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Q ANON——真正的揭露

A few months back Justin Deschamps of Stillness in the Storm made a post explaining the reasoning and delivery behind Q's posts,that,as of 18th July 2019,number 3457.Here is an extract:


''A good coded message is designed to have many meanings.Steganography is the practice of hiding messages in another message,file,video,or letter.While modern technology gives new meaning to this practice,it is far older than computer code,used by professional spies and governments for centuries.


Coding a message is intended to hide the correct meaning,or the one that the coder is intending to transmit to the recipient,amongst many other interpretations.This confuses parties that intercept the messages.


In the case of Q ANON,all the messages are public,which means the Q team,who claim to be from Military Intelligence,know full well they will be decoded by the Deep State in an effort to expose alliance communications.As such,the team behind Q likely employs extremely dense and complicated coding techniques to ensure there's a lot of confusion.''

Q ANON而言,所有的信息都是公开的,这意味着声称来自军事情报部门的Q小组非常清楚,这些信息将被深层国家破译,以揭露联盟的通信。因此,Q背后的团队很可能采用了非常密集和复杂的编码技术,以确保存在大量混淆。'

After posting nearly 3,500 drops over almost 2 years,there clearly IS a very,real and dramatic story-the FULL DISCLOSURE that everyone has been waiting for.


If you were Q and knowing that EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL and MSMplatform was compromised,and you had to deliver,without exaggeration,the most spectacular information our civilization will ever have heard,whilst at the same time,building and maintaining interest in the movement,whilst avoiding chaos and panic,then the only way to do it would be in elaborate code designed for one person to decipher and act as a Main Whistleblower who collates and presents the testimonies of key Witnessess and Researchers,bringing it altogether under one roof,ready for global dissemination when the signal is given.


The Disclosures are SO serious that the Q team could not just announce them to a small audience,because no one would have believed them without the proof and evidence that has been assembled by the decoder.The Disclosures instead required a mass of people to be built up,genuinely wanting,seeking and expecting real Disclosures,so the movement could grow organically,whilst the Main Whistleblower quietly got on with the decoding in the background.


This is exactly what has happened and we are now at the finish line for it going mainstream.As the Military Intelligence&Dept of Energy Q team said repeatedly,it was NEVER anything to do with just one Country or American politics as most have interpreted it as being,and that misinformation was necessary.The Main Whistleblower was selected because of their own deep connections to explosive people and information,that was necessary in order for them to recognise and understand the drops,as well as having the motivation to take on the task.


It is instead everything to do with exposing:


A lethal,serial killing,world hierarchy,who have been utilising heavily classified technologies including stargate travel,to enslave and trade us'humans'in return for more advanced technologies,that most cannot even begin to comprehend.


History has had to be re-written,from every angle whether it be scientific,astronomical,geograhical,political,theosophical,world religions,etc


The work currently resides at only 2 censorship free websites.It started out as just one part on one website,but as the story grew and unfolded,new parts had to be added and now total 6,with regular updates still taking place to accommodate new drops,that now,mainly act as re-confirmations of the completed main body of work.The Decoder uses the avatars IQ on one site and trusttheplan on the other.The material is the same on both platforms and by the same Author.


Q made it clear that the drops were layered and provided interconnecting stories to form,one huge DISCLOSURE covering multiple subjects.So there is some overlap and repetition.This was done by design so that everyone gets the full Disclosure.Thus it must be read like a book in the order that it is presented for it to make full sense.


No one yet has read it in full because it was only completed early July 2019.Here are 6 comments from some people from the 2 websites who have read some of the material as it was being put together and published as mini articles:


(March 2019)''Hi!I just read you Q post.The entire thing.I have been following since pre Q(Mega Anon)I am not one of the wizards who decode and translate but I follow and attempt to red pill as much as possible.I have to say O.O First,I am praying for you.Thank you for the info and second,this is explosive.Please contact Wilcock,Goode,Sather or praying medic(Dave)w/this info ASAP for your own protection.The quicker the info gets to the masses the greater your protection.Are you the first person writer of this article?I admit I probably missed a lot because it was small"print"but I got enough.If this has to get out to arrest the creeps then please do it NOW for us as well as yourself.Thanks again.

☆(20193)'嗨!我刚刚读了你的Q贴。整个事情。我一直跟随前Q(Mega Anon)我不是一个解码和翻译的巫师,但我跟随和尝试红色药丸尽可能多。首先,我为你祈祷。谢谢你的信息,其次,这是爆炸性的。请联系威尔科克,古德,Sather或祈祷医生(戴夫)尽快这个信息为您自己的保护。信息越快传达给大众,你的保护就越强大。你是这篇文章的第一人称作者吗?我承认我可能错过了很多,因为它是小"印刷",但我得到了足够的。如果这必须出去逮捕那些令人毛骨悚然的家伙,那么请现在就为我们以及你自己这样做。再次感谢。

I don't know your spiritual nature but there is supernatural protection in the name and blood of Jesus.Claim it and keep it close to your heart.'


(June 2019)'Thanks,IQ.That's a massive undertaking.You are doing amazing work tracking all the subtle ins and outs.'


(June 2019)'That was an amazing journey I need to go through again,Thanks bunches.'


(March 2019)'Wow,very interesting article there,thank you for all of that work,love and light to you.'


(April 2018)'This is a really fine article;I shall study it thoroughly.Thank you for your diligent work!'


(April 2018)'Nice work,as an English man i'm glad its global not just the USA'


The first website is called Earthchanges.ning.com whilst the second website where the decoder posted is called Onstellar.com.Onstellar.com recently announced that they will shortly become a social media site and NEWS site.


Each of the 6 parts are very large consisting of about 390 graphics in each,so please allow the page to finish streaming and loading before attempting to read it.


Here are the Links for Earthchanges:








Here are the Links for Onstellar.com








If you have trouble with any of the links then go directly to the websites and search for the avatars of the Decoder where you will find the 6 parts plus the many mini articles.



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