2019年12月26日08:54:30最新动态X22报道|第2054集:未来证明过去,是伸张正义的时候了,收获开始已关闭评论7388字数 808阅读2分41秒阅读模式


Trump and the patriots have turned the entire economic system around,the country has never seen anything like it.Trump and the patriots are reversing everything the[CB]/[DS]have done and Trump is sending out a message to the people that the economy is on a trajectory that has never been seen before.The[DS]plans are falling apart,the impeachment plan to delay and hurt Trump has backfired,they are trapped,if they move forward or backward the plan fails.Q has told us that the future will prove the past and we are seeing this.Justice is coming,the harvest has begun and it's time to show the people the corruption.

特朗普和爱国者们扭转了整个经济体系,这个国家从未见过这样的事情。特朗普和爱国者们正在颠覆[CB]/[DS]所做的一切,特朗普正在向人们发出一个信息,即美国经济正处于前所未有的轨道上。[DS]的计划正在分崩离析,推迟和伤害特朗普的弹劾计划适得其反,如果他们向前或向后推进计划失败,他们就会陷入困境。Q 告诉我们,未来将证明过去,我们正在看到这一点。正义即将到来,收获已经开始,是时候向人们展示腐败了。


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