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Dear Lightworkers of Earth,I AM Ashtara of the New Jerusalem starship and I have a message for you on this day.


The time is NOW for you to step into your FULL BEING!BE the Soul that you are!You are all Mighty Warriors of Love and it is time to show it!When the chaos starts,you will be the one in your community that others will look up to.Your job is to stand firm,stand tall and shine your love and light out to all.Everything will be OK!Everything will be OK.(Feel the strength,calm and power in this statement).You are receiving love and guidance constantly from Mother/Father God,our Creator and your Guides.You are strong.You are whole.You are loved beyond measure.FEEL THIS.KNOW THIS.


Many people will be shaken up as their lives begin to crumble,whether it's due to economic reasons or environmental reasons does not matter.When your lives change suddenly it is scary.Your compassion will need to shine through,your strength will need to hold up those who are shaken.Be the Emissary of Love&Light from the Creator that you are!This message is not intended to frighten you,but to help awaken you to your Mission.You are here to help guide others towards Ascension,towards lifting themselves up.


We are waiting.We have been here for millennia to assist Gaia and her peoples to Ascend.It has taken thousands of your years,but your Galactic Family has always been here for you.Now,it's your turn to take a giant step and say I WILL!I WILL help my Brothers and Sisters when called upon!I WILL shine my love and light out into the world!I WILL stand up and be a Beacon of Hope to all!When others ask how you are so calm,centered and full of strength,you may(or may not)share that the Love of your Creator flows through you to them.It is your choice whether or not to share.


Lightworkers,your Blended Children are indeed coming to Gaia soon!!This is why I decided to come out and speak about my life and how I was created.They are a gift to Gaians.They are coming to help!Welcome them home with open arms.They may or may not'stay'with their birth parents,it depends upon their soul contracts.If you haven't yet,reach out in your meditations to learn if you are the parent of a blended child.As I said before,even if you are not a parent,you may still connect with us and we will reach back to you!We are highly intuitive and can read your thoughts if we are called.We have important missions to help Gaia and her peoples.We are here to help you all Ascend.Gaia has already Ascended.


You will also see our ships soon!Things are indeed heating up more and more and things are moving very quickly.Your world's political chaos helps to cover up what is really going on and that is the removal of the dark ones from your planet.The ones who have controlled humanity for far too long.They have been removed and your timeline for Ascension is right on target!We cannot tell you"when"as you know,and time is relative anyway so it wouldn't be accurate.Trust in Divine timing and the planning from your Galactic Family with the guidance from our Mother/Father God.


I AM Ashtara of the New Jerusalem and I see your bright lights shining from above.I send you my love!We are very grateful for you,the Lightworkers of Gaia!You all are doing marvelous work and you don't even know 95%of the work that you are doing during your astral travels.This is why it is imperative that you allow yourselves to rest when you can.We understand about your need to work to provide funds to live.But when you are not working,please rest.You have earned it!


"Soon"we will celebrate together,dear Brothers and Sisters!I know you all want the word"soon"eliminated from your vocabulary as you've heard it so frequently.(chuckles)We understand!We love you all dearly and are so very grateful and proud of you.We all make a wonderful team!


I AM Ashtara and I send you bright moonbeams of Love from your Galactic Family and your Blended Children!!(StarChildren as Mother says).Namaste.

我是 Ashtara,我发送你来自银河家人与混血孩子的爱之月光。


通灵:Dancing Dolphin

翻译:Nick Chan

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