2022年2月27日: 但这是如此生动的|星际飞船地球

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 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 星际飞船地球: 大局
 February 26, 2022 2022年2月26日

2022年2月27日: 但这是如此生动的|星际飞船地球

One word. “Movie”.


Oops…”Ghost of Kyiv” Turns Out to Be Fake Video Game Footage


So much of what is out there is pure fabrication and theatre. Link to Telegram.


The Ukrainians on Snake Island That Were Supposedly Killed Are Alive. 


“Confirmation of the voluntary surrender of the Ukrainian military on Zmeiny Island. Earlier, Ukrainian sources stated that they did not surrender and died in battle.”

”证实乌克兰军队在 Zmeiny 岛自愿投降。早些时候,乌克兰消息人士称,他们没有投降,而是在战斗中牺牲。”


We were told by multiple sources that there would be a “fake WWIII” scenario and that there would be no third world war. Right again. This is what we’re watching; the “movie”.


Lt. General Michael Flynn stated the following: Link to Article.

迈克尔 · 弗林中将陈述如下: 链接到文章。

Flynn states, “With the price of oil pushing above $100 per barrel, the U.S. Stock market opening with heavy losses, more global economic challenges looming, the real potential for significant loss of life, and the international community in complete disarray with feeble attempts to condemn what was totally avoidable, we face the onset of another very grave and historic period of tension between competing ideologies and worse, the onset of WWIII.”


Number One and I were ‘talking’ and we’re both of the mind that Putin [and the Alliance] are indeed ousting the cabal from Ukraine. We don’t listen to most of the nonsense out there about it because we don’t need to.


Have a look at the crisis actor scene they were filming for the MSM on Tore Says on Telegram. Have a look at the subsequent posts, as well.

看看他们在 Tore Says on Telegram 上为 MSM 拍摄的危机演员场景。看看后面的帖子吧。

In the public eye, Biden’s poking the bear but the bear don’t care.


2022年2月27日: 但这是如此生动的|星际飞船地球

Here’s a blast from the past in 2014 and a Valdai speech Putin made about the changes that need to come. Interestingly enough, this was during my “break” when Number One was manning the helm so it’s his post. Link to the RT video. 2hr+

以下是2014年的一次爆炸性回顾,以及普京在 Valdai 发表的一次关于未来需要做出的改变的演讲。有趣的是,这是在我“休息”的时候,一号正在掌舵,所以这是他的岗位。链接到 RT 视频。2小时以上

I will also reiterate that I don’t believe the Putin we see now is the original KGB guy. I believe he’s been replaced by the White Hats with someone who will work with the Earth Alliance. They do not look like the same man to me—and it’s not only about age.


I’ve never seen a photo of the original smiling and he had a very hard look about him. The current one has a much softer, more benevolent look and more often smiles and laughs. I’m not saying he’s not tough; he is a brilliant strategist and a courageous guy to have on our team. I believe he will do what is right for Humanity as well as the Russian people. The current one is on the left, the original KGB agent/attorney is on the right.


Of course the following isn’t spoken in the fake news but we do see victories. The world is catching up to what we have known for at least two years. It’s hard being ahead of the curve when the rest are still trying to flatten it.




The Tasmanian government has now dropped absurd precautions.


Removal of additional requirements for unvaccinated 26 February


It’s going to take all of us working together to push back the enemy and regain our rights and freedoms and secure the ground we lost. They will not GIVE it to us.


EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Michael Cloud Introduces Legislation To Give States The Power To Buy Monoclonal Antibodies

独家报道: 众议员迈克尔 · 克劳德提出立法,授权各州购买单克隆抗体

I would think twice about sticking that swab up our nose because the ones made in China, at least, are soaked in Ethylene Oxide. Link to video from RN and medical investigator. Why aren’t they taking saliva tests from inside the cheek, we might ask? Why were they taking temperatures by pointing a “gun” to our forehead when the wrist will do? It’s symbolic.


2022年2月27日: 但这是如此生动的|星际飞船地球

Everything has meaning, folks. Everything. They are not subtle. They hide it all in plain sight and laugh at the masses for going along with it all quite willingly and without question.


When will people question and realize the hoax and vile deceptions?


And if they do realize they were lied to for over two years about the Kung Flu, why believe the MSM now about anything? When will they be recognized as THE ENEMY?! They are the ones brazenly fabricating the illusion Humanity lives in, every day, without realizing it.

如果他们真的意识到他们被骗了两年多关于宫流感,为什么相信现在的 MSM 关于任何事情?他们什么时候才能被视为敌人? !他们就是厚颜无耻地制造人类每天生活在其中的幻象,却没有意识到这一点。

2022年2月27日: 但这是如此生动的|星际飞船地球

It’s not likely that average folks will learn much truth online if the Goog monster is going to be so ballsy. America’s Frontline Doctors website will no longer come up in the search results, they tell us. Link to Telegram to see the notice they received. Link to Frontline Doctors website.

如果谷歌这个怪物胆子这么大的话,一般人不太可能在网上学到很多真相。他们告诉我们,美国前线医生网站将不再出现在搜索结果中。链接到 Telegram 查看他们收到的通知。连结至前线医生网站。

WOW: @Google sent notice stating they will be removing the America’s Frontline Doctors website from search results.

WOW:@google 发出通知,称他们将从搜索结果中删除美国前线医生网站。

We are a team of medical doctors who dared to speak the truth.


And we have been proven right, again and again, and again.


2022年2月27日: 但这是如此生动的|星际飞船地球

Of course there is a plan and the Q movement is a highly coordinated operation a long time in the making. Santa Surfing brings us the numbers on Telegram.

当然有一个计划和 q 运动是一个高度协调的操作,在制作很长时间。圣诞老人冲浪给我们带来了电报上的号码。

Wow. Truth Social domain was taken out on 11.11.18 – if that’s not a Qproof I don’t know what is!!!

哇。真相社会领域在11.11.18-如果这不是一个 Qproof 我不知道什么是! ! !

President Trump has announced a rally in South Carolina on Saturday, March 12, at the Florence airport. That’s the second rally this year in places called “Florence”.


2022年2月27日: 但这是如此生动的|星际飞船地球

I recently learned about the death of a fearless warrior in Canada and although very late, want to acknowledge his passing as he played a tireless role in bringing truth about many things to anyone who would listen. Paul Hellyer was a soft-spoken man but full of passion and he spent every bit of energy he could on his important mission. He exposed the ETs, the “Money Mafia”, and the cover-ups globally about who has been running the world and how they pulled the wool over our eyes.

我最近得知加拿大一位无畏的战士去世的消息,尽管很晚了,但我还是想感谢他的去世,因为他不知疲倦地为任何愿意倾听的人带来了许多事情的真相。保罗 · 赫勒是一个说话温和但充满激情的人,他把所有的精力都花在了他的重要使命上。他揭露了外星人、“金钱黑手党”以及全球范围内有关谁在统治世界以及他们如何欺骗我们的掩盖行为。

He wrote many books and spoke at a lot of live events as well as doing interviews with folks in the Truther Movement. He will be missed indeed and no one will be able to say he wasted his life. I don’t know how he could have fit any more in it. The following is a compilation of articles about his passing last August from Expolitics.org.

他写了许多书,在许多现场活动中发表演讲,还接受了真相运动组织成员的采访。人们会怀念他,没有人会说他浪费了自己的生命。我不知道他怎么能再装进去。以下是 expolitics 网站上关于他去年8月去世的文章汇编。

2022年2月27日: 但这是如此生动的|星际飞船地球

Hon. Paul T. Hellyer; Aug 6, 1923 to Aug 8, 2021


Former Canadian Defense Minister and UFO Truth Proponent Paul Hellyer Has Passed Away at Age 98

前加拿大国防部长、 UFO 真相倡导者保罗 · 赫尔耶逝世,享年98岁

Canada is in a bad way if you look at the way innocent protestors are treated. The January 6 fake insurrection in Washington DC set the tone for this and something must be done about it. It’s not lawful. Someone with the law on their side and the guts to execute it needs to step in.


Free Tamara Lich: Human Rights Travesty in Canada

自由的塔玛拉 · 利希: 加拿大的人权嘲弄

I feel like I’m weathering two storms; the planetary liberation and a baby puppy. Both are about processing information, anticipating, adapting, and staying strong and positive and not being caught unawares and knocked off our feet by a rogue gust.

我感觉自己经历了两场风暴: 行星解放和一只小狗。两者都是关于处理信息,预测,适应,并保持强大和积极,不被意外和被一个流氓狂风击倒我们的脚。

The Mica proofs, or what may be those proofs, are mounting. Maybe lots of dogs are like this but to have two successive ones with these little quirks is an intriguing development. We’re watching.


Mica used to stretch out and scrape his face on the grass or a rock or even the floor after eating, as though to clean his lips off and when I saw Eli do this on the grass yesterday my jaw dropped. Later on I made popcorn and you should have seen the look when it began to cook. It seems odd that an 8-week old pup would respond this way the very first time when he’s never had popcorn before.


Dad used to make popcorn some evenings for he and Mica. Often Mica and I had already retired for the evening and despite Dad being very quiet about getting out the popper, etc., somehow Mica knew when he was going to make popcorn and went to the bedroom door so he could get his snack.


Eli stopped what he was doing and sat and stared at me as if he couldn’t believe what he was smelling, hung around near me like a very good boy while it popped and then happily went off to his crate to eat his snack out of a bowl. It took him a few minutes to chew it all with his microscopic teeth but he finished it and I know how he’ll respond next time.


That winds up today’s post. I’m working on the pet nutrition post but I’m pressed for time to do it.  ~ BP

今天的帖子就是这样结束的。我正在做宠物营养方面的工作,但时间紧迫。~ BP

2022年2月27日: 但这是如此生动的|星际飞船地球


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