated reality.Do you think we’d get the eyes glazed over look?



Some can’t get to the point they can leave the little blue marble story behind.The indoctrination is so complete,and the ridicule of anything different so strong that it’s going to take a seismic tremor to move their mindset.


I believe we were intelligently made and don’t believe that our Creator would dump us into a world like this.What we have endured as a“life”is unthinkable.


When I was a teenager I used to ponder how we could have been put here to grow up,get a job,get married,have kids,work all our lives to have enough food and a roof over our heads,and then get sick and die.Is that all there is?Who would do such a thing?You call this“living”?


For me,the campy television space shows were more real than this existence.Nothing seemed impossible to me and I have little problem assimilating much of the woo-woo material now available.It makes much more sense than the programming we’ve had and I assume it resonates for a reason.

对我来说,虚伪的电视空间节目比这种存在更真实。在我看来,没有什么是不可能的,而且我对于吸收现有的大量关于 woo-woo 的材料也没有什么问题。它比我们以前的程序更有意义,我认为它能引起共鸣是有原因的。

To move forward,the people of Earth/Terra will have to let go of their preconceived ideas and programming.It’s just as easy to programme a Human as it is a dog.We will have to unlearn nearly everything in our repertoire of life to date to live in the new world birthing for us.


Back to the future has an interesting connotation when one considers that we just may be a soul occupying a body temporarily because another vessel awaits in another realm while our consciousness has been trapped in this hellish existence for untold lengths of time.Our future could involve going back to our body currently in stasis.


You may be thinking,Whoa!I’m open-minded and I know that a malevolent group has been running the show but come on…that’s pretty out there.To which I would reply with the standard,yes,the truth is“out there”.That’s where it is.Waaaay out there and beyond reach for some.


All I can do is say that for me,the revelations from Yellow Rose for Texas and Jetson White resonate very strongly with my soul.


“Rose”has shown us several photos of what appear to be“giant hands”adjusting something near the“sun”on NASA cams.She posted one on Gab recently but it’s gone now.Rose tells us that Higher Beings are much,much larger than we are,so when they are near our little Petri dish they appear as ethereal giants.

“玫瑰”已经向我们展示了几张照片,这些照片看起来像是“巨手”在调整美国宇航局摄像机上“太阳”附近的某个东西。她最近在 Gab 上发布了一个,但是现在没有了。罗斯告诉我们,更高级的存有比我们大很多很多,所以当他们靠近我们的小培养皿时,他们看起来就像是虚无缥缈的巨人。


We can see that the sun in our sky is not a“planet”it’s a piece of technology and we’ve seen the patents for it.So why do we care what is going on with that fiery thing out there somewhere?Does it affect us here in this‘fake reality’?So many questions.


Like what is causing another wave of widespread bird deaths?Dr.Joseph Farrell discussed recently.Of course someone knows and isn’t talking.




There’s far worse than the deaths of birds to be concerned about.


Whatever people believe about life in this place,I’m pretty sure that the massacre and mutilation of children is not okay with most people.I must point out that the article below is the THIRD different account of its kind in as many weeks.


Are you detecting a trend here?You should be.These three articles tell of 1,148 innocent souls whose bodies were dumped unceremoniously in mass,shallow graves in some cases.


Worse,the articles don’t speak of this as a crime whatsoever.


Let’s not beat about the bush concerning the diseases and death that occurred within the population of the North American First Nations people.We have heard accounts that the early explorers gifted the natives with blankets laden with small pox which decimated their numbers.


I would not be surprised if we learn that these little kids siphoned off to Indian Residential Schools by the Canadian government were purposely given the diseases mentioned in these articles.They experimented on them and tortured them.


Some of the remains dug up in various mass graves at institutions involving children across the planet have had mutilated bones in them.Some skeletons were decapitated.This is pure evil,folks.There is no other way to state it accurately and they don’t get to just say they’re sorry and offer the families cash to forget about it.Acknowledging it is NOT equivalent to an apology,nor does an apology suggest remorse.


This is mass murder.Not done by accident.How do we suggest they atone for this—particularly when we understand the crimes have not yet stopped?What would that look like?



182 unmarked graves located on Ktunaxa Nation territory in B.C.


They will weave their spells of deception and glorify their fancy resort but we will not rest until justice is done.


Lower Kootenay Band says remains of 182 human beings found in unmarked graves near residential school 


Is this a case of the criminals trying to hide the evidence of their crimes?Whatever is prompting these grisly revelations,this is The Apocalypse—but not the apocalypse the control freaks want to talk about.

这是一起犯罪分子试图掩盖其罪行证据的案件吗?不管是什么引发了这些可怕的启示,这本书是《启示录》(The apocalypse),但不是控制狂们想谈论的启示录。

They have changed our language just as they have changed our history.If you look up the meaning of“apocalypse”online you’ll likely see the meaning as the end of the world by catastrophic event.


My trusty Pocket Oxford Dictionary printed in 1962 says it means,“revelation”.What is unfolding is the revelation of all that is false—which is pretty much everything.No subject remains intact.

我那本1962年出版的《牛津袖珍字典》(Pocket Oxford Dictionary)上说,它的意思是“启示”。正在展开的是揭露所有虚假的东西ーー这几乎就是一切。没有一个主体是完整的。


We’re going to rip the shrouds from our shadowy world and show Humanity the real deal,as shocking as it will be.We’re exposing the satanic“elite”.This apocalypse is the end of their world.In a sense,it will mean the end of the world as we know it,because the revelation of the truth will shred the reality we thought we inhabited.


If you don’t think something is desperately wrong with this reality,you need a checkup from the neck up.Stolen elections,people mysteriously dying after uncovering incriminating evidence about key political figures,censoring the social media of the President of the United States,pandemics that were created out of thin air by the lying,treasonous media,the suppression of treatments for the“virus”,people dying from vaccines,putting people in jail because they won’t wear a face mask when they’re not sick,butchering people for their organs…we’re talking the depths of depravity,my friends.


How bad does it have to be for Humanity to get it?Has the slide down this slippery slope been so gradual that few noticed?



A brilliant and courageous attorney,Reiner Fuellmich updates us on the largest tort lawsuit in history.A massive class action suit is in play to prosecute the lying,manipulative demonic entities on this planet who orchestrated a fake pandemic and shut down the entire world.Learn of the outstanding work on behalf of Reiner and his team from many countries who are exposing the scamdemic for what it is.49 minutes.


Update from Reiner Fuellmich on the Scamdemic Tort Reiner Fuellmich


I’m out of indignation for the moment so I’ll get back to the woo-woo side of life.


A guy going by the name“Mr.Pool”posts intriguing but vague photos on Twitter which subsequently wind up on Telegram.I’m not the best at decoding them,but we have some interesting ones to look at through the eyes of some“anons”;one of whom said Mr Pool referenced a“pole flip”.The capture below clearly relates to JULY if you rearrange the letters.This Telegram shows the messages and images. Very interesting ones.

一个自称“Pool 先生”的人在推特上发布了一些有趣但模糊的照片,这些照片随后出现在了 Telegram 上。我不是最擅长解码它们,但是我们有一些有趣的例子可以通过一些“无名氏”的眼睛来看,其中一个说 Pool 先生提到了一个“极点翻转”。如果你重新排列字母,下面的图片显然与七月有关。这封电报显示了信息和图像。非常有趣。

Like this:




Yesterday he posted a number of gas stations and a lot of other fascinating posts appear there,about“trust”,handshakes,etc.


Jetson White keeps reposting older videos and always at the perfect time,it seems.This one addresses the“pole flip”scenario as something more of a change in the trajectory of our timeline.Perhaps that theory works.I am comfortable with most of what he suggests from the perspective of a Star Seed who successfully woke up to perform his agreed-upon task at this momentous time.


Jetson,like Yellow Rose for Texas,suggests we are within the simulation of the“Universal D”hologram which Rose characterized as a server.It’s an AI(artificial intelligence)that runs our reality.


That used to perplex me to no end,but I’m slowly getting it now,after years of watching and listening to many people present their theories and evidence.Jetson connected a lot of dots for me—as did Q.

这曾经无休止地困扰着我,但是经过多年的观察和倾听许多人提出他们的理论和证据后,我现在慢慢明白了。杰特森为我联系了很多点ーーq 也是。

How many times did Q say,“This is not a game.”?When one considers that this simulated reality was hacked by the malevolent forces,it makes sense that while it used to be a proving ground for Humanity,it is now the killing fields.It is no longer a“game”and we must escape.Jetson reuploaded this one two days ago.It’s almost 17 minutes.(seventeen)

Q 说了多少次“这不是游戏”?当人们考虑到这个模拟现实是被邪恶势力攻击的时候,这就说得通了,虽然它曾经是人类的试验场,但现在是杀戮场。这不再是一场“游戏”,我们必须逃离。杰特森两天前重新上传了这个视频。差不多17分钟了。(17)

The Players in the UD Game UD



Romana Didulo brings news of coming events in light of the fact that July 1 is actually a satanic ritual day for the psychopaths.Link to Telegram.

罗曼娜·迪杜洛带来了即将发生的事件的消息,因为事实上,7月1日对于精神病患者来说是一个撒旦仪式的日子。链接到 Telegram。

Re:Canada Day Celebration


Dear Canadians 2.0,


Since July 1,1867 each year Canadians celebrated this day#innocently and#jubilantly with their friends,families,and loved ones.


Unbeknownst,to them all the real meaning of July 1st to the Satanists/Demonic Entities/Worshippers.


Canada,today,as a Country and as People is at#War as we continue to uncover the heinous crimes committed and perpetuated by those in power,authority and influence and covered up by Governments from Coast to Coast to Coast.


Canada 2.0,will have her very own True and Real Independence Day Celebration AFTER our Special Forces and Allied Special Forces have cleared out all unwanted Guests in Canada.


We will have a new Canada Day#date.A day that is NOT linked to Satanic Rituals and Calendar.


Please,use today to pray for all of our:


1)Special Forces/Military,


2)Global Allied Forces,


3)Federation of Earth Defense Special Forces,


4)Our Intergalactic Special Forces protecting planet Earth and Humanity.


5)The Whitehats and the true and Ancient Royal Families Bloodlines.Majority if not all of Whitehats come from Ancient Royal Families Bloodlines.

5)白帽子家族和真正的、古老的皇室血统。即使不是全 Whitehats 也是大部分来自古代皇室血统。

6)Honour the Indigenous Children whose remains continue to be discovered–these children never had a chance at life in the hands of the evil doers.


Today,set your individual energetic intentions.Start by saying thank you God/Creator for the liberation of Canada and Canadians,and the whole of Earth.


And,thank you for Peace and Prosperity reigning around the World.


Unfortunately,the Republic of Canada is under siege and the problems have shifted.My friend in Victoria was safe at a friend’s home with air conditioning and it was only 66F when we spoke so it’s cooled off dramatically in southern British Columbia,but Lytton wasn’t so fortunate and now they have a new problem to deal with.


After shattering record temperatures in Canada,Lytton,B.C.,is being evacuated due to wildfire 


Dare I say it?We need rain.We’re white hot in many parts of North America.Volcanoes are erupting in many others and it will be a summer like no other so strap yourselves in.


We’ve shared fascinating quantum hypnotherapy sessions from Allison Coe clients in the past and we have another session here you may be interested in hearing or reading which relates to indigenous tales of a red and blue kachina heavenly body that will be signs from the heavens.Transcripts for the videos are in English and German at the link below.

我们过去分享过 Allison Coe 客户的迷人的量子催眠疗法,我们这里还有另一个疗法,你可能会有兴趣听到或者阅读,这个疗法与红蓝相间的 kachina 天体的本土故事有关,那将是来自天堂的征兆。这些视频的文字记录用英语和德语表示,链接如下。


Hypnosis Session:Saturn,the Fish People,the Blue Star Kachina,and White Earth Tara 

催眠疗程:土星,鱼人,蓝星 Kachina,白土 Tara


This is interesting,too.Link to Telegram.

这也很有趣。链接到 Telegram。

Past 72 hours 32 Governors/130 top Military leaders from across the nation&top officials in NSA DNI DOE all summoned to the Pentagon in meetings w/Pompeo/Adm.Rogers/>>D.JINGWEI CHINESE INTEL defector w/20 years of evidence on CCP_U.S corruption=Covid-19=2020 election
Dong Jingwei;
Handed over 1 TB=75 million pages of Evidence containing 20 years of CCPs plans,execution&current infiltration to destroy the U.S:including creating the SARS,Covid 19 bioweapons&all companies&people in involved>>
VATICAN Israeli Kazarian crime syndicate..
JINGWEI gave 20 years of evidence on HRC.Weapons trade.Money laundering,
creating weapons for climate change(+Suez/evergreen ship)//

Cables:过去72小时来自全国各地的32位州长/130位高级军事领导人以及美国国家安全局能源部的高级官员都被召集到五角大楼与 Pompeo 海军上将罗杰斯会面。1tb=7500万页的证据,其中包含了20年来中央情报局摧毁美国的计划、执行和目前的渗透:包括制造非典,2019冠状病毒疾病19生物武器和所有参与其中的公司和人员>奥巴马盖茨 FAUCI WHO.HRC,美国疾病控制与预防中心美林林奇 jp。摩根。以色列卡扎利亚犯罪集团。.经纬就人权理事会提供了20年的证据。武器贸易。洗钱,为气候变化创造武器(+Suez/evergreen ship)//

evidence on all U.S.officials[DS]MiL.Gen


>MAJOR PANIC[DS]Run military bases>>
MSM MEDIA<<<all in the debriefing

大恐慌[DS]跑军事基地>DC MSM 媒体<<全部在汇报中

That’s the end for today,my friends.Thank you as always to the crew for the fantastic material you share.


I like this version of Canada’s Red Rider and“White Hot”with what looks like Elon Musk’s red roadster launched beneath the dome.Man,do we need rain.~BP


Red Rider–White Hot 




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